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​IAESIAAAAI (easy)​​​ regimen:
Ingest All Essential Substances In Adequate Amounts At Appropriate Intervals 

“…all disease is the result of oxidative stress.”  

adequate nutrition eliminates oxidative stress.​

​​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e36ksTWzc8Uhere.   

click on the link and proceed to minute 18:18 to 20:05 

see the amino acid profiles in red at the bottom of the page


One of the greatest health calamities I worry about is unknowingly becoming capable of infecting others while feeling fine.  Even at your best it is a risk we all have to take into account. 
I've found good manners and a mask in public during these pandemic times are a worthy investment.

Since you don't know the Recommended Daily Intake of hardly anything it's going to be tough to keep yourself from future severe impairment due to nutritional devastation.  If you want to avoid pain, pestilence, and a premature expiration to avert the initially inconspicuous and later incapacitating symptoms of too little education too late in life you will either apprise yourself of the knowledge to effectively nutritionally supplement

or suffer. 

You need to know what, how much, how often, and most critically, how to deliver.  Oral applications have progressed to deliver results superior to an IV when cellular absorption is evaluated.    Through just food alone vitamin C and other gravely indispensable essentials to good health have not, are not, can not be effectively delivered in quantities or means necessary by any conveniently accessible contemporary circumstances.  That is to say unless you want to and have the opportunity to continuously graze like a guerrilla in the rain forest you need to educate and orient yourself to the necessities of your extraordinary existence. 

There are lots of sources out there that will try to sell you something but, since I'm not selling anything and only trying to educate my kids to make the right choices, I'm hoping, for the sake of ourselves and our direct descendants, we can get this right together.  I've put my number and email up in an effort to be communicative should you have suggestions for improvement to this site or the science provided.    

I've lately done research on amino acids and their essential quantities. I've listed what I've found in red text at the bottom of this page.

Since the facts of life are that the human body can not make any cells without vitamin C that is as good a place to start as any when we contemplate adequate nutritional delivery.  Scientific advancements have delivered us to some exotic circumstances in lifestyle and living so it's only appropriate that science has provided us a means to adequately nourish our anatomy to account for the absence of access to the illusory abundant nutritional ecology we've extracted ourselves from.  We're no longer in Eden or anywhere like that so we have to intentionally attend to the labor that is nutritional adequacy.

We have the means to elevate ourselves from knuckle dragging want but the will and ability to apply ourselves adequately to the task has been something many appear to have consigned to an intellectual osmosis that, so far, has not permeated the correct cranial constructs.  That is to say that intelligence available in a book is not much more likely to be assimilated that vitamins still in the jar. 

Think of liposomally delivered vitamin C as unlimited water, sunscreen, and an air conditioned ride in a desert you hourly have only two choices about transiting to serenely subsist.  Without liposomal delivery or an IV the best you can get is a small smear, a spritz, and sandals and the sun is bearing down.   If you don't figure this liposomal encapsulation technology out and apply it at least every 8 hours the old saying is, "It's not what you've done, it's what you've done lately." 

Look, you and the whole world already agree on the fact of the need for vitamin C.  If it wasn't a problem to get all of the benefits of some Doctors miraculous claims about never being sick again I'd think not being sick again would be an easy choice.  Basically it's ten minutes of
mixing up a smoothie and the hardest thing you have to do is actually remember to drink it and throw down a couple pills 

at least every 8 hours.

Through just food alone vitamin C has not, is not, can not be effectively delivered in quantities necessary to meet the ethereal requirements imposed by systems that have aged unavoidably impaired by inadvertent deficiency or imperiled by extraordinary circumstances.  IV level continuous serum saturation is now both a simple application and the only posture adequate for restoration and prevention on the scale necessary to amend damage and inoculate threats simultaneously without allowing the system to descend into the symptomatic decline of unnecessary prolonged deficiency. 

Indulge yourself in liposome encapsulated vitamin C as if your health depended on it and there was no penalty for excess because 
it does and there isn’t.

​​​​​​"you have to be C deficient because we can't make it"  you only get what you intentionally put in and you are not putting it in!

at least you're not ingesting it fast enough.  The body's use rate of vitamin C is astonishingly fast and voluminous so the answer is punctual 80% absorption liposomal delivery providing a resolute enough surplus so you don’t ever fall below what is essential. 

 You need to be at a barely bowel tolerant surplus and running a lot of C down the toilet every 8 hours so that, at the moment you get exposed to something you'd rather not have upset your life, you've got enough excess to deal with it.

