Nothing for sale here.  This is an informational site only. I put this up for my kids, family, loved ones, all human life so to comfortably extend your expiration date by presenting an eloquent fact filled research based encouragement to do the right thing for nutritional disease free health. Please attend your own due diligence as to the links, prose, and extrapolations found within. call 253 884 7625 or email anytime with questions.

"Cancer is the easiest thing in the world to kill-you just stop feeding it."

Dr. Whitcomb:
30 days of ketosis and the Ingest All Essential Substances In Appropriate Amounts At Appropriate Intervals regimen to

kill every cancer cell in your body
" me a disease and I have the cure...":
Dr. Levy:
Serum saturate with vitamin C and do the Ingest All Essential Substances In Appropriate Amounts At Appropriate Intervals regimen 

to remedy all disease that isn't congenital or injury related.

The disease eradicating "care and feeding" of the human anatomy:

You can't make any new cells without

vitamin C. 

Dr. McCarthy:

If you care about anybody, yourself included, read about the
IAESIAAAAI Ingest All Essential Substances In Apporpriate Amounts At Appropriate Intervals regimen and

watch Dr. McCarthy's 37 minute video that contains information to contribute to a pain free disease free existence because

you can't make any new white blood cells without vitamin C and D.  You can't make any new structure without C and adequate essential aminos.  About 330 billion cells are replaced daily, equivalent to about 1 percent of all our cells. In 80 to 100 days, 30 trillion will have replenished—the equivalent of a new you. 
The RDI of 90 milligrams of vitamin C when you consider only 10% absorption with unencapsulated oral administration is, well, you do the math. 330 billion cells relying on a pitifully paltry 9 milligrams actually absorbed is a draft for "disorders of structure or function" aka: disease. 

If you care about anybody, yourself included, read about the

IAESIAAAAI Ingest All Essential Substances In Apporpriate Amounts At Appropriate Intervals regimen and watch this 37 minute video that contains information to contribute to a pain free disease free existence:

The video is categorized by minute/topic on the IAESIAAAAI page

No pathogen has exhibited resistance to antioxidant saturation or

an adequately provisioned immune system.

Antioxidant saturation is now accessible as an
oral application with greater absorption than an IV so it's easy and, once you've found your

comfortable dose, has NO credible negative side effects. 


Only continuous antioxidant saturation eliminates disease due to antioxidant deficiency.

A short but essential starter, explains why potassium deficiency is

nearly impossible to diagnose with just a blood draw :

Why test?  Just down at least 4700 mg a day.

There are only three events in the human anatomical experience:  excess, deficiency, health, and there is only one antidote to continue or recover to health.  The antidote, in an actively respiring anatomy where there is no "one and done", must be continuously attended to.   It's pretty simple math that diseases of deficiency disappear when you correct the deficiency, diseases of excess disappear when you curtail the excess.  That sparks a wide ranging conversation about latent effects but looking on the bright side disease is simply, "...a disorder of structure or function", a disruption to the balance of deficiency and excess.  That narrows your health concerns down to only two things you have to worry about.  When you consider that function properly attended to resolves structure you've cut your concerns in half.  Examples of viable vertebrate life commencing from the mere nutrition in an egg and sustaining entirely on nutrition with zero human intervention evidences ​IAESIAAAAI regimen nutrition as the conspicuous antidote for generating and maintaining viable vertebrate physiological function.  In our very best health pathogens, toxins, drugs, chemicals, anything outside of the necessary nutritional realm, any intentional or inadvertent exposure to oxidizing elements, detracts from balance.  For health that is already compromised aberrant drains on our resources further complicates the crisis.  We need nutritional support not oxidizing chemical subversion (7:40).  To maintain health there are necessities that we don't internally manufacture so we are by definition continuously deficient of unless we are continuously applying measured excess to bolster continuously depleting supplies.  The goal is to find and maintain an excess level adequate enough that we anticipate deficiencies without inflicting acute or chronic disorder.   

