descriptions of the same pathologies.
Continuous antioxidant serum saturation and IAESIAAAAI regimen


the environment of antioxidant deficiency inflicted pathologies.

Liposomal encapsulated antioxidant vitamin C at least every 8 hours can provide up to 80% absorption effectively, comfortably, delivering 

continuous antioxidant serum saturation with no credible side effects.

Nothing for sale here.  This is an informational site only. I put this up for my kids, family, loved ones, and friends I care about so I could hopefully present an eloquent fact filled research based encouragement for them to do the right thing where their good health is concerned. Please attend your own due diligence as to the links, prose, and extrapolations found within. 253 878 7117 or email liposomalclife@gmail.com anytime with questions or concerns. 

One of the greatest health calamities I worry about is unknowingly becoming capable of infecting others while feeling fine.  

Even at your best it is a risk we all have to take into account. 
I've found good manners and wearing a mask are a worthy investment.

 Higher absorption than an IV:

liposomal vitamin C is a simple oral regimen you can continuously access to deliver yourself a better higher absorption than an IV can provide so you can maintain better than IV continuous serum saturation.

Glycerin liposomal C below in green fonts. approx. 4.5 cents a gram of ascorbic acid.
Alcohol liposomal C recipe in 
large blue fonts below approximately 6 cents a gram of ascorbic acid.
Commercial lypo-spheric liposomal C I have used and Dr. Levy makes reference to is available on the internet.

Cytotoxicity.  In a crisis deficiency abruptly descends to depletion.  When we're depleted of vitamin C, our essential disease eliminator, you aren't left with just a hole in your disease barrier, the entire barrier is obliterated, as are all the production capacities, all the bodily functions that require vitamin C to operate.  You haven't just compromised a spot, or a system, the entire complex is exposed to privation that will lead to pestilence only eradicated with timely and enlightened attention to recovering from the prevailing damage and the resurrection of the calculated excess needed to withstand the next onslaught.

Liposomes are small vesicles of phospholipid membranes, similar to the bilayer lipid membrane of living cells, that are supplied in a solution of water or alcohol for oral ingestion. The liposomes can contain a small amount of a biochemical and/or mineral solution. The membrane protects the contents until the liposome fuses with a cell's membrane to release the contents directly into the cell. Since this release method does not require any active transport process (such as the glucose transporters that take up vitamin C into cells), it comprises an independent absorption method and can increase the maximum level of vitamin C absorbed 
into the body.

I have no reason to doubt that continuous antioxidant serum saturation and the IAESIAAAAI regimen will be sufficient to support the bodies immune system in a manner adequate to neutralize any pathogen exposure.


When at large within the community, because of my inability, everyone's inability

to know at any given moment of their infectious

transmittable exposure status, 
I wear a mask! I social distance! I would go to any length to keep you safe. 

It is my hope that you act and feel that way too.

 The worst I expect any exposure or infection to inconvenience me is a temporary  elevation in my every 8 hour measure of liposome delivered vitamin C so that if my normal reserves are taxed by an extraordinary exposure I can resupply to make sure that, even when under assault, I can maintain a level that provides for all needs. Infections and exposures extract exhaustive amounts of vitamin C from our system. If we don't have adequate reserves and are drawn to zero now we've got the classical definition and symptoms of scurvy to deal with in addition to the impinging infection.  When we're depleted of our essential disease eliminator disease runs rampant.  You aren't left with just a hole in your disease barrier, the entire barrier is down, as are all the production capacities, all the bodily functions that require vitamin C.  You haven't just compromised a spot, or a system, the entire complex is at risk.

I say that having been exposed to just about everything imaginable with no medical complaints, no colds,
no conditions, no cause to have any health concerns so,

if I were infected to the point of being a carrier of anything,

I haven't and wouldn't have known it then or, in all likelihood,

I will not have any indication going forward.

That gives me pause and I take precautions as we all should.   

I've been pretty much bullet proof and blissful since initiating serum saturation. 

I don't know of any reason you can't be as well. 

If it were me and I were for some reason diagnosed with Covid 19 or any virus, 

I'd wear a mask! 

I'd isolate,

and I'd simply continue my IAESIAAAAI regimen while continuing to

monitor my stool increasing my liposome encapsulated vitamin C ingestion only as I felt I needed to. I've seldom found a need to increase more than 5 grams every

8 hours and shortly find a return to my normal daily measure is indicated.  


If I was new to the concept of continuous serum saturation with vitamin C in ordinary circumstances I'd accept the recommendation of starting with around

10 grams of either DIY glycerin, DIY alcohol, recipes

or 2 of the single gram of C packets of commercial lypo-spheric recipe every 8 hours increasing the measure as your tolerance allows.  Dr. McCarthy's video reports that as soon as you demonstrate detectable vitamin C levels it's around 72 hours that symptoms of compromise begin to subside.  It's important to continue to maintain vitamin C saturation and adherence to the IAESIAAAAI regimen so you don't have to worry about relapse or exposures in your future.  

If I was new to the concept of continuous serum saturation of vitamin C an I found myself in serious enough condition that I was headed for or found myself in the hospital as soon as I got there

I’d demand oxygen to get my blood O2 levels up, a 10 gram sodium ascorbate push, transition to a 50 gram bag after

bag IV of C, all while attending all electrolytesmaximum D3, IAESIAAAAI until I was ready to leave the hospital, then

I’d do the liposomal C and IAESIAAAAI regimen for the rest of my life so I’d never have to worry about pathogens ever again.

Antioxidant, Ascorbic acid, ascorbate, antioxidant C = Vitamin C.

Indulge yourself in liposomally encapsulated vitamin C as if your life depended on it and there was no penalty for excess because 
it does and there isn’t.

Further reading will apprise you of sufficient measure.

You also must ingest all other essential substances in adequate amounts within appropriate intervals. 

An increase in measure or a more frequent duration or both may be necessary dependent upon your exposures.

For it's 80% absorption rate, non invasive delivery, homemade recipe option, at home availability, affordable costs, abundant inexpensive ingredients, durable shelf life in the fridge or in a lunch box for work, todays preferred delivery method is

liposomal encapsulation.

Glycerin based liposomal recipe in green fonts.

Alcohol recipe in large blue fonts.

Commercial lypo-spheric is available on the internet.

There is no disparaging about the human bodies absolute essential need for internal vitamin C.  Since we all agree on the crucial need we should be investing in the most effective means of introducing our adequate amount and appropriate interval.

I know of only three methods capable of delivering serum focused vitamin C at levels effective enough to alleviate concerns of routine and unforeseen exposures by effectively eliminating toxins, pathogens, and infections.  
 Liposomal encapsulation delivers at around 80% absorption compared to IV at 70%.
Since I started using continuous bowel tolerance liposomal delivery I haven’t had to resort to the use of either IV drip or
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpptUsJFCEY  minute 29:20

 “till sweat pops out on your forehead”.

  I know of only three liposomal encapsulation recipes that I consider effective in providing consistent continuous IV levels of serum saturation adequate to inoculate, neutralize, and eliminate routine and anomalous injurious substances whether phantom or physical, apparition or aggregate, acute or chronic, regardless of how they emanate.  Those recipes are comprised by one commercially available and two Do It Yourself, DIY, applications that I haven’t had any reason to doubt.

The price of the commercial product gives me pause but Dr. Levy is on record as saying 5 grams felt as effective to him as a 50 gram IV.

I’ve never had an IV of C and, since I’ve been doing the DIY recipes to bowel tolerance at least every 8 hours, I’ve never had any medical complaints to be

rescued from.

Since my personal daily use is generally around 60 grams of liposomally encapsulated ascorbic acid a day, 360 grams of the DIY glycerin product, although I believe the LivOn Lypo-spheric product is an effective liposomal formulation it's way out of my price range and IMHO their recommendations for use are potentially dismally deficient.  