When it comes to sound nutrition:

(For tips to set up a better ambush and implement a more effective cure see too the green type below, Dr. McCarthy's video cataloged by minute/topic)


(I copied this... and the italicized comments are mine): 

Vitamins are organic compounds which have to be obtained from the diet, (as do electrolytes) either because an organism does not have the enzymes necessary to synthesize them or because it cannot (or hardly ever does) produce them in sufficient quantities. 

Humans cannot synthesize vitamins A, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B9 (folate), B12 (cobalamin), E and K

but are able to synthesize some vitamin B3 (niacin) and D. (of course one has to be careful to ingest "more than enough" but not do so much that dose becomes an issue of more than merely a loose stool which is the only adverse side effect of ascorbic acid)

The last vitamin required by humans, vitamin C

(another we can not produce in any amount, it needs 10,000 iu daily D3 to adequately implement many of the human body's functions)     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TxpxfnLZNE    video analysed and cataloged for topic/minute below)

is a special case in that this organic compound is synthesized by the large majority of vertebrate and invertebrate species. Interestingly, the vertebrate organ used to synthesize vitamin C changed twice from the kidney to the liver during evolution, once in birds and once in mammals. Whereas vitamin C is produced by the kidneys of fishes, amphibians, reptiles, and older bird orders, it is produced by the liver of more recent bird orders and of mammals [6]. This switch to a larger organ in more active species has been interpreted as being the result of selective pressures to maintain biochemical homoeostasis under more stressful conditions [2, 7]. This is reflected by the fact that the human daily recommended intake for vitamin C (60 mg) (Obviously not a saturation dose. Ridiculously and appallingly low compared to our vertebrate kin that produce around a gram per 10 pounds of body weight per day until stressed when they can produce up to a gram a pound! 

is the highest among all vitamins [8, 9]. 

The above comes from this site which is pretty terse scientific data or you can continue reading what I "cherry picked":


As you read here anything italicized and/or in parentheses is not their original content.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble compound with anti-oxidant properties that protects living organisms against oxidative stress. It is also essential for collagen synthesis,(new cells do not form without vitamin C) which is why insufficient amounts of this vitamin lead to scurvy (and unnecessary oxidative stress that leads to disease, "a disorder of structure or function",). Its other functions include the synthesis of carnitine, neurotransmitters and the catabolism of tyrosine, among others.

 ...no species (except we humans) lacking GLO activity (the ability to internally synthesis our own ascorbic acid) has ever been found to have a diet poor in vitamin C.

Life saving revelations about the function of D3 and ascorbic acid in white blood cells:


Here are tips to set up a better ambush and implement a more effective cure.

If you choose to ignore this site's information you have consciously chosen ignorance. 
If you ignore this information once you've assimilated it you have chosen negligence. 

After you've watched the entire thing to make it easier to go back and study the highlights here's my cataloged list pertaining to subject and minute discussed:

​1:00   D3 known to regulate 2776 genes,

2:40 when deficiencies coexist with diseases: 

those diseases present sooner rather than later,   

are more severe rather than less severe, 

and the treatments for the diseases are less effective until you have identified the coexisting deficiencies and corrected them!

3:35  most people are D deficient and

"you have to be C deficient" because we can't make it!!!  you only get what you intentionally put in and you are not putting it in!!!

5:00  because we can't make it (C) we have to have a significant reserve...not having a reserve, (not continuously having it saturating our system) is why we have trouble in the first place..

6:28  supplemental vitamins (IAESIAAAAI) are NOT an option.

6:35 Can humans make vitamin C as a hormone?  YES...

10:00  5,000 IU is now a common dose of D3 but you need 10,000

13:35  Iodine unloads almost all the heavy metals... 

everybody is iodine deficient!!!...


14:10 self monitoring is the way most things will go, you can get a test kit from...  I looked on Amazon and they're pretty expensive.  I'd say just do the 10,000!!!

15:50  What happens when our demand for vitamin C goes way up?

​16:05  How can you survive with a ZERO plasma level of vitamin C?

17:40  If you want to have a good C level it's imperative that you have a good D3 level.  Shoot for 80 ng/ml. 

D3 amplifies glutathione production

18:15  The only place vitamin C is safe is in the white cells because we don't pee out white cells.  White cells are what carry vitamin C to target.

19:13  All mammals have a glutathione mechanism to recycle vitamin C.


19:30  Linus Pauling

20:05  When D3 amplifies a gene that's good for us...  D3, the Guardian

21:08  Intravenous C should be our model (liposomally encapsulated C has a higher absorption rate than intravenous!!!)

21:55  Ten subjects. 

I literally wept when I heard about the Atlanta 1000 bed trauma center and the results of enlightened use of vitamin C.  If you aren't moved to action upon hearing such a revelation I don't know what else to say or do.22:18  injurious jellyfish adhesion. No scars, no pain vs the American way: pain, drugs, surgery, scars, more drugs.