    If in addition to even the most woefully inadequate diet you appropriately employ a few essential measures comprised of natural over the counter nutritional supplements that you probably are or should be taking in some form and some quantity on a daily basis you are attending function with positive structural results to follow.   If you would like to live pain free disease free would be a great place to start but both take educated vigilant intent.  To extend the expiration date of biological systems functioning under the stress of unnecessary deficiencies you simply have to be able to answer "yes" to a question of function, "If nutritionally there were proven irrefutable, cures, inoculates, remedies, antidotes, antitoxins, nutrients that resolved disease while yielding a side effect portfolio no greater than water but, like water, you had to keep saturated by administering at least every 8 hours for the rest of your life, would you?"  Big Pharma makes a killing when you don't.  Until function is properly attended to structure is imperiled.  To function properly it is imperative that, despite other deficiencies, vertebrate systems continuously stay saturated with ascorbic acid antioxidant abundance for at least orderly immunological function, the creation of new cells, and successful autonomous respiration.  The inevitable exposure to oxidants, toxins, pathogens, and just normal human existence requires diligent manual intentional ingestion of IAESIAAAAI (easy regimen) and ascorbic acid amounts that perpetually maintain plasma antioxidant saturation if our structure has any hope of avoiding accumulative disease producing disorder.  Antioxidant deficient structure and function is the cornerstone of vertebrate disease making timely inexhaustible application of ascorbic acid primarily essential for our genetically impaired inherently antioxidant deficient human physiology.  Without educated vigilant application of ascorbic acid and all otherwise unobtainable essential ingredients our preservation of structure and functional order is impossible.  Antioxidant and essential ingredient neglect compounds upon our physiology until premature failure is imminent.  Our expiration is inevitable but it does not have to be accelerated or unnecessarily tragic. 

In order to effectively, comfortably extend our time here it is never too late to start doing the right thing.  While the amount of time we gain once we intelligently correct our negligence is uncertain, what is fact certain is structure cannot be repaired without correctly empowered function.  We can choose grace and care over disdain and neglect as, despite our bewilderment, all life serves God, some admirably over a long comfortable existence, some not.

Throughout all of human existence there is but one story: birth, a young life doing stupid things, a few good years of leading a repentant educated life, or not, and death.  Here's my effort at getting you as many good years as possible:

Just as you can only cure hypoxia by administering oxygen you can only cure antioxidant deficiency induced disease by administering antioxidants.  Absence of significant continuous serum saturation with ascorbate results in antioxidant deficient compromise advancing oxidative stress generating disease that can only be abated with timely renewed continuous antioxidant saturation.  Prolonged compromise insures extended accumulative infirmity.  There is no better time to end compromise and cure disease than the present.   Due to our precarious nature and the perishable attributes of in vivo ascorbate without the technology of liposomal encapsulation you have about as much chance to maintain adequate serum saturation with your diet or traditional supplements as you have a chance at winning the lottery.  If you would like to remove chance from the process of avoiding or curing your next or current disease it's a simple routine.  If you'd rather opt for medical procedures that go to elaborate measures to treat antioxidant deficiency with anything but antioxidants you can stop reading here and resign yourself to unnecessary pain and accelerated expiration.

Again a question: if there were a cure for your current health problems, some you might not even know you have yet, would you attend to it even if you had to keep saturated by drinking it at least every 8 hours for the rest of your life? Here it is. If you find something you don't think it works on just remember,"...all disease is the result of oxidative stress and antioxidants eliminate oxidative stress...".  The difference between "just winging it" and conscientious intervals of 8 hours or less insuring uninterrupted antioxidant serum saturation is kind of what the difference would be like taking a haphazard approach to dehydration: the difference between accumulative abject system failure exhibited by the affliction of disease, or not.