For effective use of liposomally encapsulated C all recommendations I'm aware of for initial preventive indoctrinations are to experiment initially with small amounts increasing the dosage to find bowel tolerance and then back off to a comfort level.  Before and after you’ve found your boundaries you must apply at least every 8 hours if you’re to keep from merely going empty to empty and consenting to compromise. 

  An increase in measure or a more frequent duration or both may be necessary dependent upon your exposures.

You also must ingest all other essential substances in adequate amounts within appropriate intervals. 

I offer the 
glycerin recipe for those conflicted by a work environment or lifestyle that has a zero alcohol tolerance policy. 

In a glass blender vessel for a blender with a very slow speed, pour 84 grams of

glycerin and 500 grams of carbonic acid, (any carbonated water that has no other ingredients but carbonated water, $0.79 for a two liter bottle at Albertsons)​

blend on low for a minute or two, 

while blending add 161g of pharmaceutical grade
ascorbic acid.  
keep blending on low.  

I usually give it 2 minutes.  
While that’s going on I measure out 150g of the 
sunflower lecithin  
  While the blender is still running I pour in the lecithin 

and blend on LOW for 10 minutes.
Pour it in a glass quart jars and refrigerate it till you're ready for it.

Because a 2 liter bottle of carbonated water has 2000 grams I make up 4 batches at a time and keep it refrigerated till I'm ready to use it.  The exception to refrigeration is when I put my current dose requirement in just about any tight resealable  
small reusable bottle and take my liposomal C along with a bottle of my electrolytes mix with me to work or any travel so I can always have what's needed to insure that I don't break "at least every 8 hour" continuously measurable saturation.

 In Cancer and some other cases an immediate application of a 30 day

"Keto" diet

 and an intensive IVC regimen or an IVC push 
should be applied

The following recipe is not a replacement for IVC 
in all cases but

without exception 

not establishing at least a 24/7/365 continuous uninterrupted minimum mg/dL antioxidant saturation portends that

your accelerated expiration is inevitable.

While there are many ways to either check out or continue living I prefer a prolonged disease free pain free plan.

This large font recipe below with "clickable" links for the ingredients is just

pennies a day

for the average person. Not much more for the afflicted. 
For such a pittance why would you risk or 
entertain ill health?

Along with a link to the commercially available alcohol based "Lipo-spheric" liposomal ascorbic acid, C6H8O6, aka: liposomally encapsulated Vitamin C, a product that is around a Buck a gram ($1 US a gram) 

I present both the


effective, & easy Do It Yourself, DIY, alcohol based recipe in


October 2017 thru February 2018 I used 120 grams of the glycerin recipe every 6 hours, 480 grams every 24 hours,

that’s 81.6 grams of ascorbic acid a day,

while I was working in a refinery and taking breaks in a pneumonia hole of a dry shack with around 50 other construction workers.  My welder buddy and I were using the glycerin recipe and were about the only ones who didn’t come down with something.  I watched workers come down with various and assorted communicable afflictions missing from days to weeks of work while I never had a sniffle or a moment of medical complaint.  Today in great summer weather and good working conditions I’ve found my dose modified to using 100 grams every 8 hours, that’s 300 grams a day with the same good effect of no medical complaints.  I expect that as fall arrives, the weather deteriorates, and I have to move inside the dose required will rise again.  It couldn’t be simpler to monitor the requirement and the resulting uninterrupted good health couldn’t be more rewarding.)

See the LARGE FONTS below for clickable links to the ingredients I use.

 I don’t have the resources to run a comparison between the two DIY recipes and the commercial Lypo-Spheric recipes but would gladly do so if someone wanted to supply an adequate amount of the commercial product.

I don't find a difference in the inoculation or cure characteristics between the two DIY recipes but, if you have concerns about alcohol, IMHO the glycerin recipe gives you what I have found to be a viable choice.  

If you are able you could consider doing the alcohol recipe when it’s acceptable to do so and the glycerin recipe when alcohol is inappropriate.  

I’ve been exclusively taking the glycerin recipe since March 2017.

It took the human brain an arguably extreme length of time,

to acquire the knowledge to appropriatly compensate for the human evolutionary

loss of what nearly all other mammalian species still have:

the liver's automatic ascorbic acid antioxidant synthesis system.

We don't have an automatic system.  We rely on our brain and self will. 

My curiosity lies in wondering, now that we have the knowledge, just how long it will take our intelligence and

our charity

to put it to good use.

Our bodies have ended up the victim of a lot of compromises due to our brain's 

lack of information and bad habits.  

Given our new found liposomal encapsulation knowledge, if we first find

a way to convince our brain to use that knowledge to make sure we have 

adequate antioxidant saturation 


regardless of our other abuses,

we can go about the rest of life's discoveries

free of disease and defying injury.


I have encountered naturopath criticism that this recipe
is "manmade" and not natural.  There is no orange, kiwi, or
"natural" source I know of that will deliver 80% absorption
to the blood and cellular level, or so quickly, thoroughly, completely  
attend to reversing our prolonged inattentiveness to

life and health sustaining antioxidant requirements. 
If you've been good since birth natural
antioxidant sources may prevail but,

since we both know you haven't,

liposomally encapsulated vitamin C, aside from an IV of C, is the best, most expeditious, and vital source available

if you are to inoculate yourself from future oxidative stress
and repair the ravages of whatever pathology you may encounter 
or you are currently experiencing

with or without your knowledge.

For most practical purposes 
you can think of
antioxidant saturation as a virtual Kevlar vest

in keeping most pathology at bay,
a virtual trauma response team

in the event of an internal exposure,
a virtual SWAT team

in taking out abnormal cell growth, 
virtual stem cells

in repairing damage,
a virtual force field

to isolate you from whatever pathology is inside you that it can't

reduce, neutralize, kill or eliminate
and an actual eco boost

for your entire system keeping cellular replication

on track and precise as you've got a lot of

vital organs and processes replicating every day.
Welcome to the future.

With the properly administered 
liposomally encapsulated antioxidantmolecule C6H8O6, vitamin C, 
your body can finally get all the
antioxidants it craves and do so,
assuming you are on no drugs or medications, 
with no contraindications.
No pathogen has demonstrated resistance
C6H8O6, vitamin C and, if you or your doctor doesn't 
have you on the hook with a toxin like Warfarin or 
some other chemical nightmare that
antioxidants will neutralize on their way to fixing your other oxidative deficiencies
you'll enjoy immediate positive results
with only eventual slight scouring when you begin to reach your threshold which you then simply need to back off a few grams from.

There is both a distinct correlation and difference between disease and injury.

I think of disease first as extending from some active organic pathogen, something that will grow

either in vitro, if you put it in a petri dish, or in vivo, a growing anomaly within the body. 

To date there is no pathogen that has shown resistance to adequately applied Vitamin C.

They get eliminated.

 I also think of disease as abnormal physiology that develops as the result of injurious inert toxins,

solvents, propellents, preservatives, ect, 

inorganic toxins, ammonia, h2s, calcium, metals, elements, ect

substances, asbestos, silica, etc

corrupted cellular regeneration and unwanted extra cellular generation.

Ingested, injected, inhaled, absorbed, variously encountered 

organic, inorganic, chemical and/or particulate based trauma such as 

asbestosis, silicosis, tar, nicotine, smoke, opiates, benzene, glyphosate, gunshot, Toyota's,

nuclear radiation, lead, mercury, ect. 

Antioxidants reduce toxins seeking electrons 

and aid the liver in breaking toxins down to at least a neutral state.

The substances, asbestos, silica, etc, find antioxidants able to effect only

 neutralization of oxidizing activity of the settled substance as it

disrupts viable tissue so, basically, adequate antioxidant presence is

able to increase your survivability of the accumulated load

though antioxidants are not, 

as in the case of active organic pathogens,

 able to reduce/eliminate substances or all toxins.

