The disease eradicating "care and feeding" of the human anatomy. 
There are only three events in the human anatomical experience:  excess, deficiency, health, and there is only one antidote to continue or recover to maintain health.  The antidote, in an actively respiring anatomy where there is no "one and done", must be continuously attended to.   It's pretty simple math that diseases of deficiency disappear when you correct the deficiency, diseases of excess disappear when you curtail the excess.  That sparks a wide ranging conversation about latent effects but looking on the bright side disease is simply, "...a disorder of structure or function", a disruption to the balance of deficiency and excess.  That narrows your health concerns down to only two things you have to worry about.  When you consider that function properly attended to resolves structure you've cut your concerns in half.  Examples of viable vertebrate life commencing from the mere nutrition in an egg and sustaining entirely on nutrition with zero human intervention evidences ​IAESIAAAAI regimen nutrition as the conspicuous antidote for generating and maintaining viable vertebrate physiological function.  In our very best health pathogens, toxins, drugs, chemicals, anything outside of the necessary nutritional realm, any intentional or inadvertent exposure to oxidizing elements, detracts from balance.  For health that is already compromised aberrant drains on our resources further complicates the crisis.  We need nutritional support not oxidizing chemical subversion (7:40).  To maintain health there are necessities that we don't internally manufacture so we are by definition continuously deficient of unless we are continuously applying measured excess to bolster continuously depleting supplies.  The goal is to find and maintain an excess level adequate enough that we anticipate deficiencies without inflicting acute or chronic disorder.   

    If in addition to even the most woefully inadequate diet you appropriately employ a few essential measures comprised of natural over the counter nutritional supplements that you probably are or should be taking in some form and some quantity on a daily basis you are attending function with positive structural results to follow.   If you would like to live pain free disease free would be a great place to start but both take educated vigilant intent.  To extend the expiration date of biological systems functioning under the stress of unnecessary deficiencies you simply have to be able to answer "yes" to a question of function, "If nutritionally there were proven irrefutable, cures, inoculates, remedies, antidotes, antitoxins, nutrients that resolved disease while yielding a side effect portfolio no greater than water but, like water, you had to keep saturated by administering at least every 8 hours for the rest of your life, would you?"  Big Pharma makes a killing when you don't.  Until function is properly attended to structure is imperiled.  To function properly it is imperative that, despite other deficiencies, vertebrate systems continuously stay saturated with ascorbic acid antioxidant abundance for at least orderly immunological function, the creation of new cells, and successful autonomous respiration.  The inevitable exposure to oxidants, toxins, pathogens, and just normal human existence requires diligent manual intentional ingestion of IAESIAAAAI (easy regimen) and ascorbic acid amounts that perpetually maintain plasma antioxidant saturation if our structure has any hope of avoiding accumulative disease producing disorder.  Antioxidant deficient structure and function is the cornerstone of vertebrate disease making timely inexhaustible application of ascorbic acid primarily essential for our genetically impaired inherently antioxidant deficient human physiology.  Without educated vigilant application of ascorbic acid and all otherwise unobtainable essential ingredients our preservation of structure and functional order is impossible.  Antioxidant and essential ingredient neglect compounds upon our physiology until premature failure is imminent.  Our expiration is inevitable but it does not have to be accelerated or unnecessarily tragic. 

In order to effectively, comfortably extend our time here it is never too late to start doing the right thing.  While the amount of time we gain once we intelligently correct our negligence is uncertain, what is fact certain is structure cannot be repaired without correctly empowered function.  We can choose grace and care over disdain and neglect as, despite our bewilderment, all life serves God, some admirably over a long comfortable existence, some not.

Throughout all of human existence there is but one story: birth, a young life doing stupid things, a few good years of leading a repentant educated life, or not, and death.  Here's my effort at getting you as many good years as possible:

Just as you can only cure hypoxia by administering oxygen you can only cure antioxidant deficiency induced disease by administering antioxidants.  Absence of significant continuous serum saturation with ascorbate results in antioxidant deficient compromise advancing oxidative stress generating disease that can only be abated with timely renewed continuous antioxidant saturation.  Prolonged compromise insures extended accumulative infirmity.  There is no better time to end compromise and cure disease than the present.   Due to our precarious nature and the perishable attributes of in vivo ascorbate without the technology of liposomal encapsulation you have about as much chance to maintain adequate serum saturation with your diet or traditional supplements as you have a chance at winning the lottery.  If you would like to remove chance from the process of avoiding or curing your next or current disease it's a simple routine.  If you'd rather opt for medical procedures that go to elaborate measures to treat antioxidant deficiency with anything but antioxidants you can stop reading here and resign yourself to unnecessary pain and accelerated expiration.

Again a question: if there were a cure for your current health problems, some you might not even know you have yet, would you attend to it even if you had to keep saturated by drinking it at least every 8 hours for the rest of your life? Here it is. If you find something you don't think it works on just remember,"...all disease is the result of oxidative stress and antioxidants eliminate oxidative stress...".  The difference between "just winging it" and conscientious intervals of 8 hours or less insuring uninterrupted antioxidant serum saturation is kind of what the difference would be like taking a haphazard approach to dehydration: the difference between accumulative abject system failure exhibited by the affliction of disease, or not.

The long known facts are that at the molecular level all disease is the result of oxidative stress and saturation with ascorbic acid, vitamin C, eliminates oxidative stress, so the remedy, cure, vaccine, etc, is no mystery but still the only creatures on earth with the capacity to know facts and act on them allow themselves to be addled by every kind and sort of preventable affliction the alphabet can be strained to provide a name for.  While continuous serum saturation with liposomal vitamin C eliminates oxidative stress consider the facts that you can't make new cells or cure disease without continuously sufficient vitamin C.  I'm eager to eliminate all the disease and crippling afflictions I can so I'm not rolling the dice when

saturation is so IAESIAAAAI.  Here's an emblematic study:

 "...100% survival was observed and the weight loss occurring during the acute phase of the infection was reduced."

Let's eliminate disease, myths, vulnerabilities, corruption, afflictions, and fear.  The cure, the enhancement of existing internal processes that allows you to travel, team, or shelter in confident safety is first an inoculate, a "vaccine".  Inoculation starts with education: if you are not continuously serum saturated with liposomal vitamin C  and applying the IAESIAAAAI regimen you should feel as compromised in your own home and everywhere you are as you would walking naked into a Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit.  This cure, this inoculate, this rescue, a simple oral application, works regardless of 

color, call,  economic, or political persuasions.

The physical means to eliminate disease from your person exist and are immediately available for pennies a day.

Anyone who tells you differently is predictably consumed with financial interests and not your best health.

 The lethality of a properly provisioned immune system and it's corroborative applications is often

mortally misunderstood and neglected.  Pathogens and toxic environments can only impinge where deficiency prevails.  

Tailoring delivery of what most us are already ingesting will alleviate your deficiencies sufficiently to fix or avoid unwitting peril.

You have a choice about an experience with disease preying upon either your ignorance, your negligence, or an ambush. 

If you choose to ignore this site's information you have consciously chosen ignorance. 

If you ignore this information once you've assimilated it you have chosen negligence.

Maintaining continuous serum saturation with antioxidants for pathogens to harmlessly prey upon being neutralized 

by the “bait” instead of ravaging our anatomy is the ambush. 

Continuous vitamin C serum saturation, the inoculative "bait", is also a cure.  

Vertebrate life uses vitamin C as the principal ammunition of the immune system to vanquish assailants before, and if, they get a foothold. Vitamin C neutralizes pathogens, toxins, free radicals, directly and indirectly. It's also an essential part of the antidote if you are impaired.  You can't make new cells without vitamin C, can't synthesize collagen, carnitine, neurotransmitters,

catabolize tyrosine, ect., ect., ect.

Continuous vitamin C serum saturation is an irreplaceable resource to employ in still untold myriad ways

to protect and bind the essence of our physiology.

When assailed ideally the body's ambush antioxidant defense posture is habitually empowered generously enough so that no specific attention is required.  If you attend to your at least every 8 hour verge of bowel tolerance liposomal vitamin C and IAESIAAAAI regimen you're as significantly inoculated as your body will allow so, barring something extraordinary, you get to live your life unconcerned.  If you're contemplating negligence,  thinking about something less than continuous saturation and ideal diligence, consider that even when a body is at optimum capacities insisting the intricate machinery of our physiology be an immediate example of excellence in an emergency is an expectation we should always prepare not to have to rely upon.  The liver alone has over 500 functions, so, if you aren't proactively postured with preventative we all know how

government works: get in line.  The good news is persistence pays off.  When you end nutritional deficiencies by universally accommodating every cell the collective body will acknowledge the care.

Vitamin C saturation is contrary to our predisposition but, like kindness, it's an acquirable skill,

especially when you consider, in some instances, one exposure jeopardizes us all.

The first essential part of leaving no one behind is to insure you are not exposed to unnecessary peril.

You're no use to anybody if you're lying in a hospital bed.

Peril is best eliminated by preparation and an unrelenting commitment to universal preservation of unimpeded life.

The medical equivalent of asking troops to hit the D Day beach without sufficient armorment, ammunition, or beach preparation is not a necessary ploy for anyone who values life enough not to establish acceptable loss above zero.

There are those that, if you give them a margin, they will find a way to financially exploit it.

You need to vote and act as though life, your parents, grandparents, spouse, children, neighbors, community, nation, world,

no life is an economically acceptable loss.

When it comes to disease today there is no morally acceptable reason to contemplate deficiency induced loss.

Since there has been no established upper limit in yet healthy adults more vigorously than calories vitamin C must be supplied in continuous saturation if unimpaired therapeutics are to be employed.
Failure to apply saturation ascorbate integrally with an IAESIAAAAI regimen 

will exacerbate your vulnerabilities instead of eliminate them,

accelerate your expiration, and increase the amount of suffering that accompanies an untimely demise.

If you are not interested in falling prey to those in the practice of treating, testing, or declaring cures without eliminating causes, if you are not an idiot, not voting Republican, not incapable of maintaining at least an every 8 hour regimen, you need not suffer the afflictions of disease. Hypoascorbemia, the first hurdle of disease prevention, is a perpetual human condition resulting from a genetic defect that, while infinitesimally rare to the rest of global vertebrate life, afflicts all humans.  Genetically humans are incapable of internally synthesizing, manufacturing, or producing any amount of ascorbic acid, let alone the continuous large amounts of ascorbic acid serum saturation of our vertebrate cousins who do synthesize.  Evolutionarily, when we ponder the question of why vertebrates who synthesize vitamin C always have and do today, generation after generation, why they produce such high amounts of serum saturation vitamin C the obvious answer must be that serum saturation with higher amounts is more beneficial than low amounts.  Pretty sure there’s a lesson there.

The argument that some synthesizing vertebrates inevitably demonstrate untimely therapeutic vulnerabilities is countered by acknowledging issues of environmental and dietary stress that would demand a sentient mental ability to adjust for.  We would also be remiss if not recognizing both the reality of what their continuous saturation does overcome, and their immediate peril if they didn’t have high levels of saturation that, ideally, their automatic systems adjust to maintain.