 24:42  C as a burn treatment

25:58  Merck Medical 1956 book, what did we know then about vitamin C and when did we know it.

27:05  Atlanta Grady Memorial dropping ICU mortality from 25 to 3% with 2000mg twice a day, enough to get C detectable

29:45 …the day the patients crisis turned…

31:08  ocular hypertension and glaucoma relief

31:24  the hundreds of names we give vitamin C deficiency

34:40  we only scar when we don’t have the adequate essentials, c & d to build collagen for healing

35:40  asthma,  d3 suppresses cytokines, magnesium suppresses bronchospasms.  100% of Dr. McCarthy’s patients came off their asthma meds.

Between Christmas and New Years 2021 I don't know what you've been doing with your time off but I've been binge reading about Amino Acids.  I was disturbed by the basic protein RDA being so low and there being no metric for the quality of the recommended protein intake so, having a little time on my hands, I did what I'm most prone to do, try to inform about the best nutritional regimens available for those concerned about their health.  Sorry that the results are so onerous and demanding!!! Be that as it may the only thing I'd hate to do more every day than 148g of Pea protein powder is pay "over the counter" prices for individual Amino Acids!!!  That objection motivated me to look for other acceptable sources hence the addition of the whole egg data.  Looks like I can do 540 grams of whole eggs and satisfy all the essential amino acid RDA's.  Of course I have to wonder about any determination made by an "authority" that has set the RDA of vitamin C at only 90mg when you consider that oral delivery only provides around 10% absorption.  A 150 pound goat synthesizes no less than 15 GRAMS a day and can produce nearly a gram a pound of body weight if stress demands his body do so.  To proclaim that the human body can thrive on around a mere 9mg effectively absorbed is nothing short of insane.  Sure hope they're not as woefully inadequate in their amino acid proclamations.

Take a look at these graphs, charts, and information and let me know what you think.

1000mg= 1 gram  10,000mg=10g  100,000mg=100g   


My math determines that my bellwether aminos demand 148g of Pea protein powder, P, or 540 grams of whole eggs, E, (around 10) to get me to the USA RDA for my body weight of 250lbs.  Bellwethers are 2166mg, of Isoleucine with P and 1596mg of Histidine if using strictly whole eggs. 
That's enough protein powder or whole eggs to collectively suffice for all the RDA's of all the essential amino acids except

Pea protein is not a complete protein though it exceeds the minimum for all of the essential amino acids except for methionine/cysteine, although it’s not short by much: 1.9 vs 2.5 when considering g/100g. 

When I do 148 grams of Pea protein to get my personal RDA of Isoleusine I get above the RDA for methionine/cysteine as many of you will if you compute your body weight to get the RDA of Isoleusine.  If getting to all the RDA's with Pea protein is prohibitive for you I recommend doing as many grams of whole eggs as you need to.  Lots of great ways to fix up eggs!  


Here's the data I used to make my mg/kg determinations:   

World Health Organization Essential amino acid Required mg/day for a 62 kg (137 lb) adult
Tryptophan                                       248
Threonine                                          930
Isoleucine                                           1240
Leucine                                               2418
Lysine                                                  1860
Methionine+Cysteine                        930
Phenylalanine+Tyrosine                   1550
Valine                                                   1612
Histidine                                              620
Total 11,408 milligrams (11.408 g)
Total Protein 46 to 56 grams (46,000 to 56,000 mg)

Recommended Daily Amounts, RDA, of Amino Acids, AA, by mg per kg, mg/kg of body weight  
Contents listed and titled as Pea protein powder, P, g/100g, Gelatin, G, g/100g, Eggs, E, actual weight of the amino acid in the protein existing in 100g of whole eggs.       

    RDA  of  WHO    USA
H Histidine 
10       14
14x 114kg (250lbs) needs                     1596mg    
of P, 2.5g  G, 0.8g
E, 296.8mg
I Isoleucine 
20       19                  250lbs needs 2166mg     P 4.8  G 1.5 
 E, 698.3mg
L Leucine   
39     42                      250lbs needs 4788mg     P 8.5        G 3.3
E, 1100mg
K Lysine     
30     38                      250lbs needs 4332mg    P 7.5        G 3.5
E, 923mg
M Methionine + C Cysteine             
10.4  4.1  15 total  19 total                  2166mg         1.9         0
E, 554.5
F Phenylalanine+ Y Tyrosine           
25 (total) 33 total                                 3762mg         
P, 5.5         G,0.7
E, 1199
T Threonine                                       
15   20                                                2280mg          
P, 3.7       G 2.1
E, 613mg
W Tryptophan  
4     5                                 570mg      
 P 1  G 0.0
E, 147mg
V Valine           
26   24                               2736mg     
P 5     G 2.2
E, 781.8mg

From Wikipedia:

The “complete protein” column shows you the minimum percent of total protein a specific essential amino acid should be. The “pea protein” column shows you the percent of total protein that there is of each amino acid in pea protein.