Antioxidants singly or in concert with your saturated healthy immune system

 will always work to eliminate the resultant collateral oxidative stress and, with

antioxidants introduced in significant enough quantities, substance

derived stress may be mollified or nullified over time in all but the most acute and extreme cases. 

There is a terrific commercial product:


though I find it cost prohibitive in my own personal circumstances. 

​​Here I'm posting how and what homemade Liposomal Vitamin C recipe
I recommend to those who have no objection to using C2H6O, alcohol, in the prep. The alcohol 

enables 17% concentration of vitamin C when mixed with lecithin as opposed to only

3% vitamin C when the alcohol is excluded.  

The efficiency of adding the alcohol is inestimable.

If you're worried about clean time preservation just do what I did and get

a prescription for the alcohol prep from your MD. 

If alcohol is an unnavigable obstacle for you due to employment requirements,

​a concern about alcohol with children or the aged,

 a moral objection,

or whatever,

I have a recipe that I use daily for C3H8O3, glycerin, as a binding agent instead of alcohol. 

 For me it works just as well as

the alcohol based recipe.

​I've been using the glycerin recipe since March of 2017 with no discernable difference

between it and the alcohol prep.

I use 500g of H2CO3, carbonic acid, just good ole Club Soda, carbonated water, along with

84g of glycerin

to replace the 338g of alcohol and

255g of distilled water. Everything else is pretty much the same prep.

Make sure when you buy the carbonated water that, when you look at the ingredient portion of the label, "carbonated water" is the lone single ingredient.  There are some "Club Soda" products that have other additives.  I have no idea how to

compensate for any other additives.  I only buy and use the products

clearly marked as only

carbonated water.

​call 253 878 7117 with any questions.  
While below in larger fonts you'll find my streamlined version 

here's the lypo-shperic recipe link that inspired 
my current antioxidant regimen:


​​I continually ask my readers to let me know if they're aware of 
anything more effective.

In some cases an IVC regimen or an IV push

should be applied
This recipe is not a replacement for IVC

in all cases. 

When you "do it yourself", DIY, I recommend using Non GMO sunflower lecithin.  I don't know how or why
to make the Liposomal C with any other product

though I'm open to advisement of a lecithin

that would be more globally available.

I used to make this recipe with 190 proof Everclear, an unreasonable expense to use "name brands".  
I'd recommend
the 80 proof vodka recipe below.  

If you use the 190 proof Everclear the "Cliff Notes" 
on the above link as I interpret them  is:
In a quart mason jar pour 115g of the 190 proof Everclear in 478g of distilled water.  
Put it in the microwave for 1  1/2 minutes or till it’s around 115 degrees. 
Pour it in the blender while it’s still to temp and add 161g of pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid.  
Start blending on low.  I usually give it 2 minutes.  
While that’s going on I measure out 197g of the sunflower lecithin you'll find a link to below 
  While the blender is still running I pour in the lecithin and blend on LOW for 12 minutes.
Pour it in a glass quart jar and refrigerate it till you're ready for it.
the cheapest 

Read the above warning in red before you begin
80 proof vodka, 338 grams,
​distilled  water, 255 grams

Mix the two in a glass quart jar 
Put it in the microwave for 1  1/2 minutes or till it’s around 115 degrees. 
Pour it in the blender while it’s still to temp and add 161g of AA:



Start blending on low.  I
usually give it 2 minutes. 
While that’s going on I measure out 150g of the sunflower lecithin:


(I wait for the 20% off sales that offer free shipping on orders over $50)
While the blender is still running I pour in the lecithin and blend on LOW for 
12 minutes.

To test the encapsulation efficiency of the prep stop the blender, sprinkle a little baking soda on the prep, if it bubbles add around 10 more grams of lecithin and blend for another two minutes, repeat the test.  I've never failed to be able to pass the baking soda test but I had a friend remark that he had problems so I had him add

some more lecithin and that took care of things.  Once it passes                                                                                                                                                                                                        Pour it in a glass quart jar and refrigerate it taking a healthy dose 
at least

every 8 hours.

Vitamin C is exhausted or eliminated from your body




so doing an adequate amount at least




keeps you saturated enough to 

keep from merely going from empty to empty and,

while empty, exposing yourself to the vulnerabilities of

having  insignificant antioxidant presence in your bloodstream

or elsewhere that it is imperative to good health.

Starting with 10g of this prep every 8 hours should be a good beginning. If you have some discomfort lower the dose until you get acclimated

and then start increasing as you comfortably can.

 I dose every 6 hours.

You'll find in the videos on this site the reasons why.

If you don't find the medically supported clinical observations I'm

referring to simply email me and I'll send you the link.

 When you find your "tolerance", back off a few grams and LIVE LIFE knowing you've taken a great start at being unencumbered by oxidative stress. 
Hypothetically, if you were convinced that there was

a supplement that exponentially 
increased oxygen to the brain with no adverse effect and you were convinced that 
oxygen to the brain was not overrated, 
how much would you do? 
Actually, this stuff is every bit as important as
​oxygen to the brain.
When I talk about how much Lipo C I do in a day often the remark is, "400 grams a day!? Why do you do 400 grams a day?" Simple answer.  Because I can't

do 500 grams a day. 
For your start, Dr. Levy says 5 grams of the LivOn 
lipo-spheric liposomal C has the effect of a 50 gram IV.

minute 53:14

5 grams of actual C would be 30 grams of the 
DIY Lipo C prep you just made.  
You probably ought to start with no more than 10 grams of the DIY prep

every 8 hours and 
add a couple grams every day till you find your tolerance. If you find doing that much you're afflicted with some "grumblies" you can always back off to even a gram every 8 hours until your system adjusts. Do bear in mind that the more Lipo C you do the more you aid all your internal systems to prevent and/or reverse any disease and damage. Ideally you need to get to 400mm/L blood saturation. 
Even at 400 grams a day I found all internal drama subsided when

I began a keto diet.
You may find a little drama is part of your acclimation and

finding your comfortable dose.
As your tolerance and your diet improve you'll find 
all discomfort goes away.
Good health is not for the timid. 
If you know you're fighting cancer you need to be

doing bowel tolerance of lipo C and 
 on a keto diet for reasons Dr. Whitcomb outlines below in
magenta text below.
See also the Riordan Clinic tapes in

You can continue reading here but if you return to the Home page all of the
links to the videos, other 
products, ect., will work.  
Below is just a repeat of a bottom portion of the first page of the website without the
working links:

While the liposomal C is working on disease there are 
physiological necessities that must be met with 
adequate electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients 
to support an overall healthy system. 
​For the electrolytes:
I fill a clean gallon milk jug half full of my favorite drinking water, add 120 grams of Potassium Gluconate:


per Dr. Whitcomb's advice to fight osteoporosis and several
other things, I add 32 grams of sodium bicarbonate, good ole Baking Soda:


I get most of my sodium, Na from the baking soda but, since I have no other sources for Chloride, Cl, I get the rest of my sodium from "table salt" 


which is generally 60% Cl and 40% Na, so I put in 
7 grams of "table salt" that is unlikely to have any of the 
contaminants of the modern day surface waters.
To recap, it is my intention to get the Recommended Daily 
Allowance, RDA, of potassium, sodium, & chloride in my liquid 
prep of  120 of potassium gluconate, 
32g of baking soda, and 
7g of table salt 
in a half filled gallon jug of filtered drinking water, 
then FILL UP the rest of the jug with drinking water, 
put a lid on so it can be vigorously shaken, and 
when it's all dissolved I portion it out in 240g/8 oz doses with my Liposomal C regimen that I take every 6 hours so I get the

RDA of potassium, sodium, and chloride
within every 24 hours.  
​I need to add that, along with a good multi mineral/multi vitamin supplement, 
I take 2x400mg of a triple magnesium complex to round out the 
Big Four of electrolytes. 