Evidently vertebrates are much better off with high levels of serum vitamin C than we are without it and, since all disease is the result of oxidative stress, vitamin C eliminates oxidative stress, it's a pretty short leap to ascribe untimely disease to deficiency.

Humans are the sole object lesson in what an organism can do if it has the mental acuity to find the means, understand the mortal motivation, account for the insatiable living need to acquire and competently measure all of our dietary and environmental needs.

Consequently, if you suffer from disease, mental acuity is your primary deficiency, all other resources can be obtained. 

To avoid the scorbutic afflictions of our genetic defects humans must do what no other known life form has the ability to do: we must consciously continuously attend to our intentional procurement, ingestion, and serum saturation with measured

externally produced sources of ascorbic acid and IAESIAAAAI regimen.  We have to, as my mom used to say all to often,

”use your head for something other than a hatrack."

Due to genetic faults and character faults we have and absolutely will fail to continuously saturate our system as reliably as creatures with physiology that allows them not to have to think about it.   Whether we are aware of our peril and attending to saturation and keeping our lapses minor or we are dismissive and subject to wholesale conflagration gives rise to at least four dramatically distinct scenarios:

1. IAESIAAAAI regimen and stay inoculated with an extra gram or two of liposomal C at home when we discover the need or bungle  our 8 hour dosing timeline transitioning seamlessly between inoculative and curative effects.

2. insufficient ascorbate and IAESIAAAAI regimen that leads to unnecessary suffering that you may addle through with who knows what kind of multiple afflictions,

3. bags of IV at a place you don’t want to be that will hopefully lead you to an enlightened health care epiphany that gets you

back to #1,

4. or you expeditiously turn a coroner that leaves you no alternatives if you continue to shun the science presented here. 

In all systems when ascorbate or any substance is “essential” and is absent the result, 

“a disorder of structure or function”, aka: "disease” with it's associated afflictions,

has commenced. 

Due to neglect, exposures, electrolytic dehydration, other essential substance deficiencies, focused or causal impairments,

any lapses in ascorbate serum saturation, whether intentional or not,

the results exhibit in catastrophe

if not addressed in an appropriate and timely manner.
Consider that 98% of new Intensive Care Unit patients have no detectable presence of vitamin C.  
Intensive Care Unit mortality rates drop from 25% to 3% when patients are administered saturation levels of vitamin C. 
72 hours of exhibiting continuous vitamin C saturation curatively rescues patients from Intensive Care Unit status. 
Imagine proactively presuming and administering for vitamin C deficiency automatically upon hospital admission.  
Imagine everyone self administering to avoid vitamin C and all other deficiencies so disease is proactively eliminated
before afflictions occur.

Vitamin C deficiency kills us in two ways:  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bymKIPaTws&t=612s minute 11
When we abandon vitamin C ingestion altogether we die either of conspicuous scurvy or we die subsequent to the inestimable number of diseases we are not able to withstand because of the affect of vitamin C absence or deficiency to the bodies peremptory immune function. 

Notice that deficiency kills us as surely as abject absence it just does so in a manner more chronic than the acute scurvil results of complete absence.  Just because we think we're doing enough vitamin C to stave off scurvy does not indicate we're doing enough to resist the ravages of the oxidative stress scorbutic disease imposes upon antioxidant deficient victims. Instead of focusing on minimum daily requirements we need to be attending to optimum daily requirements which, in the case of the antioxidant vitamin C, according to the model of our vertebrate cousins that do synthesize their own antioxidant ascorbic acid, the optimum daily requirement is continuous serum saturation increased as needed to adjust to exposures and anomalies. Knowing what it takes to sustain life among vertebrates devoid of medical ability except their continual vitamin C saturation we have a indisputable model for sustaining our own life and health if we competently employ our brain to overcome our genetics.  Doing the right thing is often contrary to our predisposition but, like survival in all compromised environments,

is an acquirable skill.

If you aren't consciously attempting continuous saturation you inevitably experience daily deficiency and

the accompanying compromises. 

If you would see your disease eliminated serum saturate and start taking notes throughout or at least at minute 27:00:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TxpxfnLZNE  at 30:39 ​”…you can’t make new cells without vitamin C…” 

When an individual can demonstrate the mental discipline to implement a conscientious regimen of continuously saturating with ascorbic acid while attending to all other easily corrected debilitating deficiencies pathogens can be denied an environment for imposition, disease can be eliminated from your individual life leading the way to collectively eliminate disease.  No pathogen has exhibited resistance to antioxidant saturation or an adequately provisioned immune system.  Easily correctable deficiencies in substances we do not internally manufacture or store comprise the number one defect of human physiology.  Eliminating disease from the human experience, starting with your own, relies on the ingestion of essential substances in adequate amounts within appropriate intervals. Humanity is not unless it makes the world better for all souls.  My attempt at making your world better involves the apprising of the facts that all disease is the result of oxidative stress, antioxidants eliminate oxidative stress, continuous internal saturation with the antioxidant we know as vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is imperative in eliminating disease throughout the vertebrate world, and that in order to prevent, cure, recover from disease in your current and future vertebrate body you also must adhere to a vitamin C regimen that is as effective as the continuous saturation of all your vertebrate cousins.  To eradicate our disease liposomal supplemental saturation with 

vitamin C has to be at least as relentless as virus, bacteria, toxins, and all pathogens are at oxidizing our fabric of life.

 Disease"a disorder of structure or function", if you don't supplement to maintain antioxidant saturation disease is unavoidable.  Attending to disease healing or prevention without maintaining a continuous significant measurable metric of antioxidant saturation is as fatally irresponsible as intentionally accelerating your expiration.

 Disease you know how to eliminate simply and without adverse side effects leaves you alone responsible for at least your own continued afflictions. When you’re hydrated  and  nutritionally sound  antioxidant deficiency is the only cause for you to be ill or to stay that way because: "At the molecular level disease is the result of oxidative stress."(XI 18:18)

 Antioxidant saturation eliminates  oxidative stress​  and antioxidant deficiency. 

Only continuous antioxidant saturation eliminates disease  due to antioxidant deficiency

No pathogen has exhibited resistance to antioxidant saturation or an adequately provisioned immune system.

Antioxidant saturation is now accessible, easy, comfortable and has NO credible negative side effects. 

 Nothing for sale here.  This is an informational site only. I put this up for my kids, family, loved ones, and friends I care about so I could hopefully present an eloquent fact filled research based encouragement for them to do the right thing where their good health is concerned. Please attend your own due diligence as to the links, prose, and extrapolations found within.  Feel free to call 253 878 7117 or email liposomalclife@gmail.com anytime with questions or concerns.
Why now?  Because IV level absorption of continuous antioxidant saturation has become available from
a simple oral antioxidant regimen(click here)
you can construct at home with simple ingredients and a blender for less than a penny a gram.
Of course without disease population becomes a crisis but let's address one problem at a time: let's get you healthy so you too can
share your long life and prosperity contributing to the resolution of problems that haven't been solved yet, problems like when someone is given a direct and incontrovertible path to eliminating disease why they would choose instead to continue being afflicted.   

Virus, bacteria, toxins, free radicals, etc, all pathogens, progenitors of disease that will, without fail, impose themselves byoxidizing something,
 vital structures you don’t want oxidized or you can provide for pathogen neutralization by saturating them and yourself with something expendable: antioxidants.

Without antioxidant saturation your body is just
an unnecessarily diseased  life support system 
excessively comprised of oxidatively maimed components
headed for 
an accelerated expiration date.

If you’d like to comfortably and indefinitely
extend your expiration date
you’ll be amazed at what your body is capable of if you ever
supply it with the continuous abundant sufficiency of the antioxidants, electrolytes, and nutritional substances as vital to it’s operational health as is
air, water, and glucose. 

Continuing the depravation of your antioxidant deficiency leaves
zero chance of avoiding needless afflictions,
a zero chance of an actual recovery from them.

You can alter the symptoms of disease with something short of continuous antioxidant saturation but,
since you can't build new cells without vitamin C,
you can not achieve a cure.
You can, for instance, treat cancer with as many toxic approaches as you like but until you eliminate the oxidative stress, attend to the debilitating antioxidant deficiency that is the genesis of disease, you are just pouring gas on the fire

Population and fire being what they are though, administering chemical toxins to already oxidatively compromised bodies that have no hope of effective antioxidant defense obviously still appeals to some camps.

My advice to those that cherish life would be to stop unnecessary compromise especially considering how easy, cheap, and comprehensive antioxidant saturation is today.

If you remain ambivalent about antioxidant saturation when you reach the point that your disease becomes painfully conspicuous before you succumb to some artificial endeavor offered by an entity with a profit motive contemplate that trying to cure any disease without antioxidant saturation is like trying to cure dehydration
without water.

Health Alert: There are indications that humans who are not maintaining 24 hour vitamin C saturation may not be getting adequate oxygen to their brain! 
The first indication of impairment is that the subject 
is not cognizant enough to insure that they maintain 
24 hour 
vitamin C saturation.
It’s like when you were told you that you don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.  You also don’t have to keep all your body parts and systems saturated with vitamin C and sufficient electrolytes,  just the ones you care about.

If you'll look into the matter of vertebrate physiology you'll find that "Plan A" for the body of all vertebrate life on Earth is an unfailing uninterrupted saturated abundance of vitamin C. Anything less than uninterrupted saturation involves the compromise, disease, pestilence and suffering that
a saturated system
would have alleviated.

Aside from incarceration and ignorance there is no good reason to contemplate anything but the uninterrupted ascorbic acid saturation that "Plan A" demands whether it's from the continuously physiological adjusted internal manufacturing that some 99.9% of species rely upon or from the antioxidant saturating diet that healthy humans and the infinitesimally few species that don't manufacture their own ascorbic acid depend upon.
Luckily we humans, well, some, have a brain sufficient to make up for our physiological shortcomings and can comfortably keep ourselves within the metrics of Plan A if we choose to do so.

Witnessing the myriad of unwittingly afflicted bodies we see there is no good outcome from antioxidant deficiency.  It allows the incremental mutilation that oxidative stress imparts when unchecked by the one and only remedy available: antioxidants! 

Your either antioxidant saturated or unnecessarily susceptible 

As provided through the efforts of an educated brain a liposomal antioxidant regimen allows us to comfortably live as healthfully as though our body still produced it’s own ascorbic acid. The saturation liposomal encapsulation provides allows us to achieve the metric of recovery necessary to live within healths' requirement of a continuous vitamin C blood saturation level of no less than 200mg/dL at any given sampling 24 hours a day.  If you allow yourself to be depleted you once again fall prey to unchecked oxidative stress and, when saturation depletes, there is a "rebound effect" that gives disease you once had on the ropes a second lease on destroying your life.

