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​​Eliminate disease

instead of just treating it.

One of the greatest health calamities I worry about is unknowingly becoming capable of infecting others while feeling fine.  Even at your best it is a risk we all have to take into account. 
I've found good manners and wearing a mask are a worthy investment. 

Cancer?  See page 2 & 4.

While the liposomal C is eliminating disease there are 
physiological necessities that must be met with 
adequate electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, an IAESIAAAAI 
regimen, to support an overall healthy system. 

​For the "Big 4" of 
I fill a clean gallon milk jug half full of my favorite drinking water, add 128 grams of Potassium Gluconate:

per Dr. Whitcomb's advice to eliminate osteoporosis and several
other things, I add 20 grams of sodium bicarbonate, good ole Baking Soda:

I get most of my sodium, Na from baking soda.

 Table salt, sodium chloride, is generally 60% Chloride and 40% sodium.  If you're getting your RDA/DRI of sodium from table salt (NaCl, sodium chloride, nominally 40% sodium and 60% chloride) you are injuriously overdosing on Chloride!

I stopped supplementing Chloride, period.  I find that in the course of a normal diet I am demonstrably getting enough Chloride.  If you do find you need some additional Chloride I recommend  "table salt" that is unlikely to have any of the 
contaminants of the modern day surface waters.

Adjusting to find the optimum amount of magnesium is a special challenge.  You need to first find your comfortable effective liposomal C saturation dose.  You do that by monitoring your stool.  Too loose and you cut back a little.  Too firm and you continue to increase incrementally until it's time to back off a litte. If you take excessive amounts of magnesium you will have a loose stool similar to the results you'll get when you're trying to find your bowel tolerance dose of the liposomal C product.  Best if you find your bowel tolerance dose of liposomal C while doing the simple RDA/DRI of magnesium.  Once you've found your bearing on how much liposomal C you need to take to stave off medical complaints and stay comfortable you can experiment with the magnesium.  I'm doing nearly a gram of magnesium every 6 hours along with my liposomal C and my electrolyte mix.  I'd mix the magnesium up with the rest of the electrolyte mix but I haven't found a magnesium that dissolves and stays suspended satisfactorily so I rely on capsules:


  If you'd like to stay with the powder:


so, to recap, it is my intention to get the Recommended Daily 
Allowance, RDA, of potassium, sodium, & magnesium by supplementing.  To do so I take caps of the magnesium while
 my liquid prep is 128g of potassium gluconate, 

20g of baking soda
in a half filled gallon jug of filtered drinking water, 
then, after adding the electrolytes FILL UP the rest of the jug with drinking water, 
put a lid on so it can be vigorously shaken, and 
when it's all dissolved I portion it out in

8 oz doses that I take every 6 hours

(if you're on an 8 hour schedule you'll need to take around 11 oz each round)

with my Liposomal C regimen 

so I get the RDA of potassium, sodium, and magnesium 
within every 24 hours.  

​I need to add that I take the electrolytes along with 20,000 IU of D3 

a good vitamin K complex

and a good multi mineral/multi vitamin supplement that I split in half taking one half in the morning and the other before I go to bed.

For some reason all of this still leaves me a little less energetic than I am if I 

take a sublingual dose of this first thing in the morning:


If you're not hydrated and balanced with electrolytes, vitamins & minerals, your antioxidant regimen will have challenges that make your good health a

lot harder to achieve. 

I take 60 grams of a Knox Gelatin type of gelatin every day too.

When I have folks ask me about why it relieves my arthritis pain I reply that

the only logical explanation I can come up with as to why it works so well is that gelatin covers the spectrum of amino acids.  

Where else and in what diet are you going to get all the amino acids?

50 grams gives me the

amount of proline and lysine Dr. Levy recommends in his book,

"Death by Calcium" to, in concert with the liposomal C and magnesium,

relieve atherosclerosis.

In my experience there's no greater advocate of ascorbic acid

than Dr. Thomas Levy and all of his books, videos, and references.

I cite much ascoribic acid information from Dr. Suzanne Humphries too.

The home page has exhaustive acknowledgements and footnotes.