I entered the values for Whey, Beef, and Gelatin from a separate Wikipedia chart to make for ease of comparison.

Complete Protein, C, (min %, *= essential)             
Pea protein, P (%)  
Whey,W,  Beef,B  Gelatin,G
                                                 C.       P.    W.    B.    G.  
Histidine*                                 1.8    2.5   1.3   1.2  0.8
Isoleucine*                               2.5    4.8   4.7  1.7  1.5
Leucine*                                   5.5    8.5  8.09  3.9  3.3
Lysine*                                     5.1    7.5  6.87  5.1  3.5
Methionine*+Cysteine           C2.5   P1.9  W1.74  1.83   B1.2  0.7    G0.5  0.0
Phenylalanine*+Tyrosine      C4.7  P5.5   W2.3    2.35   B2.3  2.4    G0.9  0.5
Threonine*                               2.7    3.7    5.35  2.1  2.1
Tryptophan*                             0.7      1     1.43  0.3  0.0
Valine*                                     3.2     5       4.48  2.8  2.2                                                                                                   
Serine                                      ?           ?     3.52  3.9  3.6
Proline                                                          4.26 11.1  12.4
Glutamic Acid                                                13.57 11.1 10.0
Aspartic Acid                                                  8.78   6.2    6.0
Alanine                                                           4.0    8.8    8.9
Agrinine                                                          1.43   7.3   7.8
Glysine                                                           1.43  20.1  21.4

Here are the essential.  amino acids provided by the 12.6g of protein in the serving of 100g of eggs:

histidine: 309mg
isoleucine: 672mg
leucine: 1088mg
lysine: 914mg
methionine: 380mg
phenylalanine: 681mg
threonine: 556mg
tryptophan: 167mg
valine: 859mg

Crude Protein (g/100 g)/Amino Acid (mg/100 g) Source of Eggs Statistical Analysis
                                        A            B C D RMSE p-Value
Crude protein 14.03 14.02 13.77 13.88 0.395 0.721
Arginine                          769.0      b 693.3 b 915.3 a 882.3 a 61.65 0.001
Histidine                          296.8      bc 279.0 c 315.8 ab 331.8 a 12.94 0.001
Isoleucine                        698.3      b 720.0 a 641.8 c 613.3 d 10.82 0.001
Leucine                           1100.0     1081.3 1128.0 1057.8 36.19 0.097
Lysine                              923.0       b 870.3 c 1019.3 a 1012.8 a 19.21 0.001
Methionine                       394.3       b 434.3 a 301.8 c 285.0 c 16.87 0.001
Methionine + cysteine      554.5       b 627.5 a 513.5 c 490.0 c 30.01 0.002
Phenylalanine                   679.8      b 744.5 a 537.8 d 618.3 c 32.51 0.001
Phenylalanine + tyrosine  1199.0     a 1237.8 a 1099.0 b 1137.8 b 30.01 0.002
Threonine                         613.0       b 578.3 b 674.8 a 699.5 a 23.48 0.001
Tryptophan                       147.0       145.5 132.0 148.0 9.04 0.094
Valine                                781.8       b 815.3 a 707.8 c 673.8 d 15.91 0.001
EAAs 5634.0 b 5668.3 a 5458.0 c 5439.5 c 106.4 0.021
Alanine                              713.0       a 737.3 a 651.0 b 558.0 c 20.89 0.001
Aspartic acid                      1295.8     a 1310.5 a 1260.0 ab 1218.5 b 36.66 0.019
Glutamic acid                     1687.0     a 1713.5 a 1642.8a 1555.3 b 37.32 0.001
Glycine                               426.0       ab 441.3 ab 381.8 b 473.8 a 32.42 0.014
Proline                                507.0       b 493.3 b 523.8 a 535.8 a 10.75 0.001
Serine                                 956.3       c 881.5 d 1099.8 a 1055.3 b 23.54 0.001

NEAAs 7033.5 6957.5 7247.0 7001.8 167.9 0.129
EAAs/NEAAs 0.801 a 0.815 a 0.753 c 0.777 b 0.0214 0.011


If we are to sustain we must use our brain! if we're to overcome our genetic defects. 

Vitamin C saturation is contrary to our predisposition but, like kindness, is an acquirable skill.