There is only one way to end the compromise, the disease antioxidant deficiency, oxidative stress, imparts, that is to easily
and comfortably achieve and maintain continuous
measurable mg/dL blood saturation.
The sooner you transition to saturation from your current deficient state the faster you will be able to recover from the scourges oxidative compromise delivers.  The faster you transition to continuous electrolytic hydration, the faster you relieve your liver of at least 20% stress, and, in doing so, the faster you relieve your pancreas of around 80% of it’s stress.  The faster you understand nutritional starvation in a context beyond mere calories the greater you can extend
a comfortable existence.
Those that don’t maintain saturation are condemned to compromise that can only be alleviated or avoided by 
restoring and maintaining saturation.
 Not knowing this you have been compromised your whole life.
I should think you would be curious as to what life without your physiology compromised by unnecessary oxidative stress
would be like.
 Prior to looking to any other cause of discomfort or disease apply  the antioxidant saturation that preserves and protects all vertebrate life and realize from here on out all it takes is a brain, a blender, and a few simple ingredients to attend to the only path to restoration and maintenance of good health that is available to us.

The only harm attributable to antioxidant saturation is in continuing to unnecessarily afflict yourself with the disease for which it is a known cure.

It’s actually simpler than brushing your teeth.  Every 8 hours you just chug your “regular dose”.  Start comfortable and stay comfortable increasing the grams until you're just on the edge then dial it back just a bit to where you're doing as much as you can.
Yes it tastes terrible but so did many of your acquired tastes the first time you encountered them.  Regardless of how sour you find it when you consider the alternative is unabated disease it secures a whole new appreciation.
If you start now you’ll have started as soon as you could given the information you have. 
I’m on a six hour regimen because of some personal complications.  Having experienced the benefits and understanding the process it’s a “livable” imposition.

The health and well being of every vertebrate creature, every vertebrate life form on Earth depends on 24 hour vitamin C saturation of blood and body,
but many humans,
knowing they're one of those vertebrates, don’t think their saturation is important enough to attend to.  On top of that, when they're inundated with the devastating toxic results of antioxidant deficient induced oxidative stress, they let someone talk them in to doubling down on toxin application! with no regard to abating the antioxidant deficiency that produced and is
perpetuating their existing symptoms!
Good luck with that
Somewhere there’s a Hospice bed and morphine drip just waiting for oxidative stress to further deliver.
Since it’s been scientifically proven by those who believe in science that there are zero adverse effects in maintaining vitamin C saturation and infinite disease when not saturating,  you would think that fact and the sheer volume of the evidence of the entirety of the vertebrate population might signal scientific method and nature were on to something over those with a brain often just complicated enough to consistently justify doing
sophisticatedly stupid things.
Without vitamin C saturation vertebrate systems require compromise.  Compromise results in damage.  Due to no saturation and the resultant compromise you
and your offspring are
quite simply
 brain damaged from birth.
Of course the damage doesn’t stop at the brain.
Unabated by saturation your body damage continues to this day.
If you’d like to attend to existing afflictions as best you can and inoculate against future 
you’ll have to read. 
Failing to do so puts your prospect of an extended comfortable time here in grave peril.
You didn’t have any initial fault in yours or your parents primordial level of ignorance to complicated things on the level of say, the Theory of Relativity or an explanation of Oxidative Stress or many other complex subjects.  Human infants do not start out with sophisticated innate knowledge but at some point we grow to understand that a cache of accumulated scientific intelligence is available.  The level that we ignore that cache is where
our fault begins. 
Now that I have your attention I’ll throw you a virtual life preserver that represents the “short version” that will get you in the boat so you can comfortably examine the rest of the things you need to know to insure future generations won’t physically suffer from the same deficiencies you were birthed with.
You need vitamin C saturation.  It’s the initial grab of the life preserver you have to make yourself.   I can only make the toss.  Without vitamin C saturation abandon your efforts at continuing to explore this site or any investigation of your good health.  
If you grabbed the ring and you are still reading getting you on board for a full recovery simply depends on your will to do so.  Like grabbing the life preserver you have to continue to assimilate what is put in front of you.  Once you obtain the health and the subsequent healthy perspective you currently lack you’ll have the key that opens the rest of the worlds treasure.
Unlike deciding to brush a tooth after it has become decayed it is seldom too late to positively effect your internal systems to right most damage. Don’t let the spectre of your life long neglect intimidate you from applying what you now know to be a life saving, system saving application that is never too late to inoculate you from future contagion and can begin affecting repairs as quickly as you can avail yourself to a consistent
saturation regimen.  Like saving for retirement you just can’t start too soon.  With saturation the quicker you start the quicker you make up for lost time.  No, just occasionally throwing down a few pills is not how this works.  Sadly, like breathing and eating saturation is part of a lifestyle you have to continuously attend to if you are to
effect it's continuous positive results.  
It's not saturation if you don't saturate. 
Luckily the prevailing bellwether for general acute and chronic unsaturated system deficiencies is cancer, a symptom that can be easily addressed by starving the abhorrent cells while saturating your system with ascorbic acid, C6H8O6, instead of C6H12O6, glucose, in the excessive amounts you’ve been ingesting.  Once you’ve expressed and maintain vitamin C saturation, proper electrolytes, and nutritional attention, your entire system can get back to unobstructed surviving and thriving.
Of course, without the vitamin C saturation, you’re right back to the parasitic neglect that generated the symptoms that inspired you to look for solutions in the first place.
If you aren’t convinced to the point of action yet please explain why ascorbic acid saturation of the blood and body is at least as essential to every vertebrate on the planet as are air and water
unsaturated humans
consequently plagued with any number of “mysterious” scourges fail to regard appalling antioxidant deficiency and the myriad afflictions it imposes as a credible source of their infirmities. 
It’s quite astonishing the torment we will subject ourselves to while denying both our factual antioxidant deficiency and the fact that
there is nothing that will cure the symptoms of antioxidant deficiency except antioxidants.
While having no idea how little or how much it would take to cure and inoculate yours or any individual human systems from the incessant onslaught of unwarranted oxidative devastation there is somehow resistance to applying or even inquiring about
a substance that is life’s own essence
to every creature
with a spine. 
It’s medical insanity that, when we’re smitten with abhorrent symptoms the fact of our antioxidant deficiency isn’t the first thing we address instead of last, if ever.
If you want to know what your personal symptoms of antioxidant deficiency are simply start and maintain electrolytic hydration, sound nutrition, and antioxidant saturation and see the afflictions disappear. The only side effect is
unimpeded good health.
If you’re wondering what your Lord has in store for you in your life consider that if you don’t saturate yourself with antioxidants in this physical world, this physical reality, regardless of whomever or whatever you consider your own personal Deity to be,
unless that Deity intervenes with a personal miracle, you are headed for inevitable antioxidant deficiency and any number of the resultant antioxidant deficient afflictions.
  Of course you could always consider your Deity directing you to this site as your own personal miracle.  
If you don’t and it was antioxidant deficiency still awaits.
If you do and it is then divine intervention is making my point telling you to stay saturated with antioxidants, apply nutrition and electrolytic hydration in an effective and timely manner if you’re going to stick around in the best achievable healthy state for
the big reveal.
Disease=automatic.  Cure=not automatic, but easy!
Oxidation is as real and prevalent as gravity.  When the right things get oxidized that’s life.  When the wrong things get oxidized, viable tissue, essential molecular structures, the foundations of essential systems, that’s oxidative stress, aka disease.
Without antioxidant presence the wrong things get oxidized.
Without antioxidant presence the right things don’t get supported.
  Antioxidants are not like a small pox vaccination.  You don’t get to do a “one and done”, not even on a daily basis.  If you don’t do enough antioxidants often enough you don’t stop disease
If you don’t maintain saturation you have no idea if you’ve done enough and you can’t begin to turn the tide on disease
Without antioxidant saturation you won't stay or get healthy.  
You’re either disease saturated or antioxidant saturated,
there is no middle ground.
Unlike disease saturation, the fatal burden that is inevitably coming to an antioxidant deficient system, the restorative and inoculant remedy of antioxidant saturation
is not going to automatically happen for you.
Unless you intentionally intelligently incessantly apply the necessary type and amount of antioxidants on a vigilant timetable you are unnecessarily diseased.
Up until now you’ve been antioxidant uninformed or apathetic so if you aren’t yet fully aware of the afflictions headed your way you should be bracing yourself for the eventual impact of anty number of and, if the consequences, if disease is becoming apparent, the good news is it’s never too late to start disassembling the debilitating web
oxidative stress has or would foist upon you.
In our life time we’ve identified and viably replicated natures conveyance of the innate organic means that suppresses and cures disease and heals the medical anomalies of all vertebrate life but, despite irrefutable factual evidence, impaired humans inaptly dismiss it as “too good to be true”, requiring way to much time and concentration (20 minutes a week), and it "tastes bad."  Really?  Those types of myopic excuses and the resultant infinite
unsuppressed medical scourges are too much representative of the meagre substitution ingenuity we've exhibited after trading an antioxidant producing liver for
a sentient brain.  
Our brain, like the antioxidant saturation we must now cognizantly intentionally apply as part of our diet if we're to stay healthy,
only works if we use it.
 If you’d rather not have disease be part of your future regardless of what you may or may not have, know or don’t know what’s going on internally, if you’ve got a few intrepid minutes to actually discover what hydration, being nutritionally sound, and being antioxidant saturated instead of disease saturated is all about, making up a batch of liposomal C and taking around 30 grams every 8 hours would be
a good place to start.
Obviously, to a point, the human body can make compromises that keep it alive despite antioxidant deficiency.  If you are up for needless self abuse there is much you can inflict without immediately conspicuous consequences.  Hopefully the damage won’t be more than you can recover from when you finally decide you’ve had enough pain, contagion, and debilitation.
When the consequences start to become conspicuous if you’d like to keep words like atherosclerosis, diabetes, inoperable, malignant, metastatic, carcinoma, sarcoma, and the worst of all "irreversible" out of your care givers vocabulary when you're ready let’s first get hydrated and start on nutritional fulfillment.  Click on the page that says “electrolytes” to start the stabilization process.  While we're working on that let’s also immediately begin the saturation that will get you healed up and headed to an infallibility to any affliction but age.
If you’re still up for continuing obfuscation and perilous procrastination here’s plenty of fact based anecdotal encouragement followed by footnoting the sources of fact that provided these conclusions:
Liposomal C kills viruses, neutralizes all toxins, makes penicillinchemo, radiation, and other toxic treatments
unnecessary all while bolstering your entire system and inflicting no harm.   I have to wonder what you think is better than that at any price let alone a few minutes at a blender and 
a couple of bucks a week.
“Saturation” means significant measurable amounts in the blood stream 24 hours a day.
Not one day have you ever gone without being antioxidant deficient in some part of your body.
Unless your mother did or you are using liposomal encapsulation or a continuous IV,
you have not yet and never will have
adequate antioxidant saturation through any 24 hour period in your life.
Now that you know you are antioxidant deficient and your current health problems and most health problems going forward are due to antioxidant deficiency, it begs the question, 
“what are you going to do about it?”
 You can either saturate with antioxidants or just keep guzzling from that ever present fountain called “disease”.
If that sounds a little harsh contemplate the word “terminal” because that’s what antioxidant deficiency is to otherwise
healthy systems and tissue.
Your body only has three input options: toxins, nutrients, and antioxidants.
If you are considering dumping in or exposing yourself to more toxins I have to wonder what your plan is to stem the toxicity.  
Without antioxidants there is no positive result from
anything that goes in.
The more antioxidants the more positive results but there is a limit to bioavailability and tolerance.  The difference of those limits between mere oral delivery and liposomal encapsulated delivery is very nearly the difference between going out in public wearing only a sock or going out fully clothed.  
If you are going to unnecessarily expose yourself I hope it’s at least a blueberry sock.  
Nutrients languish, oxidation expands, compromise accumulates unchecked in an antioxidant deficient environment.  
Antioxidant saturation eliminates antioxidant deficiency eradicating the oxidative environment that fosters disease.
Life shorter, filled with more disease and less freedom than an antioxidant saturated life is the one you are leading now.
Make the antioxidant and electrolyte recipes, take them along with the Knox, multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplements, eat reasonably, exercise and as long as you
maintain antioxidant saturation
for a good while longer 
you get to stay where
you want to be.
In the absence of impediments your body, like life itself, will find a way.  Aberrant oxidative stress is the most pernicious impediment but, now that we have a viable antioxidant delivery system that allows you to saturate at will,
 the earlier you start a liposomal regimen the 
more ravages you’ll avoid and
the faster you’ll start to repair all the
inherent trauma, all the disease and impending afflictions unchecked oxidative stress has
and will impose.
Your brain is simply a steward of the environment & mechanics of your body. Successful stewardship depends on your education.
Your body houses a conflagration that’s only managed by providing an educated check of alternative fuels.
When it comes to wellness compromise there is only one culprit and you only have three input choices: toxins, nutrients,  antioxidants. 
There is only one outcome for unchecked toxicity

