Dr. Levy, "...find me a toxin and I have a cure."

minute 26:30:


Obviously I believe an accurate paraphrasing of the good Doctor's intent would be, "...find me a disease and I have a cure."  

At the bottom of the HOME page I've cataloged many videos according to the minute they address specific topics.  You should really watch the entire video, all Dr. Levy's videos,

buy and read his books.  

In my experience there is no greater messenger making a greater plea and providing the only convenient road map to do the right thing for your health.  

If you have Cancer Dr. John Whitcomb offers an approach that, paired with antioxidant saturation, hydration, and a 30 day "Keto" diet makes the best sense when he says Cancer is the easiest thing in the world to kill,

you just

stop feeding it.

Minute 8:20:


I would do and have done the Keto diet with the only carbs​ ingested being those of the liposomal C recipe and my

electrolyte, vitamin, mineral, regimen. 

Protein, through the livers process of gluconization, is turned in to glucose so NO protein for the 30 days of Keto.

If I had anything some Doctor wanted to put me on a toxin to cure I'd immediately find a different Doctor while putting myself on antioxidant saturation, Keto diet, and attend to the Electrolyte information on this site.  But that's just me.  Whipped a 50% blockage of atherosclerosis, Type II diabetes, prostate problems, high blood pressure, cured my gout, stopped the pain and bleeding of hemorrhoids, negotiated tooth extractions with zero antibiotics, who knows what all else has either stopped or never got started due to the antioxidant saturation, and I haven't had a medical complaint since I started the "lypo-spheric" Do It Yourself replication described on Page 2:


Well, OK, not having any medical complaints isn't exactly true.  It's like when I stopped drinking I thought I'd never have another alcohol related problem ever again.  Then I had a good friend go to jail on a Driving While Intoxicated charge.  Big alcohol related problem helping him get his life straightened out.

Now I've got kids, loved ones, and friends who are needlessly suffering medical infirmities while, despite the best science I can put forward, despite my best efforts, I find myself unable to get them to start a regimen that has their best interests at heart.  So while I don't physically have any current medical complaints I sure have an abundance of personal complaints about how loved ones and friends take care of themselves.  

Sure do wish you folks would get on board.

Saying you don’t believe in antioxidant saturation makes as much sense as saying you don’t believe in gravity.  The difference is that when you find yourself flat on your back from just gravity you’re not as likely to have tubes and probes hooked to you in

a hospital bed.