The long known facts are that at the molecular level all disease is the result of oxidative stress and saturation with ascorbic acid, vitamin C, eliminates oxidative stress, so the remedy, cure, vaccine, etc, is no mystery but still the only creatures on earth with the capacity to know facts and act on them allow themselves to be addled by every kind and sort of preventable affliction the alphabet can be strained to provide a name for.  While continuous serum saturation with liposomal vitamin C eliminates oxidative stress consider the facts that you can't make new cells or cure disease without continuously sufficient vitamin C.  I'm eager to eliminate all the disease and crippling afflictions I can so I'm not rolling the dice when 

saturation is so IAESIAAAAI.  Here's an emblematic study:

 "...100% survival was observed and the weight loss occurring during the acute phase of the infection was reduced."

Let's eliminate disease, myths, vulnerabilities, corruption, afflictions, and fear.  The cure, the enhancement of existing internal processes that allows you to travel, team, or shelter in confident safety is first an inoculate, a "vaccine".  Inoculation starts with education: if you are not continuously serum saturated with liposomal vitamin C  and applying the IAESIAAAAI regimen  you should feel as compromised in your own home and everywhere you are as you would walking naked into a Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit.  This cure, this inoculate, this rescue, a simple oral application, works regardless of 

color, call,  economic, or political persuasions.

The physical means to eliminate disease from your person exist and are immediately available for pennies a day.

Anyone who tells you differently is predictably consumed with financial interests and not your best health.

 The lethality of a properly provisioned immune system and it's corroborative applications is often

mortally misunderstood and neglected.  Pathogens and toxic environments can only impinge where deficiency prevails.  

Tailoring delivery of what most us are already ingesting will alleviate your deficiencies sufficiently to fix or avoid unwitting peril.

You have a choice about an experience with disease preying upon either your ignorance, your negligence, or an ambush.  

If you choose to ignore this site's information you have consciously chosen ignorance. 

If you ignore this information once you've assimilated it you have chosen negligence.

Maintaining continuous serum saturation with antioxidants for pathogens to harmlessly prey upon being neutralized 

by the “bait” instead of ravaging our anatomy is the ambush. 

Continuous vitamin C serum saturation, the inoculative "bait", is also a cure.  

Vertebrate life uses vitamin C as the principal ammunition of the immune system to vanquish assailants before, and if, they get a foothold. Vitamin C neutralizes pathogens, toxins, free radicals, directly and indirectly. It's also an essential part of the antidote if you are impaired.  You can't make new cells without vitamin C, can't synthesize collagen, carnitine, neurotransmitters, 

catabolize tyrosine, ect., ect., ect.

Continuous vitamin C serum saturation is an irreplaceable resource to employ in still untold myriad ways

to protect and bind the essence of our physiology.

When assailed ideally the body's ambush antioxidant defense posture is habitually empowered generously enough so that no specific attention is required.  If you attend to your at least every 8 hour verge of bowel tolerance liposomal vitamin C and IAESIAAAAI regimen you're as significantly inoculated as your body will allow so, barring something extraordinary, you get to live your life unconcerned.  If you're contemplating negligence,  thinking about something less than continuous saturation and ideal diligence, consider that even when a body is at optimum capacities insisting the intricate machinery of our physiology be an immediate example of excellence in an emergency is an expectation we should always prepare not to have to rely upon.  The liver alone has over 500 functions, so, if you aren't proactively postured with preventative we all know how 

government works: get in line.  The good news is persistence pays off.  When you end nutritional deficiencies by universally accommodating every cell the collective body will acknowledge the care.

Vitamin C saturation is contrary to our predisposition but, like kindness, it's an acquirable skill,

especially when you consider, in some instances, one exposure jeopardizes us all.

The first essential part of leaving no one behind is to insure you are not exposed to unnecessary peril.

You're no use to anybody if you're lying in a hospital bed.

Peril is best eliminated by preparation and an unrelenting commitment to universal preservation of unimpeded life.

The medical equivalent of asking troops to hit the D Day beach without sufficient armorment, ammunition, or beach preparation is not a necessary ploy for anyone who values life enough not to establish acceptable loss above zero.

There are those that, if you give them a margin, they will find a way to financially exploit it.

You need to vote and act as though life, your parents, grandparents, spouse, children, neighbors, community, nation, world,

no life is an economically acceptable loss.