Without antioxidants you’re fueling the
inevitable toxic consequence.
Your immune system, your respiration, regeneration, your body’s perpetuation dynamics
can only properly work their magic if adequately nourished, adequately hydrated, and
antioxidant saturated.
If you are not antioxidant saturated the industry of nutrition and hydration are unnecessarily imperiled by the toxicity of oxidation.
Once oxidation is subdued the human bodies otherwise irrepressible urgency for order can heal, transform, sustain and subsist as natures millions of years of tuning and tweaking physiology intends it to.

Antioxidants are the antithesis of toxins, of oxidation, of disease.
Saturation is the antithesis​ of neglect.
It’s saturation or neglect and neglect allows peril.
Oxidation, toxicity, is the dominant characteristic of our existence because it takes antioxidants to deter that process and antioxidants have to be intentionally ingested.
Oxidation needs nothing but neglect.
Chemo, radiation, and their associated drugs: all toxins adding toxicity to a toxic plight.
Toxins can’t be a part of a building process.
Toxins can’t support.
Toxins can’t nourish.
 Toxins only oxidize and, if you'll recall,  oxidation,  
neglect, doesn't need any inputs.
Antioxidants cure oxidative stress. Antioxidants eliminate toxicity.
Antioxidants nourish.
Antioxidants support your natural immune system.
Antioxidants are building components of veins, arteries, ligaments, cartilage, muscle, bone, brain, and tissue. 
Without antioxidants there is no life.
I’ll guarantee you that you have not tried antioxidant saturation, an adequate antioxidant regimen or, unless you’ve been hooked up to an IV of C or are currently doing a liposomal regimen,
you have never had a single day that you have had anything near to
adequate antioxidant intake.
It’s not because you’re an idiot.
It’s because you simply have not been given the education and
a viable option.
You can’t say that any longer.
From this day forward you not only risk being a total idiot but you risk continuing to be a toxic idiot.

The body is a vehicle with the throttle locked in at a speed it's hard to comprehend.  Whether we're responsibly at the wheel or taking a nap it does not stop barreling down a strategic path we've crafted or careening heedlessly into peril.
Considering your vehicles' motor if you know or you’ve been told you have a significant enough amount of cancer or any evolving peril that is impacting your daily function you’ve simply done the equivalent of running your motor out of oil.  The good news is, unlike robotics, your body's natural resiliency and cyclic replacement schedule insists upon constant repair if it’s attended too with the right elemental necessities and no longer has to compromise itself to account for deficiencies.  
Fauna, flora, or machine, all insist on basic needs.

For the sake of checking just a few boxes you could end your bodies need for compromise.
and end your compromised condition.
You wouldn’t try to run your motor without
 fuel, coolant, and oil

any more than you would try plant a seed and expect it to subsist without adequate soil, water, and sunshine. 
Nutritionally sound, electrolyte hydrated, and fully antioxidant enriched are the human bodies equivalent necessities.   
For organic systems to thrive all ingredients must be available and replenished in an affluence of known quantities.  Nutrition must meet material requirements, hydration means more than just H2O, and
radiance has to be abundant enough to
inoculate, stimulate, bind, and build.
A day without antioxidant saturation is the solar equivalent of a day
without adequate light.
Very shortly it's a motor without oil. 
Your body left wanting for nutritional or hydration components is just as compromising as the continual dooming overcast of antioxidant deficiency.
Enough compromised days make aberration less of an exception eventually condemning recovery and growth to
become dim prospects.

Regardless that health requirements are simple and abundant it's not surprising that good health is not for the masses.  
It insists on education, perpetual investment, and material reinforcement to an uncompromising regimen. You have no idea what even the Recommended Daily Allowance of potassium is or why.  Except for once finding myself at grave risk in excruciating pain with no Medical options I wouldn’t either.  Inspired curiosity and focused resources presented a road map to restoration without having to follow through with contemplation of the abhorrent.  
Having now found your own road map hopefully you won't wait for painful circumstances to enhance your concern.  Whether you're there yet or not I found that the key to the map is that 
if you are not judiciously using liposomally encapsulated antioxidants you have as much chance of regaining or keeping your natural health as you have the chance of fulfilling all your nutritional needs by 
rubbing a cheeseburger on your forearm.
We know a great deal about what the human body and health require.  If you'd like to leave as little to haphazard chance as possible along with your liposomal antioxidant saturation you need fulfilled requirements of electrolytes, hydration, vitamins, minerals, and generous helpings of full spectrum amino acids long before you even start to consider any other contributions to your diet.  Cheat any of these foundations to your health while you’re feasting on empty calories and it’s like gasing up your car with no rubber on the rims.  Yes you can go but not very well, not very far, and it will not be a smooth ride.
Dr. Whitcomb tells us cancer is easy to kill if we just stop feeding it (LII) but while we’re starving it from the carbohydrates it requires,
while we’re recovering from any affliction, we should be shoring ourselves up with all the necessities good health demands to continue us on and through what could and should be just a
brief encounter with a purely scorbutic manifestation of antioxidant deficiency.
Even if you are spotty with the other nutritional necessities you can clunk along on your way to calamity but a fully evolved and informed brain would tell us ignoring antioxidant saturation is as consequential as abandoning water as an element to quench thirst.
Antioxidant saturation and electrolytic hydration, two of the greatest crucibles of life are also two of the most perishable to those unpracticed with consistently adequate care as both expire in mere hours or less as they are continuously depleted by our body's relentless demand.  Whether you're experiencing antioxidant & electrolyte feast or famine your system is always fomented in a perpetual need that keeps a clock on the latest and next application.   Saturation famine is now but was not always the default status that it is today.  In concert with around 34,300 species of our flourishing vertebrate aquatic cousins the human body once had both processes on automatic allowing for the intellectual detachment from function or need that we’re often fatally prone to not to result in the devastating deficiencies we fall prey to today.  Once wrested above the pelagic sea convenience gave way to cognition. We transitioned into sentient creatures capable of informed choice.  You would think an obvious selection for our new found genius might ought to be compensation for the loss of the automatic systems that had been
our infallible disease prevention and repair machinery,
you know,
replicate the benefits of the automatic systems that are
not just the first line of defense, they're the only defense
for all the vertebrates that can’t
make a phone call. 
Our curiosity has led to the discovery of the connection that keeps even most every dumb animal healthy on diet alone without want
or need for intervention.
Our science has led us to a simple regimen that gives us what we need to do everything about it.
Curtail existing disease how quickly?
Delay your expiration date by how much?   
 First contemplate the simple act of brushing your teeth. 
Dentistry is a thriving multi billion dollar industry greatly cashing in on a bet that we won't even brush our teeth appropriately.
Despite our knowledge of a very simple antidote for tooth decay Dentistry is doing amazingly well.
Repairing your ill health and preventing further unnecessary illness is today not much more complicated or going to require much more effort than brushing your teeth but there is bad evidence about humans ability to perform even
the slightest personal task on
a regular basis. 

Modern Medicine is a multi trillion dollar industry cashing in on the same bet about us being ignorant, incompetent, contentious, and lazy that Dentistry is profiting from only Medicine gets to cash in on the entire rest of your body.  If you’re tired of being the prey that constitutes this ill-begotten bonanza you only need fortitude and
If you don’t think you have the resolve to brush your teeth on the button without fail every 8 hours there’s really no sense in your continuing to labor along at something that’s not going to work for either of us.  When you don’t follow the regimen or if you don’t maintain saturation you won't get or stay any healthier and when you don’t reap the rewards despite an incompetent effort it's human nature that you won’t have complementary things to say.  Best you just “go with Darwin” and continue to do whatever it is that you do instead of reliably
brush your teeth.
Still here?    
You're either genuinely concerned enough about your future and
consequently your loved ones that you could attend to at least an
8 hour clock 
or you're just curious enough to reward misery with
more company.
The adage is that around 8% of any mass population can be convinced of just about anything.  That’s the polling data.  Being convinced of something and being inspired enough to act are two entirely different prospects.  That brings us back to the Dentistry model. You’re going to have to continue to brush your teeth regardless of your new found ability to cure all your other ills. Fact is you’ll have to brush your teeth every 8 hours as you administer the elixir that’s going to give you the chance to extend your tooth brushing days far beyond what you now are facing as your expected expiration date.
have the recipes that I use for antioxidant saturation, electrolytes, complete spectrum amino acids,
vitamins and minerals.
These recipes dispelled all my myriad medical complaints and have presently kept me from any new ones for nearly 4 years.  They’ve delivered me from pain and greatly extended my functional life and there certainly is nothing extraordinary or exceptional about my human physiology.   
If you have questions email or call.  
Oddly enough I am working at this website just for my good health, and yours. 


Life on earth

for all of over 40,000 vertebrate species,

relies upon manufacturing or finding and bathing themselves internally with full time 24 hour antioxidant saturation.

With the exception of 4 species that are nutritionally dependent vertebrate life requires, depends on, owes their daily survival to sustaining continuous antioxidant saturation by and with their

internal ability to manufacture

bucket loads of more antioxidant under stress. 