If you're not hydrated and balanced with electrolytes your antioxidant regimen will have challenges that make your good health a lot harder to achieve. 

Three reasons to thoroughly immerse ourselves in the efficacy of an oral ingestion that replicates the contribution a continuous 24 hour IV of C would deliver are: 
3. along with innumerable targets that are readily assailable there exists biological and viral toxic inhabitants that subsist inside the cells out of the contact of enriched blood flow. Entrenched as they are these secluded pathogens can only be accessed when the cell reaches the end of it’s life cycle and the toxic tenant has to expose itself to blood flow to find a new host.  Often the toxin has prematurely oxidized the expiring host and now has to find it’s next victim.   Without antioxidant enriched blood saturating the scene when the oxidizing toxin exposes itself the jump is simply made unscathed and neutralizing that toxin and its kin has to wait for the cellular morphology to run its course again. Now too, after making an unimpeded jump, the critter has the enviornment and the opportunity to reproduce. In such a game of hide and seek one hates to contemplate the consequences of a missed opportunity.  If the blood is enriched you have a chance to rid yourself of even the most pervasive toxins. If you are not saturated enough to wreak havoc with the intruders though, you simply continue to suffer their oxidative depletion.  Conceptually, if you keep yourself at the edge of bowel tolerance ingestion of liposomal C, because there’s nothing with a higher absorption rate and bowel intolerance signals you’re at saturation, you’re doing all you can to rid yourself of all known and unknown oxidative vagrants.

2. Inorgainic toxins, mercury and lead for instance, and even massive orgainic toxins such as pertussis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Clostridium botulinum, meningitis, encephalitis, and other more plebeian infections require an enormous amount of antioxidant electron delivery to effectively neutralize their entire deposition.  There are toxins that consume such a considerable amount of antioxidants that there isn’t much left for the routine maintenance of the rest of the system.  If we knew what with, where and when we were compromised we would, no doubt, focus on correcting the situation. If someone would just tell us where the “fire” was we like to think we'd put it out.  Sadly there is no doubt that we do know that we are continually under threat and/or actually are "on fire” in one way or another and yet, unless it’s acutely felt and dramatically presenting, we do very little to extinguish the spark.  In our defense we haven’t always known what, if anything, we could do about it.  Often too, knowing our malady does not spur us to into action because adequate intervention, prior to liposomal encapsulation, was darned inconvenient.  We've often waited till we’re about half consumed and some Doctor tells us the obvious, that we have a problem. Crazy that we would accept a Doctors limited diagnosis that generally recommends only further toxins to be heaped upon an already oxidatively stressed system. Make no mistake about it, Penicillin, all it’s derivatives, Chemo, and all medications that are not specifically antioxidants are toxins. To dissemble ourselves with further toxins when we could through continual oral antioxidant ingestion establish a proactive system to keep the oxidative stress at bay makes one wonder about our past and future choices.  With liposomal encapsulation we can keep the “fire" from starting and, if started, be ingesting adequate levels of antioxidant to extinguish often the most insatiable electron appetite.  Additionally, just because your doctor makes a diagnosis that doesn’t mean that you are not further conflicted in ways he can’t or hasn’t identified.  No responsible physician would make an unqualified representation of any diagnosis as being all inclusive.  I don’t know why we’d run the risk of making an assumption that anyone knew what they were talking about if we had access to an all inclusive cure right at hand and conveniently available to us.  In that we cannot always know when we’re under a specific toxic siege and can never precisely identify all the offending toxins, it’s irresponsible not to use the most entirely effective broadest brush we can avail ourselves to.  In short, kill em all.  Since we can now do so unimpaired by any negative physiological reaction we need to embrace Lipo C as the miraculous achievement it is.  Because there is not and never will be any physiological jeopardy brought about by antioxidants, the number one reason to do as much Liposomal C as possible is:

1.  Because we can.

I also take an ounce of a Knox type gelatin to get an amino acid balance.  I've
been taking Knox forever to relieve arthritis and joint pain.  Amino's are
also part of Dr. Levy's recommendation for reversing atherosclerosis.
Get Dr. Levy's book, "Death by Calcium".
Get all his books!

For those of you with an aversion to alcohol in the prep send me an email

Dr. Levy has DENOUNCED the Bradley Brooks ultrasonic prep in this interview:
Denounced the ultrasonic preps as a mere "emulsion" and not a liposomal prep.  
I also found irradiating the DIY alcohol based lipo-spheric liposomal prep in the parts cleaner
 for ten minutes or an hour made no difference in it's efficacy.  Just the blender makes the 
lipo-sheric prep great enough for my good results
I can do the same amount of it daily with or without the ultrasonic step. 
For me doing that R&D was risky and time consuming but, for 
my peace of mind, it had to be done. 

So, for me, the prep is 12 minutes in a blender now and no more stirring!
​I put the finished product in a Mason jar and in to the frig.  
Comes out of the frig in a consistency that, to keep from being indecorous, I’m saying is like warm peanut butter.  
Terrific stuff.  When possible I do the lipo 4 times a day, on the 10’s and 4’s, that’s every 6 hours.  
You’re darn right. I stay awake till 10 and get up at 4 every day without fail wether I'm not working or not.
If I'm working and have job site considerations I use an 8 hour schedule. 
When I take the the lipo I also take the water based electrolyte mixture described above.  In the mornings I take a  half a multivitamin/mineral tab, 28 grams of Knox gelatin, a CoQ10, a K2, 20,000 IU of D, and a magnesium supplement.  At 10pm I take a K2,  20,000 IU of D, the other half of the multi, and two fish oil caps.   I’m making sure I get the RDA of electrolytes, as broad a good spectrum of vitamins/minerals, as healthy a nutritional balance as I can, along with as much 
lipo C as I can comfortably access. 
 All together it’s probably $5 a day. Considering what my Co Pays are
when I have to use my Health Care, any cost of maintaining good health is really cost effective.
If any of you know of a vitamin/mineral supplement that does not contain 
calcium, iron, or copper I'd sure love to hear about it! 

The "lipo-spheric liposomal"  preparation does use 12.1% ethyl alcohol so there are those of you 
who will need a doctors script to use it.  
Taking this site, it's accompanying videos and the lipo-spheric recipe in to show your Doctor will 
no doubt convince them to write the script.  It worked for me.

I find that moving the Vitamin C percentage from 3% as the 840g Bradley Brooks prep contains 
to nearly 17% is a worthwhile investment.
The 17% preparation has allowed me to go from 22 grams of ascorbic acid a day to  60 grams. 
If you have questions about the 17% preparation go to 
as there are many FAQ's addressed there and it should all be read.  
Failing to find your answers there don't hesitate to email me. brling@comcast.net 
There are discussions that the 17% preparation is a patented process. 
If something as simple as pouring liquid and lecithin in a blender is patentable only using 
a "patented process" for commercial gain would be a violation of patent rights.  
Using it for your own personal ingestion would not, to my understanding, be a violation but, as I stated earlier,  none
of this site is to be construed as a recommendation, only an opinion.  I know I'm
making the 17% recipe and using it and have never felt better.
​It's worth it to note that, finding a home for as much C as my body does, I don't see my returning to the
Bradley Brooks 3% preparation any time soon.  In that the entire  840g 3% preparation only has 
30g of C I would have to make and ingest what, for me, would be a prohibitive amount.  
If your bowel tolerance is low using the Bradley Brooks prep  that can mean two things, 
either you're basically pretty healthy and don't need a huge amount of antioxidant, 
or the Bradley Brooks prep is inefficient and your getting a lot of raw AA directly in to the stomach.  
If you're splitting your dose in to 3 or 4 servings, and that has you
 at bowel tolerance and you still catch a cold or anything, your prep has problems.
​Lets hope a cold is all you caught.
If you are currently doing the Bradley Brooks prep please do me a favor and 
change your prep to where you're heating the water to 115-120 degrees Fehrenheit
before you mix in the AA, and then blend for ten minutes instead of four.  Then please
skip the ultrasonic irradiation.  I'd like to know if the absence of the ultrasonic stage affects your absorption.
I'm hoping you can skip the parts cleaner AND up your dose.  
Let me know if the heating, extended mixing, and no irradiation allows you to increase your overall 
daily consumption.  If, like me, you are able to increase your AA consumption around 300%, or at all, please 
let me know.  I would love to be able to stop buying the alcohol!!! 