When it comes to disease today there is no morally acceptable reason to contemplate deficiency induced loss.

Since there has been no established upper limit in yet healthy adults more vigorously than calories vitamin C must be supplied in continuous saturation if unimpaired therapeutics are to be employed.
Failure to apply saturation ascorbate integrally with an IAESIAAAAI regimen 

will exacerbate your vulnerabilities instead of eliminate them, 

accelerate your expiration, and increase the amount of suffering that accompanies an untimely demise.

If you are not interested in falling prey to those in the practice of treating, testing, or declaring cures without eliminating causes, if you are not an idiot, not voting Republican, not incapable of maintaining at least an every 8 hour regimen, you need not suffer the afflictions of disease. Hypoascorbemia, the first hurdle of disease prevention, is a perpetual human condition resulting from a genetic defect that, while infinitesimally rare to the rest of global vertebrate life, afflicts all humans.  Genetically humans are incapable of internally synthesizing, manufacturing, or producing any amount of ascorbic acid, let alone the continuous large amounts of ascorbic acid serum saturation of our vertebrate cousins who do synthesize.  Evolutionarily, when we ponder the question of why vertebrates who synthesize vitamin C always have and do today, generation after generation, why they produce such high amounts of serum saturation vitamin C the obvious answer must be that serum saturation with higher amounts is more beneficial than low amounts.  Pretty sure there’s a lesson there.

The argument that some synthesizing vertebrates inevitably demonstrate untimely therapeutic vulnerabilities is countered by acknowledging issues of environmental and dietary stress that would demand a sentient mental ability to adjust for.  We would also be remiss if not recognizing both the reality of what their continuous saturation does overcome, and their immediate peril if they didn’t have high levels of saturation that, ideally, their automatic systems adjust to maintain.

Evidently vertebrates are much better off with high levels of serum vitamin C than we are without it and, since all disease is the result of oxidative stress, vitamin C eliminates oxidative stress, it's a pretty short leap to ascribe untimely disease to deficiency.

Humans are the sole object lesson in what an organism can do if it has the mental acuity to find the means, understand the mortal motivation, account for the insatiable living need to acquire and competently measure all of our dietary and environmental needs.

Consequently, if you suffer from disease, mental acuity is your primary deficiency, all other resources can be obtained. 

To avoid the scorbutic afflictions of our genetic defects humans must do what no other known life form has the ability to do: we must consciously continuously attend to our intentional procurement, ingestion, and serum saturation with measured 

externally produced sources of ascorbic acid and IAESIAAAAI regimen.  We have to, as my mom used to say all to often,

”use your head for something other than a hatrack."

Due to genetic faults and character faults we have and absolutely will fail to continuously saturate our system as reliably as creatures with physiology that allows them not to have to think about it.   Whether we are aware of our peril and attending to saturation and keeping our lapses minor or we are dismissive and subject to wholesale conflagration gives rise to at least four dramatically distinct scenarios:

1. IAESIAAAAI regimen and stay inoculated with an extra gram or two of liposomal C at home when we discover the need or bungle  our 8 hour dosing timeline transitioning seamlessly between inoculative and curative effects.

2. insufficient ascorbate and IAESIAAAAI regimen that leads to unnecessary suffering that you may addle through with who knows what kind of multiple afflictions,

3. bags of IV at a place you don’t want to be that will hopefully lead you to an enlightened health care epiphany that gets you

back to #1,

4. or you expeditiously turn a coroner that leaves you no alternatives if you continue to shun the science presented here. 

In all systems when ascorbate or any substance is “essential” and is absent the result, 

“a disorder of structure or function”, aka: "disease” with it's associated afflictions,

has commenced.  