As humans, our survival mechanism is not an internal ability to manufacture antioxidant saturation, it's that we are supposed to have a brain
to recognize facts so we can functionally imitate things like that essential automatic antioxidant resource our vertebrate cousins have and attend to our own saturation vigilance accordingly, but,  despite unanimous evidence of antioxidant saturation being imperative to unencumbered health, we have yet to acknowledge or clinically advise an antioxidant need barely above
40,000 to 4 and of those 4 three of them have diets so overwhelmingly antioxidant rich any internal production process would be redundant.  Those numbers put us staring directly in to the face of unanimity.  
Within the 4 of the those vertebrate species that are nutritionally dependent, that are manual absorption only,
that can’t internally manufacture their own antioxidants
only one
has the ability to consciously externally manufacture and
effectively introduce a viable alternative for the automatic antioxidant saturation and stress response
resources that the 40,000 antioxidant producing species
hinge their healthy existence upon. 
Only one
of the 4 manual absorption species can play saturation and reparation catch up or make up for physical and nutritional inadequacies far beyond what traditional foraging
could ever provide.
That one species
also happens to be the
only one
that consciously chooses to compromise their own individual selves
and others
and we are the
only one
that willfully attempt to exist in an unnecessary oxidative state. 
We will even argue justification for hazardous antioxidant deficiency just because maintaining saturation is inconvenient.
The problem is we get lazy so we try to rationalize and conflate nonsense so we don’t have to get off our butt’s and
do the right thing.
Hopefully you see and understand the glaring disparity of such a blunder, misconception, or abuse and you'll go to
make up your own Do It Yourself liposomal preparation in about 15 minutes in your blender,
find out what your “regular” 8 hour dose is,
find out like I have that it conquers all your medical complaints, and then
you, your loved ones, your brothers and sisters that
you're able to share with 
continue through life with a healthy smirk on your face as you encounter unrepentant coughing, sneezing, communicable infectious diseased, toxin plagued, unwitting prey of preventable pathogens, and cancer riddled victims knowing all that is behind you for the sake of maybe a few more grams of DIY over the next every 8 hours regimen.
Or you can keep reading if you need more convincing.  
Or you can email or call. 
Or you can continue to, "go with Darwin", which is what I say to most Republicans and others that remind me
that,"you can't fix stupid". 
Since you're still reading let me tell you just a few things that your brain does not make up for.  It can’t overcome lack of oxygen, lack of electrolyte balanced hydration, or lack of sound nutrition any more than it can overcome lack of antioxidants.  
Anyone disputing the benefits and the need for antioxidant saturation might want to check their research or their math or
you also might want to check their latest Rorschach test.
As a substitute for continuous saturation an RDA/DRI of a minuscule microscopic 60 thousandths of a mere gram regardless of our body weight, diverse activities, and innumerable exposures is a ludicrous ineffectual gesture at best! 
You have to go to a science lab scale to even weigh such an insignificant dust.
You’d also have to use a digital clock with a bunch of room behind the decimal point to measure the milliseconds that a mere 60 milligrams turns from antioxidant to dehydro leaving whatever else was in dire need to fester, fade and fail at the whim of the oxidative stress that remains unabated.
I can’t understand why we know fact certain that vertebrate's survival depends upon the saturating  of C6H8O6, natures own infallible antibiotic, antivirus, antitoxin, anti-inflammatory, antiscorbutic antioxidant antidote, binder, bond and bandage of every component of every physical fiber to build, inoculate, insulate and repair itself from the infinite afflictions of our environment and yet
we humans,
who rely totally on supplementation,
deficiently supplement as though we don’t need any
antioxidants at all.
We humans don’t have our animal cousins ability to internally manufacture or automatically regulate delivery of the worlds most consequential containment and cure yet, at our peril, we appear to obstinately persist in the belief that even with no other plausible or viable option available, no matter how severe ourstress from disease, toxins, malnutrition, dehydration, and all our external environmental stress, despite the documented physiological need and successful implementation of all other related life, somehow blindly we can do just fine with
 zero antioxidant saturation
even though saturation is now as available as a home blended smoothie and at least as effective as an IV.
What is shorter than life?
Life without antioxidant saturation.
What’s more painful than disease?
Yes, it tastes just awful.  There are times I have trouble facing it.  It’s also tough to do anything every 8 hours on the button. Even tougher to do it every 6 hours as I’ve done when I thought I needed to.  There are times I have to remind myself how I managed to choke back shots of Tequila back when I was drinking!  I actually write a good deal of this site as a reminder to myself of what might happen to a body that needs and has room for sometimes 82 grams a day of the worlds best most potent antioxidant to cure, support, stabilize, build, bolster, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, detoxify, aid, or fix who knows what and doesn't get them.  In 24 hours 82 grams is a chug going in and when that much goes in and none of it runs through it’s finding a home, a need, a compelling use that I can’t begin to catalog the breath and depth of.  All I know is liposomal antioxidant saturation combined with focused electrolyte hydration and supplemented nutritional balance have dispelled all the medical complaints of this 62 year old for over three years now as long as I somehow manage to maintain adherence to
a vigilant regimen.
 It must be working even better than I thought as I find that lately I only need 100 grams every 8 hours, that’s 300 grams a day of the Do It Yourself, DIY recipe, 300/54, that’s down to an actual 54 grams of ascorbic acid after needing 480DIY/82 grams a day last winter.  Think of what is going on in your own body that needs and has a use for even 10 grams a day or maybe even 2 grams judiciously applied would make a critical difference yet you’re getting practically nothing.  You’re certainly not getting grams, milligrams perhaps, and even then, since they're "naked", not liposomally encapsulated, you’re only getting around 10% absorption.  What if you need the 80% absorption and the direct cellular transport of the liposomal encapsulated 10 grams and you’re barely even getting a few naked oral milligrams that can't make it through your stomach?
Bear with me a moment and think of what it would be like to put your fingers on an anvil and hammering them continually until they fall off. 
Without antioxidant saturation that’s a close analogy to what’s unnecessarily happening to
your internal parts
except you don’t have a choice about them being on the anvil as the natural process of our body is that they are already there
and getting hammered
with your only choice in the world being to
stop the hammering,
You are never getting and keeping anything integral from expiration as everything has it’s ordered time
but you can stop oxidations' premature unnecessary carnage, aberrant regeneration, flawed replacement,
and diminished recovery. 
The hammering of unnecessary oxidative stress spontaneously happens continuously unless and until
you take preemptive antioxidant measures to stop it,
to save your body parts, your health, the life you could have if you get and keep everything antioxidant intact.
If you don’t access appropriate antioxidants everything internal is unavoidably subject to the ongoing perpetual relentless hammer of oxidative stress you can’t in any other way stop.
Without antioxidant saturation unnecessary oxidative stress continues inflicting damage up to and including the inevitable premature operative severance from your body.
If I could get you to cringe as much at imagining the thought of your internal entities getting hammered as you did your fingers
I'm hoping it will lead to a change in your appreciation of
antioxidant saturation.
If you don't intentionally antioxidant saturate yourself to tolerance at least every 8 hours you have body parts getting unnecessarily hammered to the point of untimely severance.
Why would you want to even begin to entertain the curiosity of which ones and what will it lead too?
It is almost unfortunate that, as our internals are getting unnecessarily hammered, we don’t feel the immediate pain that we would if it were our fingers on the anvil.
If the infliction of unnecessary oxidation and it's induced diseases was as immediately painful as inflicting a hammer to our fingers we would, I think, be more greatly focused on looking to find a way to impede the falling of the hammer and preemptively halt the progress of disease.
There are, to my knowledge, only two paths to adequate antioxidant saturation: IV or liposomal encapsulation.
Anything less and you are still getting unnecessarily hammered.
Antioxidant deficiency isn’t just a symptom or a condition since it directly results in unnecessary oxidation of cellular structure, premature cellular death, and/or aberrant cellular replication. Premature cell death, expiration prior to replication, and aberrant replication are probably neither a desired outcome for ourselves or our loved ones.
Not for me anyway. Not if I can avoid it.
I’m really not up for the
hammer/anvil/fingers/unnecessary disease thing.
I look at antioxidant deficiency as the first stage of disease, a disease one can either impose upon one’s self or take measures to avoid and correct.
From this day forward you choose to impose the hammer of disease upon yourself,
or not.
You are either antioxidant saturated or you’re in the throes of some unnecessary percolating disease.  
There simply is no third option.
If you don’t sufficiently ingest antioxidants your immune system is compromised.  If you don’t have a sound immune system the jeopardy of afflictions can be infinite.
Being antioxidant saturated eliminates the jeopardy of afflictions induced when not saturated.
Saturation also starts making incursions into existing
deficiency effected anomalies.
Pain is natures way of letting you know
you’re doing something harmful.  
Disease is natures way of letting you know
you’re not antioxidant saturated.
You can either protect and maintain your existing good health with antioxidant saturation or you can let it slide and then try to play catch up when discomfort starts to prevail.
Continuous breathing, eating, hydrating, are all accepted necessities so it astounds me that the one and only effective means of bracing ourselves against the virulence our atmosphere, environment, fragile physiology, and ignorance exposes us to is so misunderstood and/or wholly ignored.
You’d think unfailing good health would be something worth
a few minutes research.     
Toxins, pathogens, are simply a collection of molecules looking for electrons.  Once engaged in your system they're going to scavenge those electrons from an antioxidant or you.  A strategy of being antioxidant saturated, nutritionally sound with electrolyte balance results in both continued consistent good health and neutralizing the unforeseen instead of ending up with unnecessarily compromised tissue, structure, systems and the first startling then steadfast symptoms of oxidative stressed antioxidant deficiency which we broadly experience and refer to as disease.
Whether we know our greatest requirements by the numbers and Periodic Chart or not no one has a problem accepting the need for  continuous inhalation of around 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, a little argon, carbon, and the trace elements comprising breathing air.  There is also little disparagement about keeping frequent access to C6H12O6 convertibles,
6 Carbon 12 Hydrogen 6 Oxygen: glucose.
Everyone accepts too that we need a frequent mix of two parts hydrogen paired with oxygen, H20, to keep everything running so I don’t understand why keeping the system saturated with enough of the antioxidant C6H8O6 to do what it does, continuously neutralize oxidizers, avert viruses, abate toxins, eliminate disease both directly or while supporting our myriad systems that will fail or are acutely and chronically compromised without it,
is such a hard sell
especially when it’s finally so easy and,
with a little simple personal customizing,
has zero negative effect.
Every day that goes by you are either getting better
or you are getting worse. 
If you are not doing everything you can to inhibit oxidation you're getting worse, actively subsidizing oxidative stress,
 actively subsidizing disease,
actively courting untimely disability
You're either getting worse a lot faster than necessary or you're not growing as well as fast as you could.
At some point of age there are things that no longer get better but if you are not doing everything you can to inhibit premature degenerative processes you are subsidizing unnecessary afflictions.

