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Vitamin C plasma saturation or deficiency & disease.  You pick. Viruses, all pathogens, when they present as "a disorder of structure or function", aka, disease, all will either oxidize something expendable or something vital.  Antioxidants, vitamin C, is the optimum expendable and renewable resource to neutralize pathogens except when reduction attrition results in deficiencies that create additional disorder. Plasma saturation with vitamin C ensures expendable antioxidant levels keeping additional disorder unnecessary.   

16:40   "...viral syndromes... ...100% inactivated or destroyed..."

Dr. Levy, "...I have a cure."  minute 26:30.


Indulge yourself in liposome encapsulated vitamin C as if your health depended on it and there was no penalty for excess because 
it does and there isn’t.

One of the greatest health calamities I worry about is unknowingly becoming capable of infecting others while feeling fine.  Even at your best it is a risk we all have to take into account.

I've found good manners and wearing a mask are a worthy investment.  

All the water on the planet would be vitamin C and everything else the size of the Bikini atoll if we measured the therapeutic importance of substances in vertebrates on a global scale.    

The innovation of liposomal delivery allows disparte human diets to employ a comparable model of the imperative continuous serum saturation levels propagated by synthesizing vertebrate life.

Saying you don’t believe in continuous vitamin C serum saturation makes as much sense as saying you don’t believe in gravity.  

At the bottom of the HOME page I've cataloged many videos according to the minute they address specific topics and diseases.  Feel free to scroll either up or down.  You should really watch the entire videos by the many authors, watch all

Dr. Levy's videos, buy and read his books.  

In my experience there is no greater messenger making a greater plea and contribution while providing the only sensible and convenient road map to do the right thing for your health.​ Continuous vitamin C serum saturation and the IAESIAAAAI regimen at home appeal to me as better than getting poked and prodded somewhere you don't want to be.  

If you have Cancer Dr. John Whitcomb offers an approach that, paired with continuous vitamin C serum saturation, ​IAESIAAAAI regimen, and at least a 30 day "Keto" diet makes the best sense when he says,"Cancer is

the easiest thing in the world to kill,

you just

stop feeding it." 

Minute 8:20:


I would do and have done the Keto diet with straight coconut oil and heavy cream mixed in decaf coffee for 30 days with the only carbs​ ingested being those of the continuous vitamin C serum saturation glycerin recipe and my interpretation of the  

​IAESIAAAAI regimen. 

Protein, when you ingest more than the body needs, through the livers process of gluconization, is turned in to glucose so NO protein for the 30 days of Keto unless, like me,

you are doing Knox gelatin to cover the entire amino acid spectrum to ward off arthritis and don't care to be unnecessarily racked with pain, so part of my ​IAESIAAAAI regimen is 30 grams of gelatin twice day.  The keto diet still worked I believe.  If breath is any indication I was able to establish ketosis and achieved my goals, one of which was to prove I could accomplish a keto regimen for 30 days!

If I ever found myself conflicted with some medical malady that I felt the need to contact a Doctor and their advice was to put me on a toxin to cure anything I'd immediately find a different Doctor while putting myself on continuous vitamin C serum saturation, Keto diet, and attend to the IAESIAAAAI regimen information on this site.  But that's just me.  Whipped a 50% blockage of atherosclerosis, Type II diabetes, prostate problems, high blood pressure, cured my gout, stopped the pain and bleeding of hemorrhoids, negotiated tooth extractions with zero antibiotics, who knows what all else has either stopped or never got started due to the antioxidant saturation, and I haven't had a medical complaint since I started the "lypo-spheric" Do It Yourself replication described on Page 2:


Well, OK, not having any medical complaints is an intricate story.  It's like when I stopped drinking I thought I'd never have another alcohol related problem ever again.  When I socialize with friends that are drinking I'm compelled to get them all home without letting them drive. Those are alcohol related problems. I had a good friend go to jail on a Driving While Intoxicated charge.  Big alcohol related problem helping him get his life straightened out.

Now I've got kids, loved ones, and friends who are needlessly suffering medical infirmities while, despite the best science I can put forward, despite my best efforts, I find myself unable to get them to start a regimen that has their best interests at heart.  So while I don't personally physically have any current medical complaints I sure have an abundance of medical complaints about how loved ones and friends take care of themselves.  

Sure do wish you folks would get on board.