Due to neglect, exposures, electrolytic dehydration, other essential substance deficiencies, focused or causal impairments,

any lapses in ascorbate serum saturation, whether intentional or not,

the results exhibit in catastrophe

if not addressed in an appropriate and timely manner.
Consider that 98% of new Intensive Care Unit patients have no detectable presence of vitamin C.  
Intensive Care Unit mortality rates drop from 25% to 3% when patients are administered saturation levels of vitamin C. 
72 hours of exhibiting continuous vitamin C saturation curatively rescues patients from Intensive Care Unit status.  
Imagine proactively presuming and administering for vitamin C deficiency automatically upon hospital admission.  
Imagine everyone self administering to avoid vitamin C and all other deficiencies so disease is proactively eliminated
before afflictions occur.

Vitamin C deficiency kills us in two ways: minute 11
When we abandon vitamin C ingestion altogether we die either of conspicuous scurvy or we die subsequent to the inestimable number of diseases we are not able to withstand because of the affect of vitamin C absence or deficiency to the bodies peremptory immune function. 

Notice that deficiency kills us as surely as abject absence it just does so in a manner more chronic than the acute scurvil results of complete absence.  Just because we think we're doing enough vitamin C to stave off scurvy does not indicate we're doing enough to resist the ravages of the oxidative stress scorbutic disease imposes upon antioxidant deficient victims. Instead of focusing on minimum daily requirements we need to be attending to optimum daily requirements which, in the case of the antioxidant vitamin C, according to the model of our vertebrate cousins that do synthesize their own antioxidant ascorbic acid, the optimum daily requirement is continuous serum saturation increased as needed to adjust to exposures and anomalies. Knowing what it takes to sustain life among vertebrates devoid of medical ability except their continual vitamin C saturation we have a indisputable model for sustaining our own life and health if we competently employ our brain to overcome our genetics.  Doing the right thing is often contrary to our predisposition but, like survival in all compromised environments, 

is an acquirable skill.

If you aren't consciously attempting continuous saturation you inevitably experience daily deficiency and 

the accompanying compromises. 

If you would see your disease eliminated serum saturate and start taking notes throughout or at least at minute 27:00:  at 30:39 ​”…you can’t make new cells without vitamin C…” 

When an individual can demonstrate the mental discipline to implement a conscientious regimen of continuously saturating with ascorbic acid while attending to all other easily corrected debilitating deficiencies pathogens can be denied an environment for imposition, disease can be eliminated from your individual life leading the way to collectively eliminate disease.  No pathogen has exhibited resistance to antioxidant saturation or an adequately provisioned immune system.  Easily correctable deficiencies in substances we do not internally manufacture or store comprise the number one defect of human physiology.  Eliminating disease from the human experience, starting with your own, relies on the ingestion of essential substances in adequate amounts within appropriate intervals. Humanity is not unless it makes the world better for all souls.  My attempt at making your world better involves the apprising of the facts that all disease is the result of oxidative stress, antioxidants eliminate oxidative stress, continuous internal saturation with the antioxidant we know as vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is imperative in eliminating disease throughout the vertebrate world, and that in order to prevent, cure, recover from disease in your current and future vertebrate body you also must adhere to a vitamin C regimen that is as effective as the continuous saturation of all your vertebrate cousins.  To eradicate our disease liposomal supplemental saturation with 

vitamin C has to be at least as relentless as virus, bacteria, toxins, and all pathogens are at oxidizing our fabric of life.

 Disease, "a disorder of structure or function", if you don't supplement to maintain antioxidant saturation disease is unavoidable.  Attending to disease healing or prevention without maintaining a continuous significant measurable metric of antioxidant saturation is as fatally irresponsible as intentionally accelerating your expiration.

 Disease you know how to eliminate simply and without adverse side effects leaves you alone responsible for at least your own continued afflictions. When you’re hydrated  and  nutritionally sound  antioxidant deficiency  ​is the only cause for you to be ill or to stay that way because: "At the molecular level disease is the result of oxidative stress."(XI 18:18)

 Antioxidant saturation eliminates  oxidative stress​  and antioxidant deficiency. 

Only continuous antioxidant saturation eliminates disease  due to antioxidant deficiency. 

No pathogen has exhibited resistance to antioxidant saturation or an adequately provisioned immune system.

Antioxidant saturation is now accessible, easy, comfortable and has NO credible negative side effects.