There are some basics you'll need for either preparation. 
you'll need
Vitamin C, L ascorbic acid, AA,
it's all the same thing as long as it's pure pharmaceutical grade:

or get it from Amazon:


you can look around and find it cheaper later. I did.

I've bought it both places and it came from the same outfit, dudadiesel, dudaenergy.com, I think the shipping
was less with amazon prime.  
I've since moved on to a source that uses sugar cane instead of corn. 
If any of you have a better source for pharmaceutical L ascorbic acid please let me know. 

sunflower lecithin:


 was only $11 when I started buying it on Amazon now it's $20 or more there.
I'm now getting it directly from Swanson 6 pounds at a time when it's on sale for as little as $10:


FORGET the ultrasonic parts cleaner:


You only need the parts cleaner for a Brooks Bradley prep if you haven't done the alteration I ask you
to experiment with above.  I don't use the parts cleaner with the 17% prep any longer

a gram scale:


Most of you already have a blender.  If not pick one up 


if Amazon is still being jerks and won't Prime it get it somewhere else. I got my last one at Sears. 
You want one with a low speed and glass vessel.
as you'll need it to mix the AA and the lecithin on it's lowest setting. You don't want a lot of air.

It's not necessary but I like this for mixing anything in a glass or cup:


it's what I use on a lot of stuff.  I've bought several of them and often given them as gifts as they last forever and, with the little plastic wand, work better than anything else I've found.

and so lets get started making our own liposomal vitamin C.  If somehow you missed the LARGE BLUE FONTSabove do seek them out or
Below this small text that describes the 3% prep is  again the 17% prep in larger font.
This is redundant but I want to make sure you folks get the recipe.
IF you believe you know what your doing in mixing up the prep go on down to 
the videos in colored fonts below if you need reinforcement as to how to 
enjoy good health.
Turns out the 17% prep is a penny per delivered gram cheaper than the 3% prep!
The 3% prep has been denounced by Dr. Levy as being only an "emulsion" and
not a true lipsomal prep.  That was my experience too but I leave it up for 
historical reference!

The recently denounced 3% prep:
I put three cups of water, 720g (distilled water or filtered) water in my blender vessel while it's sitting on the gram scale. 
with the 17% preparation I've been heating the water to around 115 -120 degrees F, 40C and it's been working great.

Here's what I use to filter water:


I got mine at Fred Meyer for $20

I pour the 720g of filtered water in to the blender vessel while it is sitting on my gram scale so I can get the weights correct.  In to the 720g of water I put 30g of the pharmaceutical AA. 

Now I put the blender vessel on the blender base so I'll know/remember that I put the AA in.

You can start the blender turning at it's slowest speed.  Getting the AA infused in the water is a key step.

I then weigh out 90g of the lecithin separately in it's own cup or some container on the gram scale.  I do this so I can add it gradually to the blender vessel once it's turned on and mixing the AA with the water.

With the blender on and mixing I add the 90g of lecithin into the liquid and let it stir for at least 4 minutes on low.  

So altogether that's 30g of AA and 90g of lecithin mixing together in 720g of water on low for at least 4 minutes.  You can access the 17% preparation instructions
for a primer on removing bubbles and getting the AA infused in to liposomes
but I think 4 minutes in the blender and then irradiating 
in the sonic bath does the trick. 

After blending
I then pour the mixture, now 840g total, in to the ultrasonic parts cleaner.  I slowly and quietly stir the mixture for 8 minutes with the cleaner on high/no heat.  You want to continuously move the mixture over the vibrating element of the cleaner so the molecules of AA will get enveloped in the lecithin.  

After removing from the ultrasonic cleaner I let it stand and normalize
to room temperature before covering it putting it in the refrigerator where
it will keep for quite a while.  I generally do 4 days worth at a time. 

For more information on this first 840g preparation I offer you the text of it's
supposed "Founding Father" if stock in internet information is suitable for quoting:


I see I have made a few alterations to the original recipe but I have just today,
1/29/16, found what was there represented to be the original paper. ​

BEST PREP, 17% and, according to the referenced site a true 
liposomal encapsulation.

The 17% preparation ends up being 951 grams total.
See the 80 proof vodka recipe in LARGE BLUE FONTS above. 
Use this if you don't mind paying extra for a "Brand Name"
I put the 478g of water and 115g of 190 proof Everclear ( see the recipe for 95% ethyl alcohol at:)


 together in a wide mouth quart Mason jar and bring it up to 115-120 F
in the microwave.  Once it's up to temperature I pour it in the blender vessel and add
161g of L ascorbic acid to it.  I put the vessel on the blender and turn it on the lowest speed
to get the AA and the water/alcohol mixing. I blend it for a couple minutes while I'm measuring out the 197g of lecithin in a separate cup.  With the blender still running on low  
I then slowly add the sunflower lecithin. Once the lecithin is all in I blend on lowest
speed for 12 minutes minimum.  I then pour the blender contents,
 the finished product,
in to a quart mason jar and have both let it stand at room temperature
for a while and and put it straight in the fridge.  I don't see any difference.
  Not seeing any product separation and not having
bowel tolerance issues I have not attended to all the blending in the 
blender that Chris details at length on the "process" site. 

I've been up to 80 grams a day of Liposomal C with great effect on 
everything that has ever ailed me.

I have seen some discussion of a test to validate encapsulation.  To me
the only test I need is bowel tolerance.  15g of AA four times a day and 
no intolerance 
is an incredible testament to its efficiency.  In the past if I ingested 5g
of straight AA I would have "distress".  I'm doing 60g so it has to be 
at least 90% effectively encapsulated.

​That's proof enough for me.

I'd like someone to revisit the "Bradley Brooks" method as I asked
above as I'm in favor of a
non alcoholic prep but I wouldn't give up liposomal encapsulation efficiency for anything.

As far as cost goes:

$4.35 for 115g of Everclear when paying $28.40 for a 750L bottle
(Washington State has the highest tax on whiskey in the NATION)
$2.12 for 161g AA when paying $30 for 5 pounds.
$4.36 for 198g of sunflower lecithin when paying $10 a pound
That's $10.83 for a 161g batch of C.
That ends up being about 7 cents a gram of delivered vitamin C
(using the 338g of 80 proof vodka and 255 g of water has, since 
this break down, significantly lowered cost)
at 60g a day that's $4 a day.
You may not need 60 grams a day however.

The Brooks Bradley 3% prep is 
$1.98 for sunflower lecithin at $10 for a pound
40 cents for AA at $30 for 5 pounds.
That's $2.38 for a 30g batch of C.
That ends up being 8 cents a gram!!! 
for delivered vitamin C
Shiver me timbers.  The alcohol prep is a penny a gram cheaper!!!
Who woulda thunk it.

I've been using an 80 proof, (40%) vodka, SKOL, instead of the Everclear. 
You'll use 338g of the 80 proof and 255g of water. Everything else 
​is the same as with the 190 proof recipe.

As I understand it the lecithin, the fat coating, is the vehicle that gets the AA through the stomach and in to the intestinal tract where it can get absorbed in to the blood stream and on to a cellular level where it donates two electrons per molecule.  Donating electrons is how the AA, the Vitamin C, both neutralizes the toxins and supports all your systems.  Toxins by definition are anything "pro-oxidant", looking for electrons, and depleting electrons from healthy tissue or whatever viable source is most readily available.  Once the toxin has the electrons it requires it no longer has traction, no longer a bond to healthy tissue.  Once the toxin is sated, independent, it is inert and neutralized, its' free and ready for elimination from the system.  The C, having contributed it's available electrons, is now also neutral, has no other positive contribution, 
and needs to be expelled from the system.  A continuous flow of  C delivers 
the electrons, the energy, to help taking out the trash and other proper bodily functions.
High electron flow, high energy, means good health with no adverse side effects.  
What could possibly be your objection?

ScienceDaily.com has quite a few articles citing the positive effects of even the most
paltry 10% absorptive oral amounts of vitamin C:


Imagine if the liposomally enlightened had conducted these studies!

As discussed above our whole bodily system requires high electron flow for health and energy to function properly.  With a high enough electron flow you can keep the toxins inert and the system functioning at a healthy rate.  Once you've found the dose of C and other antioxidants that provides an adequate antidotal dose and adequate health, you can address removing the source of the toxin.  If the source of the toxin, or result of a toxin, say a tumor, is susceptible to blood flow it's just a matter of time and electrons to successfully eliminate it.  In my case I have toxic sources that are inaccessible to blood flow. They are in, or the result of, necrotic tissue and can only be addressed by neutralizing the toxic output until I can address the source of the toxin. Such are root canals.  I have to steadily increase my dose.  The good news, once again, is that there is no toxic dose of C.  I can do as much as I need.  Right now it's about 5 bucks a day to alleviate my pain and other symptoms.  To me that's expensive but it's no where near what drugs cost and there was and is 
no available drug. 

The good news is that all disease is the result of oxidative stress and antioxidants eliminate oxidative stress.  The bad news is that it took some time and trials to arrive at a comfortable and effective dose.  While it's not toxic, as mentioned previously, the Vitamin C does have an unfortunate side effect.  Dosing C in an oral or liposomal form will eventually insist that you are willing to experience the "C cleanse" effect to both detoxify and adjust your system to the benefits of "high electron flow".  Once the C has delivered it's electrons it needs to go and so will you till eventually you find the right balance.  Then it's all good and normal but getting there takes dedication.  It probably won't take more than a weekend so if you start Friday after work the drama will most likely be over and everything back to normal by Sunday. 

Again, the good news is that there is only that one side effect and it is far from toxic, exactly the opposite actually.  Expulsion is the desired path for toxins so neutralizing them then expelling them is the best and only path to health. 

I started ingesting the lipo C three times a day.  I did 6:30 am, 2:30pm, and 10:30pm.    That worked but I now do 4 times a day, the 10's and 4's. Doing less more often keeps the system level more consistent although I really haven't noticed any system differences so, as nearly as I can tell, either 3 or 4 applications works equally as well as long as they're even doses.
I like the every 6 hour schedule as I have on occasion missed a dose so it keeps me 
from going over 12 hours and being empty.  

You may have heard of a 50/30/20 diet. 50%carbs/30%protein/20%fat measured by label ingredients.  I was on it for quite a while with good effect.  I do not adhere to it any longer as I have abandoned the carb portion, the 50% portion, of the diet.  Turns out there is no "carb requirement" to good health.  You need protein and fat but not carbs.  I used to mix up a 50/30/20 accompaniment for the lipo C just because 50/30/20 was the first thing that got most of my numbers at optimum levels.  It turned out that there were some numbers and issues that diet alone, without attention to Vitamin C and potassium, two necessities the human body does not produce or store, left near fatal issues.  To a 280g dose of my First lipo C product, the Brooks Bradley prep from the above directions, I would add 43g of organic honey and 33g of protein powder to offset the 16g of liposomal fat.  I stopped the honey and I've been off of the carbs now for about a 
month with no significant ill effects that I know of.  Turns out cancer needs high carb intake so
although I don't know that I have any cancer no carbs is a preventative measure. 

Figuring that universally each gram of carb is 4 calories, each gram of protein is 4 calories, and each gram of fat is 9 calories hopefully find diminished appetite as the potassium contained in the Swansons sunflower lecithin will provide sugar storage ability to your liver so you don't have the cravings your liver sends when it can't store sugar. Type II diabetes is a liver problem that, from my experience and understanding, is cured with adequate ingestion of potassium.  See Dr. Bergs "What to Eat to Cure Diabetes" video:  http://drberg.ontraport.net/c/s/vBz/GhAn/6/sv/kDh/675DUw/bg551Lfsu

I don't know why no one knows that the Recommended Daily Allowance, the Federal RDA of potassium is nearly 5000mg.  I don't know how they expect us to get that much either.  Personally I supplement 32g of potassium gluconate to get my 5g.  I'm just not up for eating 20 bananas or multiple pounds of of kale a day.  When I do get a craving for something I know I don't need I simply throw down 3 or 4 hundred milligram of supplemental potassium and wait to see if the craving passes.  In most instances I get busy and don't think about it again. 

John Otte, Davey, NE, was right about the dairy. I have since heeded his advice, read Dr. Levy's "Death by Calcium" and quit all dairy products.  Living in the Seattle area I do miss the lattes. Other than that did I mention that, once you're getting your antioxidants from lipo C you don't really have to worry about what you eat.  Eat what you want, eat what tastes good!  From the liposomal C you're now getting all the antioxidants every one else is trying to get from eating 12 pounds of kale, broccoli, or something else they hate. 

I put Sodium Ascorbate, SA, in my salt shaker to replace the Sodium Chloride, NaCl, as the SA is ph neutral and does not upset my stomach.  The body needs sodium but not excess chloride.  It's the chloride that kills. 
minute 26:10 Sodium Ascorbate, do away with the CHLORIDE,  minute 30 oxidative stress eliminated by antioxidants

I've been able to replace the Miralax/Metamucil/Citracel gang with the lipo C.  Not having to do that crap, no pun intended, is on it's own worth $3 a day!  I am completely drug free as we speak.  Liposomal Vitamin C has literally been a new lease on life for me.  I'm certain I'm not special.  That,"Health is the state of high electron flow" is just plain physiological fact for the human body, male or female, regardless of the toxin or diet.  

Dr. Levy's website is:

(XI) The latest Dr. Levy interview I know of:

skip the first 4 minutes if you can.

In this interview Dr. Levy says vitamin C could easily lead to at least a 50% reduction of
prescribed medicines.  

How much evidence do you need?!!!

Here’s a couple more notes from my first listen:

16:50  vitamin C will never fail you if you take enough of it in enough forms!
  vitamin C protocol with ascorbyl palmitate and more?

18:18    all disease is caused by the oxidative stress of low grade infections in the body, especially in the mouth

19:58    oxidative stress causes all disease at the molecular level

just prior to 25:        smoking gun research

27:08    all coronary artery disease starts with inflammation

28:17    with thermography you can see the warmth of the toxins going down the shared lymphatics between the tooth and the breast

29:15  root canal teeth as pathogenic cess pools

36:00    MERSA  there is no pathogen that is resistant to vitamin C.  no antibiotic does what vitamin c does, vitamin C stimulates and supports the immune system by at least 20 different mechanisms, (partial list) then

vitamin C doesn’t even have to be directly responsible for killing the pathogen because it is such an enormous support to the immune system

Dr. Levy talking about using 4 grams a day of the liposomal and 10-15 grams of SA  

41:00 Fenton reaction  ferrous to ferric 2+ to 3+  Hydroxal radical.  How vitamin C kills the cancer cell.

 if you don’t have an iron deficient anemia you should not supplement iron  Cancer needs and attracts iron.

Feritin numbers should be under 15 to avoid iron toxicity.  Get it as low as you can drive it without becoming anemic.    Fitic acid  IP6 first thing in the morning.  Get from Amazon  take zinc and magnesium as you’ll sweat them out with the iron you’re trying to get rid of.

Dr. Levy’s new book "Hidden Epidemic…"

Have a regular sweat in a Farr infrared sauna.  Biomat?  $2000

liposomes deliver directly to the cell so be careful what you encapsulate

Dr. Levy will answer questions   televymd@yahoo.com  peakenergy.com

My biggest source of inspiration was seeing Dr. Thomas Levy's videos.  Here I've "bookmarked" all the cures he speaks about by the time point in the video that he makes the reference.  I do this both so that if you don't have time to read it all you can go to the specific malady you're interested in or, if you have read it all and want to access a specific portion, you don't have to wade through the entire thing as I have a couple of dozen times.

Dr. Levy,"find me a toxin and I have a cure" #14:

(XII)Video A.  
I would take the liberty in recommending you
skip the portion from 3:20 to 4:05 unless you really enjoy "inside baseball".  

1.  cure for gout  6:30-7:730

2.  north pole magnets as antioxidants  7:30-8:30

3. ebola virus  10:55 and the lead up to that time.

4.  RNA virus access  17:50  cure to AIDS & Hepatitus

5.  pro oxidant treatments/medications rendered neutral with vitamin C   19:55

6. vitamin C as a chemotheraputic agent  21:00

7. cure for polio  21:05  
cured in 3 days 22:05  
cured flaccid paralysis 22:10

 8.  acute hepatitis 23:00

9.  measles, mumps 23:35

10. encephalitis 22:56

11.  mononucleosis 24:55

12.  Call a cure a cure, curing the incurable  25:40

13.  viral pneumonia, diphtheria  26:10

14.  non specific anti toxin  26:30  
find me a toxin and I have a cure

15.  tetanus  27:10  
neutralize both the toxin and the anti toxin “cure”

16.  vitamin C as a mono therapy 28:40

17.  carbon monoxide poisoning  29:15

18.  toxic insect bites, i.e, brown recluse spider29:30

19.  till sweat pops out on your forehead 31:33

20.  West Nile virus  minute 32 to 32:30

21.  mushroom poisoning    32:25  amanita phalloides,  alpha lipoic acid

22.  lead, mercury, heavy metal poisoning 33:55

23.  pesticides  36:05

24.  radiation 36:08

25.  neutralize toxicity and it’s source  37:00

26.  Root canal treated teeth most toxic entities on the planet,  more toxic than botchulisim 37:15  

 27.  periodontal disease, the equivalent of 32 root canals   cure is 3% peroxide thru a water pik 38:40

28.  dental implants  39:40

29.  cavitations,  pockets resulting from a pulled tooth  40:24

30.  teeth cleaning procedure  40:44

31.  attacks on vitamin C 41:08  Harvard study showing C as cure of kidney stones

32.  Vitamin C deprivation REBOUND!  42:20

33. Recommended dose rate  43:08  
Remember the percentage rate of liposomal to intravenous.  liposomal is 80% absorption, intravenous is 70%  ​

(XIII)New information:

54:28   “ about a year later I said (to myself) idiot, it’s time you start learning about liposomes…  how can 50 grams pushed directly in to your blood even come close to not being vastly superior than 5 grams in any form taken in your mouth? That’s ten to 1…but, Vitamin C, when you take it intravenously, what gets in to the cell, is either oxidized already, in which case it goes in to the cell and you need to consume energy to make it back in to the reduced form or, you use active transports to transport vitamin C inside of the cell which consumes energy.  The liposome delivers it’s payload directly inside the cell without consumption of energy, that why it is so profoundly better… in that circumstance.  By no means am I anti IV vitamin C…  because we have multiple weapons in our arsenal and we need to use all of them (delivery methods) because they all do something a little different."

17:00  100% relief of pain and symptoms in 300 shingles patients

53:14   "5g, 5 packets of LivOn lipo had a greater clinical impact on me than a 50g IV…"

54:16   “ a couple of friends I had it happen to…"

56:44 curing a “(Dr.) Klenner to a cyanotic (cyanide) acutely poisoned patient that he thought was dying...

57:56  paraphrasation: your body thinks you just got a big dose of glucose, you get a big release of insulin, your blood sugar drops, and vitamin C is pushed in to your cells much more rapidly… as well as any other nutrient, vitamins, minerals, you might have on board any time this happens. =

Endogenously-induced form of Insulin Potentiation Therapy, IPT.

(XIV) Death by Calcium video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwi9iZvudXA​

20:02  there does not exist a diet that can give you enough vitamin C…  that can have the same salutary effect on the bones as supplemental vitamin C

22:05  all diseases are focal scurvy… when you get to the molecular level there is no other pathology taking place (except oxidation)

24:00  ALL Cancer cells are associated not only with increased intracellular Oxidative Stress but that this increased intracellular Os is always associated with or aka caused by increased intracellular calcium

32:40 long acting calcium channel blockers decrease the risk of ALL CAUSE mortality

there is no such thing as a normal calcium deposit outside of your bones.

Osteoporosis reversal agents

magnesium  natural calcium channel blocker.  dissolves calcium deposits  increase bone density 

42:30   as a mono therapy Magnesium decreases your chance of death from all causes AND, it’s non toxic

magnesium sulfate up to 22g in 36 hours decreases all cause mortality for 5 years

vitamin K and K2  45mg a day not micrograms  no definable toxicity

vitamin D  needs to be in the 50 to 80 nanogram range

1:00:48 root canal treated tooth #1 cause of heart attack and cancers

1:02:25  Dental Implants

1:12:01  Have all the heavy whipping cream you want

I've also broken down a couple more of Dr. Levy's and other videos that I've found as either new information or supportive to what I've already read or experienced myself.​

(XV) Video B.

1.  reversing the irreversible 3:50
2.  high electron flow=health, diminished electron flow=illness, cessation of electron flow=death 5:30 

3.  everything is either a nutrient, gives electrons, or a toxin, takes electrons  6:10
4.  Lou Gerhig's, als, ms, parkinsons,  alzheimer's 27:10

5.  to cure cancer first remove root canals 28:50

(XVI) Video C.  

1. doctors letting their patients die  14:40 
2. Coronary artery disease, dental toxicity  28:00  
3.  Diabetes, then NO KNOWN TOXIC DOSAGE  29:05 

(XVII) Video D.  
  1.  Let no one who has...  42:28

(XVIII) Video E.  

1.  why we need Vit C 10:00
  2.  hypoescorbenia genetic disease from lack of Vit C  10:55

3.  detoxifications of toxins 13:45  
4.  optimum dose of Vit C  17:15  

5.  C&B3  orthomollecular 24:oo to 27:48 
ortho means right 

6.  adult human male manufactures 4g a day of cholesterol!

(XVIV) Video F.  

1.  prostate cancer  37:00  47:00

(XXI) Video G.  

1.  oxidative stress 30:00

(XXII) Video H.  

1.  last minute: neutralize the toxins with electrons so they don't do tissue damage that needs repair

how to treat tumors:  

Video I. 
Riordan Clinic 

(XXIII) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iolNb7NadU

(recall that liposomal C is 10% more effective than IVC) 

38:18 short list of what vitamin C does for a body (plus some from other sites)

There are no contraindications to the administration of ascorbic acid.

Increases interferon

Increases antibody production

Increases B cell proliferation and function

Increases T cell proliferation and function

Increases the amount of natural killer cells

Boosts cellular immunity

prevents secondary infections

Stimulates collagen formation (to wall off tumor)

Inhibits hyaluronidase (to retard metastasis)

Corrects scurvy in cancer patients

Combats fatigue

Supports detoxification systems in the body

Relieves pain

Promotes well being

Parenteral administration is desirable for patients with an acute deficiency or for those whose 
absorption of orally ingested ascorbic acid is uncertain.



Febrile states, chronic illness, and infection (pneumonia, whooping cough, tuberculosis, diphtheria, sinusitis, rheumatic fever, etc.) increases the need for ascorbic acid. Hemovascular disorders, burns, delayed fracture and wound healing are indications for an increase in the daily intake.

 Increases interferon

Increases antibody production

Increases B cell proliferation and function

Increases T cell proliferation and function

Increases the amount of natural killer cells

Relieves cellular hypoxia

Restores aerobic metabolism

Restores mitochondrial functioning

Improves apoptosis

Inhibits angiogenesis

Reduces tumor nutrient supply

Potentiates chemotherapy and radiation

Reduces side effects & toxicity of conventional therapy

Plausible oncologic adjunct in cancer patient care

(XXIV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF6jhMBHrxc  

0:33  start with 25g, then 50g then work up to 400mg/deciliter checked with finger stick blood glucose monitor.  1:00
C shows like glucose so pre infusion blood glucose subtracted from post glucose, disregard glucose as glucose as it is really C.  

(​in my estimation if you are doing Lipo C the transition from IVC should be inconsequential)

 2.  Dr Levy on dose: 12:45, & 16:59  
HPLC machine?  100 to 125 grams IV 3 times a week for pancratic cancer.  
IV 3 times a week for a year to make sure the tumor doesn't come back.  
magnesium chloride 400mg per bag to help hydration.   g6pd?   emolysis    

5g per day of liposomal C orally will have a greater impact than 50g IV

(XXV) Video A1. 
(one of ten short ones.  In depth elaborations of the subjects in Video A.  just let em roll)

(XXVI) Video A2:

(XXVII) Video A3:

(XXVIII) Video A4:

(XXVIV) Video A5:

(XL) Video A6
14:45  Vitamin C less toxic than water
31:01  Critical care guidelines state ​that critically ill patients should receive parenteral antioxidants...
citing clinical studies where ascorbic acid was given... 
​33:50  ...when the tube (IV) came out he got started on 6 grams a day of liposomal encapsulated vitamin C...

Dr. John Whitcomb.  Great stuff
Cardiovascular Health - Cholesterol - The Great American Health Scam:

(L) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvXRBvugyIQ

everybody should be off statins.
pritikin diet 1:16
Beating Cancer With Food:

(LII) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tFCgz2fP8A

find your own breast cancer,  7:00
cancer can not survive without massive amounts of carbohydrates 8:20
cancer cells can't burn glucose efficently, 9:35
so don't feed em
Women getting vitamin D got 76% less cancer, 17:00
animal protein causes cancer, 22:00
vitamin D gets cells to grow properly and die: 25:00
we evolved eating 75 to 100  grams of FIBER a day 49:00 
the first 62 million years humans ate plants, meat was just the last 3 million 59:20

Please comment on video and specific numbered items when contacting me so we can both be on the same page.
None of the above is meant to be a recommendation.  

A word about Potassium Gluconate. 

Potassium gluconate contains 16.69% potassium by mass. Thus 5.99 g of potassium gluconate contains 1 g of potassium. 

So you have to do 30 grams of it to get the 5 gram RDA or DRI

If you know of a better source please enlighten me but on the product I use:

the label says the recommended dose is 1.74 grams.  That gives you 270 milligrams of K.  Label says that's 3% of a Recommended Daily Allowance, RDA. Divide 270 by .03 and you find that that the RDA of K is 3700 mg!!!  Dr. Berg and many other health care professionals say RDA is 
4700 mg:
(LIII) https://www.drberg.com/blog/nutrition/top-symptoms-of-low-potassium

Any chance you're getting even 3700 mg of potassium on a daily basis?
Probably not unless you're doing 2 tablespoons of a potassium supplement.  Personally I put 30 GRAMS of the potassium gluconate in a jug with 4 cups of water and I drink a cup of that mix with every dose of lipo C.  If I'm undergoing extra physical stress and need extra hydration I also increase the K intake.  If you're having any cramping or nerve pain and you're not doing at least the RDA of potassium you have one immediate place to look to 
stop the cramping and pain. 

Potassium is also available in tablets or capsules, which are formulated to allow potassium to leach slowly out of a matrix, since very high concentrations of potassium ion which occur adjacent to a solid tablet cause injury to the gastric or intestinal mucosa.

For this reason, non-prescription potassium pills are limited by law in the US to a maximum of 99 mg of potassium.

If you're using a potassium gluconate supplement that is a 595mg tablet with a subsequent actual 99mg amount of potassium, you have to do 47 of those tablets to obtain the 4700mg RDA!!!  
Very confusing.
If you just did 9 of those 595mg tablets thinking you had just covered your 4700 RDA you'd only be 4200mg short of your goal. 
That might leave you thinking you had some other problem than 
low potassium.
That's right where BIG PHARMA wants you.
​Defend yourself.  Read labels.  Write me if you have questions. 

From Wikipedia:

Potassium levels influence multiple physiological processes, including
[53][54][55] resting cellular-membrane potential and the 
propagation of action potentials in neuronal, muscular, and cardiac tissue. 
hormone secretion and action
vascular tone
systemic blood pressure control
gastrointestinal motility
acid–base homeostasis
glucose and insulin metabolism
mineralocorticoid action
renal concentrating ability
fluid and electrolyte balance
Due to their electrostatic and chemical properties, K+ ions are larger than Na+
 ions, and ion channels and pumps in cell membranes can distinguish between the two types of ions, actively pumping or passively allowing one of the two ions to pass, while blocking the other.[56]

Potassium gluconate is the potassium salt of the conjugate base of gluconic acid. It is also referred to as 2,3,4,5,6-pentahydroxycaproic acid potassium salt, D-gluconic acid potassium salt, or potassium D-gluconate.[1] 

For the best  Lipsomal C recipe I know look to the large blue fonts above. 

(LIV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXcJNmqPV-Q

7:12  Redox reaction
When a molecule looses an electron it has been "oxidized".  When a molecule gains an electron it has been "reduced".  Since one molecules loss is another molecules gain the reaction must always happen simultaneously.  The electron exchange transaction is called a redox reaction.

Ascorbic Acid  C6H8O6​
​Dehydroascorbic acid  C6H6O6

 (LV)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFT5rdwrNV0

A run of the mill cow manufactures       18mg/kg per day of vitamin C   around 12,000 mg per day
Cat         20 to 40 mg/kg
Guinea Pig needs 33mg/kg so around 30 mg daily if it weighs under a kilo
Goats    185mg/kg per day and up to 100,000 mg per day when stressed

3:20  Primates in the wild ingest about 30mg/kg, around 4500mg per day.
I can't imagine why would anyone think we need less than our primate cousins. 
Thankfully there are no contraindications to C and 
your body simply expels any it doesn't need so 
find your needs carefully and fulfill them.
Humans   RDA is only 1.2mg/kg   laughable   one cigarette consumes 25mg of C
28:48    Pregnant women and babies
51:10  blood levels over 400mm/L with liposomal C  micromoles

52:00   15,380mm/L with IVC however within 6 hours its down to around 1500 and at 8 hours its at lipo levels, 400mm/L, and at 12 both are virtually flat 

55:oo  4 reasons Ester C is not the way to get your C
58:50  Vitamin C is not a risk factor for kidney stones

It is not a logical practice to move to the Sahara, pray to the Lord for rain and, receiving none, decry that there is no Lord.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake 
I pray the Lord my soul to take
If I should live another day
I pray the Lord shall guide my way 

Lord forgive me for my ways

Forgive my sins and inattentive days
If the Lord shall hear me when I pray 
The Lord knows I'm thankful for every day.
Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the moment of our temptation

None of the above is meant to be a recommendation.