If you are not adhering to basic electrolyte requirements, sound nutritional balance, sufficient exercise, and a liposomal antioxidant regimen that keeps you as antioxidant saturated as possible you are not just ignoring the greatest oxidation inhibition implements available you are actively subsidizing untimely and
unnecessary debility
Just because you might not currently recognize any conspicuous symptoms of disease, as long as you are not actively doing everything you can to suppress oxidation, you are not yet recognizing and inhibiting the predation that is as inherent as
your heart beat.
Think of oxidation as being unavoidably and irreversibly handcuffed to a grizzly bear.  As long as you keep the bear fed with something you can afford to loose the bear doesn’t start gnawing on stuff you can’t.  The minute you fail to feed the bear something expendable you start to incur
the teethmarks of disease  on something essential.  Antioxidant saturation provides the expendable fare that keeps the bear fed and our irreplaceables intact.  
It doesn't matter what is wrong with you or whether you think any thing is wrong with you or not, if you are not maintaining antioxidant saturation it’s just a matter of time before your realization of your compromised condition, your bind with the bear, results in something that you don’t want to experience.
There are only two ways you can keep the bear adequately nourished, only two ways you can maintain antioxidant saturation, and your average normal daily diet,
regardless of your best efforts,
is not one of them.  
or an IV, and the IV may not be as effective as the liposomal application for all indications.  
You just can’t get enough antioxidant in to your body and where it has to be any other way.  
Sad fact is that there are other nutritional needs that must be met as well but, without antioxidant saturation, everything else is a mere futile grasp at eliminating oxidative stress.
You already know that it’s a good idea to orally take enough of the antioxidant "ascorbic acid, C6H8O6,aka: Vitamin C", to stop the conspicuous affliction that can progress to bleeding from every orifice and pore that we have named scurvy.  Medical and nutritional science now offer you a way to stop the broader symptoms that scurvy is just one indication of, stop afflictions more broadly known as disease.
My experience is that the longer you maintain antioxidant saturation the greater the freedom from disease, pain,
and every other unwanted symptom.
Consider respiratory distress for a moment. We’re all pretty sure what happens when you don’t get enough air.  The symptoms start to pile up pretty fast.  If something was keeping you from breathing, if you were choking or had a plastic bag wrapped over your head, you’d probably want to do what you could to remove the obvious problem before you went to the doctor to seek medical help for the symptoms your obvious problem was causing.  It would be pretty embarrassing to walk in with a plastic bag over your head complaining that you didn’t
know why you couldn’t breathe. 
It’s just as good an idea to make sure you’re antioxidant saturated, that you have taken care of your number one medical and nutritional obvious problem before you seek medical help for the antioxidant deficiency symptoms known as disease.   
If you are not antioxidant saturated
nearly every health problem has a first answer to your symptoms that is as obvious and easily corrected as removing 
that plastic bag .
If you are not antioxidant saturated please remove whatever is the matter with your head that keeps you from getting it.
Since there are
good reasons not to antioxidant saturate you might want to take care of that obvious problem  before you start trying to treat the symptoms that your obvious problem is generating.
To those not motivated by clinical pettifogging the only real difference in the outcome of suffocation and
antioxidant deficiency, oxidative stress, is the amount of time it takes to become noticeably debilitating then
prematurely fatal
Oxidation, like wind or sun, is one of the constants in our world so oxidation will perpetually work it’s magic until you
accommodate it with strategy or stress
Like finding shade from the sun, when it comes to oxidative stress, you can either provide a prepared consideration or experience the unmitigated consequence.  
Antioxidant saturation with liposomal encapsulation is the best prepared consideration, the best firewall, short of an IV, the only firewall, I know of
like getting oxygen to the lungs,
it is not a “one and done” consideration. 
Antioxidant saturation has to be at least as
perpetual as oxidation
or the firewall is breached and
Knowing that the unavoidable ravages of advancing age and the accumulative risks of being exposed to life on this planet are impending with each successive breath you are taking the proactive precaution of stabilizing, immunizing, repairing, resuscitating, curing yourself with antioxidant saturation, wether you believe you are a current disease victim or not, just simply makes the same kind of sense as first administering to a suffocation patient with generous amounts of breathing air.  
Sure there are hundreds of other things you could try but giving  breath and abundance of fresh fuel,
your attending to what we know is an insatiable essential need with an equally inexhaustible abundance,
treating the greatest cause of premature and
unnecessary oxidative stress  
with its only known cure
is something you would think should be
the first best idea. 
In the same way it’s always a good idea to make sure a body has plenty of air and is breathing before you start rendering further aid, it’s also a good idea to make sure you’re providing the antioxidants necessary to eliminate the oxidants, oxidative stress, and
oxidativeenvironment responsible for disease.  Like giving air to a suffocation patient, if you achieve and maintain saturation, if you give the relief that's needed by removing the stranglehold that’s choking the life out of the victim, you may find you don’t need
to do anything else. 
Conversely, solely leaving or giving only oxidants, toxins, to an oxidatively stressed body is about like putting a plastic bag over a suffocation victims head so they won’t die from smoke inhalation
Even upon the occasion you might manage to remedy some individual form of oxidative stress with nothing but oxidants if you haven’t delivered the rest of the entire body from it's oxidative distress, if you don’t get and keep the whole body resuscitated, revived, effectively actively antioxidant firewalled to the point that it functions as a healthy integral complex, you’ve at best kicked the can down the road and at worst, well, I’ll leave that prognosis to the reader.  You’ve probably seen what “targeted” treatments with toxins do to a victim that is primarily simply suffering from antioxidant deficiency coupled with the undeniably failed immune system they are left to as a result of inadequate antioxidant support. 
The probability is that, unless disease victims take matters in to their own hands or they are in the care of a Dr. Levy, Dr. Klenner, Dr. Pauling or some similarly enlightened antioxidant ally that would at least mention, acknowledge, or treat the overwhelming debilitation of antioxidant deficiency and
the resultant oxidative stress,
disease victim will get just a dumping in of more toxins. 
Without first stabilizing with antioxidant saturation any application of any substance that isn’t capable of making a positive electron contribution would simply be further oxidizing an already oxidatively stressed physique.  You are once again at least figuratively putting that bag over their head.  Contributing to oxidiation instead of inhibiting it with antioxidants elicits propagation of disease and/or a concession to ham handed exorcisms of body parts.
If you have no infatuation with disease and there aren’t any of your body parts you consider heedlessly expendable you might keep tediously reading or simply consider immediately availing yourself to antioxidant saturation and the reparation of
Due to our bodies nearly infinite sources of relentless antioxidant need and the myriad obstacles to fulling all needs antioxidants are astonishingly perishable once in your body.  Hydrogen electrons travel at a speed that is relative to the speed of light and our most accessible antioxidant molecule, C6H8O6, has two electrons per molecule to donate so reduction happens fast.  Couple our manual application dependency with the insatiable nature of antioxidant need that is ongoing life, a hopefully continuous cacophony of unrestricted constructive electron flow, and you have to wonder why anyone would think it prosperous to restrict or neglect attendance to ingesting as prolific a nourishment of the most effective antioxidant fulfillment product
Given that there are no negative side effects to intelligently attending to our inexhaustible living need for antioxidants I can’t think of a word short of insane that describes our ignoring 
all encompassing adherence to the most healthy physiology
that we are capable of providing ourselves.
Everything we put in our body is either a contribution or a diminution. Antioxidant saturation offers a 100% real time full time contribution.  Everything that's not an antioxidant, everything that doesn't offer electron contribution, every lapse in contributing to saturation, is a diminution. Even a placebo requires energy exertion as it moves through to the door.   Just living is an unnecessarily excessive diminution of your body if you are not mitigating natures degradation process as much as you can with
what ends up being the only means available:
If your Doctor or nutritionist is not prescribing antioxidant saturation to overcome what is undeniably antioxidant deficiency in any body that is not intentionally antioxidant saturating, then the  result is, by act or implication, unnecessarily unmitigated, and in some cases, irreversible diminution, irreversible harm
by and through, placebo, toxins, aberrant cellular replication, and the overall insufficient antioxidant environment .  
A toxin or oxidant, call it what you will, is any substance that can be reduced, "neutralized", by antioxidants if they are present in adequate amounts or, failing to encounter antioxidants, toxins are oxidizing your viable essentials and/or preying on something else
in your body.
I’m wondering what body parts you consider expendable.
Dr. Linus Pauling was right but didn't have adequate tools.  Given todays liposomal encapsulation technology adequate saturation levels can now be achieved and maintained.  Liposomal antioxidants are laborious and currently too expensive to save the whole world but, given the alternatives, they are quite
a bargain and a privilege that could save you at least, if you’re willing to apply yourself.  With the minimum 8 hour regimen of maintaining antioxidant saturation, effective electrolyte levels, proper micro & macro nutrients, you can effectively
recapture, provide for and/or
extend your own health.
Regardless of your other efforts you can not eliminate oxidative stress without either IV or liposomal antioxidant saturation.
Once you've done individual antioxidant tailoring, found your individual liposomal tolerance levels, the benefits get
much greater.
Because in vivo you can’t acquire continuous antioxidant saturation by any means other than 
liposomal encapsulation or an IV
your best health hinges on your choice of delivery method given that disease is nothing but a symptom of a failed immune system.  The number one failure of the immune system is your own failure of antioxidant deficiency.  You now have a chance to correct antioxidant deficiency in a comfortable, simple fashion using liposomal encapsulation.  
If you don’t yet believe, if you don't have as great a respect for the antioxidant molecule C6H8O6 
(often ignorantly disparaged as "only vitamin C")
as you do for consciousness as a state of being,
then you have been either woefully under informed or misinformed.  
Hopefully you'll take this chance to abate lies, mischaracterization, ignorance, and disease.
Every day without antioxidant saturation is like a 24 hour hailstorm in that, just because your roof isn’t leaking yet,  
just because you are not incapacitated, doesn’t mean you
are not damaged.
You’d avoid a hailstorm if you could.  You can avoid the antioxidant deficiency that leads to the damage
caused by oxidative stress.
Having a road map to stop future damage and repair a great deal of the ravaging that’s been done I’d think you’d be ready to
get in out of the weather. 
The best time to start antioxidant saturation is, like all other mammals, at infancy
and today.
Without educated intentional continuous antioxidant saturation you have incapacitated your immune system.
When it comes to health sins of omission are at least as grave in consequence as sins of commission.
Unnecessarily exposing yourself to oxidantscontaminants, toxins, etc., is nowhere near as reckless as failing to continuously saturate with enough antioxidants to neutralize pathogens and pathogenic anomalies as they are encountered.  If you would like to resuscitate your immune system, actually have one that works as it is supposed to letting the antioxidant saturated complex eliminate disease as is your physiological design instead of just getting gorged with more toxins that you’ve denied your body the antidote for, this video has the how’s and why’s about a good place to start:
Monocytes and the rest of your immune system only have significant levels of antioxidant if you have attended to saturation within the last 8 hours providing enough antioxidants to your body so they haven’t been used elsewhere.  
Trying to cure disease without first providing 
continuous antioxidant saturation is like trying to
start your car when its' tank is empty. 
You can crank the motor or try any infinite number of
other remedies all you want to 
 but, without the proper kind and amount of fuel flow,
you're going nowhere fast.
Healthy mammalian life depends on the continuous fuel of antioxidant saturation as much as it does on air.  Nearly a unanimous percentage of vertebrate life enjoy an automatic internal antioxidant production process that, like breathing or the heart beating, they don’t have to think about.  That’s not us. We humans are in the unique and extraordinarily rare burdened percentile of vertebrates that, if we are to derive adequate antioxidants from our nutrition, has to think and take action. We need to look at antioxidants as a dolphin has to for air: if you don’t make an actual intentional effort to get significantly saturated at adequate intervals
the results will not be good.  
Imagine the state of any creatures' health if they only saturated with air as scarcely as you saturate with antioxidants.
It would end up just as perilous for them if they didn't have their automatic antioxidant system too. Not breathing and/or ignoring antioxidant saturation will also eventually be that perilous for you.
For humans healthy continuous antioxidant saturation depends upon us using our brain.  You and I rely upon informed intelligent choice and deliberate application.   Our bowel and our healthy body let us know if we’re saturated enough.  We can either saturate to the edge of comfortable bowel tolerance or disease will let us know when we’ve gone too long without saturation. 
Some stages of the physical damage of unchecked disease we can’t come back from when we’re not responsibly vigilant about our saturation but most disease symptoms simply require the maintaining of saturation necessary to let our immune system do its’ job and eliminate further oxidative stress.  
You can do innumerable studies to confirm milligram per deciliter, mg/dl, saturation levels and then chase that number with sophisticated  equipment, we now have that technology available, or, if you’d like to stay off the machines and away from needles, you can just simply be your own monitor and attend to
comfortable “regular” saturation
at least every 8 hours.  
You could also just keep running on the antioxidant equivalent of fumes from haphazard encounters with disparate nutrition that leads humans down the well known path of being on the hook for an improbable rescue at the mercy of speculative analysis by some clinic or hospital.
You've tried running on just fumes your whole life so far.
If you're ready to address the real problem,
to motor like you’ve got one that works,
to travel care free,
to confidently stop obsessing about your health,
to enjoy the invigorating process of spontaneously
eliminating disease that you may or may not know you have
or might be exposed to,
vitality is now a pretty simple process.
The​ greatest answer to the need for saturation, the disease eliminating, toxin neutralizing, body immunizing sustenance of a
24/7 antioxidant IV,
you can now drink like you would a smoothie 
to use at your convenience whenever you want to as you realize the fact that disease is but a symptom of a deficient immune system and the number one deficiency is the absence of
antioxidant saturation.
Prior to liposomal encapsulation when you were conspicuously overcome by one or more afflictions antioxidant saturation cures the only administration of saturation was to hook you up to a 24/7 antioxidant IV until your monitored blood saturation was at a consistently high enough mg/dl level that you were out of distress enough you could once again function.  Problem was that when antioxidant saturation had you back on your feet from something congenital, like cancer,Parkinson's, MS,​​​​​​​ etc., as opposed to quickly eliminating something innocuous like the​ flu, the only way to maintain saturation was with enough further rounds of IV that would get you out of the woods but then, without the IV, you'd be back to an antioxidant deficient posture.  In fairness to the medical community antioxidant saturation has been a known cure for quite some time but since it’s only adequate delivery was through an IV and saturation prevails for such a short time, under 12 hours at curative levels, there was hesitation to advertise its' validity and dedicate resources to a continuous regimen instead of a vaccine.
Yes, they could cure you, but then they’d have to keep you. 
An IV delivers up to 70% absorption.  80% absorption is what today’s orally ingested liposomally encapsulated antioxidants delivers, when properly prepared,  and liposomal encapsulation can get antioxidants to the cellular level
without an active transport device. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbW3LoAqkWI 
Now that orally ingested liposomally encapsulated antioxidants
are available, whether you think or know you need it or not,
you do,
and you can comfortably and continuously access
IV comparable levels of antioxidant cure anywhere
as often as you like
and use it as an inoculant too. 
It’s stable in many mobile situations so you can take it along in your pocket, purse, cooler, or car to keep from breaking saturation while you travel.
You can get cured, stay cured, 
inoculate against future oxidation 
and be as active and productive as you’ve ever been.
They can now cure you and no longer have to keep you.
Better yet, you can cure yourself.
 If you’re smart you won’t wait till you’re​ afflicted to start and
maintain antioxidant saturation.  
Now, with proper proactive measures and proper vigilance, you may not have the need for the white coats for
anything short of a car wreck.
When antioxidant saturated we can say goodbye to disease and welcome to the original “immunotherapy", the support of your immune system, all your systems, by easily administering the
antioxidants needed to achieve cure and
immunity from ongoing afflictions
and immunity from future disease.  
There will always be some folks that ought to start with an IV for the greatest immediate relief but, regardless of your needs, knowing you can continue saturation with a comfortable and convenient oral application changes the whole dynamic of
curing pain and pestilence
The only reason to be sick ever again is that you have either missed a round of your liposomal regimen or taken too little and broken saturation or, while in saturation, you encountered an exposure that overwhelmed your existing saturation.  You simply have to increase either your vigilance, your application regimen, or both until you can “reduce” and neutralize the oxidizing exposure.  Regardless of whatever exposure or malady you encounter as long as you maintain continuous antioxidant saturation it can be overcome and you can continue to 
live a healthy life.
Of course there are financial conflicts about formal support for antioxidant saturation as a cure.  That’s a whole lot of money that just got up and walked out the door.  This also means there are a whole lot of folks all over the world that may be living a lot longer than anybody predicted.  If the medical community chooses to take the objective long game view, as long as folks stay antioxidant saturated, living longer should actually not be an economical catastrophe.  If you don’t experience disease you are less likely to be a treatment problem. That and if you’ve attended to your liposomal regimen and remained disease free when your time is up you’ll know it won't be because of some aberrant affliction that will get you duped by some whiz bang ton of hospitalized medical attention that bankrupts you or your community before you go.  I don’t know what age is adequate or ultimately achievable but I hope to avoid anything that I could have easily, comfortably, and
reasonably prevented.
That said you’re probably not going to see the American Medical Association follow the enlightened countries lead in supporting antioxidant saturation therapy any time soon.  If you’re going to eradicate disease from your life you’re going to have to be self reliant, which is what you’d have to do even if the AMA did prescribe it.  You’re the only one who can attend to making sure you get the regimen down at least every 8 hours for an extended enough period of time to get and keep yourself saturated.  
It get’s down to how healthy do you want to be and 
how long would you like to stay healthy.
The sooner you start the sooner you may be on the path to being one of the centenarians or at least out live most doctors.
If your health is currently critically compromised an antioxidant IV administration avoids the argument of adequate saturation with only the IV application duration before you can successfully make the transition to the oral regimen left to contemplate. You get an IV until you are out of the woods and then transition to the oral regimen so you can get on with your life.
By all means don’t just take my word for anything scientific.  All my research is cataloged at the bottom of this page in Roman numerals currently from XI to LVII.  If you feel there is something amiss
please share your science.
If there is some specific topic or malady you are interested in you can email me and I can most likely direct you to a segment in one of the video’s cataloged on this page.
Prior to your finding this web page and reading this you were unwittingly afflicted.  Ignore the oral regimen and from this day forward you knowingly continue to volunteer for the certainty, the otherwise unavoidable and inevitable promise, 
of new or continued suffering
If you are tired of the symptoms and condition of disease you have only to access the cure, the 8 hour regimen,
that eliminates those symptoms and conditions.
Without antioxidant saturation you are simply a perpetual factory of continuous unchecked oxidation, the inevitable prey
for some type, for any type and number of the legion
of afflictions universally known as disease, 
the layman's definition of oxidative stress.
Since we now know simple and comfortable continuous antioxidant saturation eliminates oxidation,
eliminates oxidative stress,
eliminates the process and condition defined as disease
it escapes me why we would ever
ignore or break a
and deliberately continually deliver ourselves to disease.
Normally we acquire what we can to assert ourselves in
the best possible light.   
No disease has ever shown resistance to antioxidant saturation and today you can easily achieve saturation with
no negative side effects. 
How’s that for light?
The earlier you start the sooner you'll be on the path to recovery.
The earlier you start the sooner you'll be calling me and asking me why it tastes so awful and is it worth it.
Yes, being free of whatever maladies you've collected over the years and being inoculated from future disease is definitely worth it.
If you catch a cold or whatever malady you have persists while you’re attempting saturation you simply haven’t been doing enough.  You have to honestly apply to the point of intolerance and then back off till on the edge of comfort.  While you’re saturating all your current concerns, while you’re finding a home for all the antioxidant you’re ingesting, it’s not impossible that you may encounter some new exposures. A significant enough exposure may stress your current saturation levels and require an elevation of your application.  Of course you’re much better suited to deal with new concerns if you were already at a saturated level.  Monitoring your saturation and increasing amounts of the applications as needed when needed is a necessary part of the process.  Maintaining good health is not for the timid or inattentive.  
A cold is the most obvious indication of a break in saturation or some saturation overwhelming exposure.  It’s a bellwether that alerts you to need for a higher quantity of antioxidant considering that all your electrolytes and nutrition are adequate.  Just because the amount you’re doing impresses you as being considerable doesn’t mean your body isn’t finding a home for all of it and won't intermittently encounter conditions that require even more.  My experience is that with elevated age there is a need for elevated application.  A potentially daunting revelation until you consider the alternatives. 
Here’s an analogy for you: Imagine for a moment that you were born with an eye that didn’t work or that you once had good vision but something was threatening your view of the world. 
Further imagine that medical science came up with a simple process that remedied your vision so you had full light and function but the catch was you had to take an oral regimen at least every 8 hours or you would loose your vision again.  Yes, the medicine tastes like medicine, but with it, as long as you ingest the elixir at least every 8 hours, you would have unobstructed vision and no negative side effects. 
Consider what you’d be willing to do to keep unimpeded sight!  Having experienced the pain and darkness of the abyss and knowing fact certain it is vision or oblivion I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t give a hoot about taste enough that you would miss
many of those
8 hour rounds.  
Now back to actual life:

Substitute the analogy's vision problem with the reality of disease.
A simple 8 hour regimen is available.
Fact is that we, you, all humans, were born with a liver that doesn’t work. It did once. Our liver once provided a capacity for
automatic antioxidant saturation of our body giving us
immunity from having to obsess about our internal health, immunity from the want of physicians visits,
freedom to view the world knowing that disease, like breathing and blood flow, was being taken care of by an automatic process.
Today however, the human body no longer has that capacity, we are congenitally scorbutic, our liver no longer produces the
greatest disease eliminating substance known to man unlike
the liver of nearly every other mammal on earth
that automatically produces their own sufficient
disease eliminating antioxidant saturation quantities
of life sustaining antioxidants that the human body's liver
no longer does.
Simple medical fact.
You loose a limb you get a prosthetic.  You loose your thyroid you take medication.  This is no different.  Your liver doesn’t do what it once did so you do what you need to, you use your brain when there's a void.  Luckily recent science has provided a comfortable convenient means to empower access to the continuous
Starting at birth, and hopefully ending at this reading, you have been woefully deficient in,
and oblivious to the extent of your need for,
the amount and type of external delivery of your greatest
once automatic antioxidant saturation.
The list of things our liver's biological inability leaves you, leaves us, inordinately susceptible to, afflictions, ailments, bacteria, bugs,
Cancers, contagions, disabilities, disorders, epidemics, energy loss, fevers, flu, illnesses, infections, infirmities, plagues, predation, sicknesses, syndromes, virulence, viruses, etc
pretty much everything you've had or have now or is headed your way whether you know it or not, the list of things the liver's antioxidant production used to cure for us but now does not,
is quite literally exhaustive.
Today, thanks to medical science and
your ability to read,
you can now replace your body's missing disease eliminating antioxidant saturation production with a
simple oral regimen at least
every 8 hours.
You can see yourself virtually disease free with timely swigs of a couple commercially available or simply made home preparations of antioxidant saturating recipes that you can buy or,
my preference,
that will take you about 15 minutes every week or so to create.
It’s like evolution gave you a brain and a fully functioning liver instead of what you had before you read this.
If you think you’d enjoy the only chance science gives you of continually eliminating disease, biological aberrations, toxic incursions and curing the afflictions antioxidant deficiency has foisted upon you, if you want to keep your vision of the world comfortable for an indefinitely extended length of time compared to the dim outlook of a body that chooses not to avail itself to
the disease eliminating antioxidant saturation posture of nearly all other mammals on earth,
For uninterrupted good health though, you’ll have to learn to navigate a few bad tastes and be attentive to a clock.
If you do use your brain, antioxidant saturation, electrolytes, and adherence to some simple nutrition to cure yourself of your present afflictions and continually enhance the good things nature has provided there's no good reason you’ll succumb to any pathogenic predation except those
you willingly provide a sanctuary
your own negligence.
From this reading forward your good health is sitting on a counter somewhere just waiting for you to employ it.
 There is no pathogen or oxidative stress induced affliction that has shown resistance to an adequately antioxidant saturated system. It is unlikely that there are more than two ways to achieve antioxidant saturation.  Fortunately one is simple and comfortable and, given saturation vigilance, your current maladies will be addressed and
you’ll be inoculated against all others.
There are no negative side effects to
adequate antioxidant saturation.
If you know you’re sick, here’s how to stop it:  Page 2 then 3.
If you’d like to keep from being sick in the future
it’s the same recipe.
Without antioxidant saturation, given the infinite and perpetual number of afflictions antioxidants annihilate, the human body is diseased continuously needlessly suffering from
unchecked oxidation
There is no middle ground. 
There is no other choice.
You are either diseased or you are antioxidant saturated.
(minute 28, the wonderful properties of liposomes and liposomal C)
You need to listen to the entire thing. When you do, if you didn't know it already you'll hear, among other life altering things, that
Chemists refer to molecules as having only two possible states: "oxidized or reduced".  If they called them "diseased or restored" it would be a better fit for a discussion about health.  Fact is both reflect the actual “either/or” scenario of the continuous state of your body.  You are either "diseased" or being "restored".  Fact is applying either an antioxidant or an oxidant, a toxin, is all you can do, it's the only choice you have, about altering your bodies continuous state from either diseased or restored.  Actually you don’t have to intentionally add a toxin.  Toxins will take care of their presence in your body all by themselves.  
Diseased is our default state!  Our unaided physiological reality is
continuous antioxidant deficiency, too much oxidation, too many toxins and unchecked oxidative stress because humans now lack the
liver enzyme L-gulonolactone oxidase, a step in the process of converting glucose, C6H12O6, into the unavoidably necessary antioxidant we rather unceremoniously have simply 
dubbed "Vitamin C", C6H8O6.  Perhaps if we had given the molecule a more substantial designation, one with more celebrity, we’d attend to it with the urgency it deserves in relation to facilitating our good health.  Instead of our once automatically converting glucose to vitamin C, under stress, humans now convert blood sugar into oxidized fractions of bad cholesterol, whereas nearly all of the other mammals on the planet still have the ability to convert glucose into vitamin C.  As a human, unless you are manually intentionally applying adequate antioxidants, at least saturating yourself with enough of your own externally sourced vitamin C, you are continuously toxic with oxidation.  Disease won’t stop till you make it stop and you have to make it stop all the time.  The very minute you fail restorative behavior, the very minute you ignore or lose antioxidant saturation, the moment your blood loses saturation of vitamin C disease takes over and
it’s like you were never here. 
Orally consumed liposomally encapsulated antioxidants or an antioxidant IV are
the only means available to achieve and maintain
adequate antioxidant saturation.
No, you are not going to get there with your current diet or any other comfortable known regimen. 
Oral liposomal antioxidant consumption provides up to 
80% absorption while an IV will provide up to 70% absorption. To achieve adequate effectiveness your preferred antioxidant saturating application must be administered at least 
every 8 hours.
More often is better.  Look at at the Dr. Humphries video and the charts produced with scientific research about how long saturation lasts regardless of the delivery system:
You can comfortably take the oral liposomal antioxidants at least every 8 hours every day you are not interested in being diseased. 
You may have to sit with a needle in your arm if you wait till you're sick and then look for a cure.  Either way antioxidant saturation will end antioxidant deficiency and all its resultant oxidizing and disease but it’s much better to be proactive with the oral regimen and initially keep disease and it's afflictions from getting a foothold.  
If you don’t believe what you just read and you don’t take the time to read enough of the rest of what's assembled here to convince yourself of it's truth there is very little hope you’ll ever end disease and enjoy a long life of good health.
Nobody can make a positive contribution towards your good health if you won’t.  Personally I’m a Darwin fan.  Excepting the defenseless illiterate there is no sense saving anyone
to dumb to read.
For those of you who can and will read and care:
You wouldn’t treat a gunshot victim with only more gunshots.
You wouldn't treat a stabbing victim with only more cuts.
You won't cure a toxic state adding only more toxins.
You won't cure disease conceding to further oxidation.
First stop further injury to heal and make your body whole. 
You can't stop oxidizing injury unless you first
stop antioxidant deficiency. 
Antioxidant saturation is the only means to stopping
antioxidant deficiency.
Short of a shooting, knifing, car accident, or some actual physical breakage, if the cure for what ails you isn’t something
fit for going down your pie hole, fit for ORAL CONSUMPTION, 
you are only treating a symptom and allowing more damage.  
Note too that physical trauma needs the greatest immediate antioxidant support you can give. Infections, staffsepticemia, flesh eating bacteria, the whole spectrum of disease that potentially follow injury, injection and penetration, all diseases are routinely eliminated with continual antioxidant saturation.  In these 
and other acute health emergencies an antioxidant IV to apply immediate body wide saturation is the only exception to the ORAL CONSUMPTION rule I'd currently recommend.  As the situation improves you can transfer the antioxidant saturation responsibility back to the oral recipe
to continue providing the perpetual antioxidant safeguard
crucial to good health. 
You won't cure any body's disease ignoring the real peril, the
oxidation continually instigating current suffering. Left unchecked,
antioxidant deficiency will continue to devastate you today whether you understand how or not
and disease will ravage your future.
Read this site or the other recommended sites, watch these videos or email or call or simply go to Page 2 and make up a batch
to start, to keep 
rigidly maintaining antioxidant saturation 
to cure your antioxidant deficiency
eliminating the environment of oxidative stress
effectively eradicating any and all of your own disease or,
IMHO, you might as well call your favorite coroner
and tell em you'll be in early. 
You may not have to take nearly as much but currently I’m taking 100 grams of the Page 2 recipe every 6 hours. 
That’s 400 grams, nearly a pound, 6/24/7/365,
antioxidant saturating all day every day.
400 grams of the liposomal recipe is 68 grams of actual ascorbic acid, our greatest antioxidant, every day.  Why so much? 
I have no idea. I don’t care.  
All I know is that 100 grams every 6 hours is my current saturation level.  I've done more and I've done less as my condition and comfort changed and demanded.  Without as much as I can tolerate I'd lose inoculation, I'd be unnecessarily oxidizing,  unnecessarily exposed, next I wouldn't be comfortably "regular" and I will catch a cold, two reliable metrics to monitor saturation.  Without saturation I’m toast.  First I get signs of constipation, then, if not addressed, a cold is the next symptom and I don't want those or an escalation to a replay of
any of the rest of the symptoms or diseases I've whipped to follow or ever torment me again.
You can’t for a minute think I’m not going to continue doing as much as I need, as much as I comfortably can, to keep myself disease free and feeling great. 
You’ve got to wonder how much antioxidant your body may actually need to optimize your immune system, all your systems, glands, organs, frame, skin, brain, blood, bone, and liquids, how much to optimize their functions, optimize your
resistance to disease,
to end your bodily afflictions. 
There is a number. 
For you, for every one of us, there is a number
to achieve and keep good health.
Right now you know you are no where near it.
I can’t believe mine is so high!
but I know what life, my health, is like without it.
You can't help but wonder how much antioxidant you actually need and how much better your health would be if you found out.  Luckily, today, it's an easy thing to do.
If you don’t want to be sick, if you don’t want needless pain and suffering, you need to apply liposomal antioxidants to the point of  antioxidant saturation and maintain it with every heart beat.
Not tough to do if you’ve got the fortitude
and even the most meager of means.
If not, if you don’t care enough to make the
antioxidant saturation commitment,
the pharmacist, doctor, surgeon
will all be happy to accommodate you with all sorts of things to treat symptoms instead of the actual provocateur.  
 Treating a disease victim without first eliminating oxidative stress means additional disease and unabated harm,  
more shotsknifings, needless suffering,
an unfulfilled life and untimely death
are the only possible outcome.  
Today, thanks to liposomal encapsulation, we are easily capable of
 eliminating oxidative stress,
 dodging the disease bullet, and keeping out from under the knife.  
If by now you haven't made use of liposomal encapsulation or you aren’t properly using it, that explains why you’re having trouble.
As long as there is oxidative stress, when you attempt to treat victims or yourself without first providing antioxidant saturation, even if you think you are seeing positive effects, you are at best only  patching up wounds symptomatic of the disease you are facilitating every moment you do not end oxidative stress. Until you achieve and maintain antioxidant saturation you'll always be empowering disease so you are perpetuating more physical harm than you can patch.  By not administering your own antioxidant saturation you are certainly enabling disease nurturing it through either your fatigue, ignorance, indifference, confusion, misconception, or fear
and the wounds will keep on festering.   
On this site you can talk yourself out of your misgivings about killing disease and talk yourself into nurturing
your good health and good fortune.
 Only diagnosed continual antioxidant saturation is indicative of oxidative stress elimination.  Diagnosis is simple, private, and continually obvious.
Only oxidative stress elimination will end disease, your disease. 
Only the persistent timely administration of orally ingested
liposomally encapsulated antioxidants,
or a continuous antioxidant IV until a transition to
the oral remedy is in order,
are ever going to give you the hope
or reality of continual consistent antioxidant saturation, the only
route to eventual elimination of your disease's environment.
You can not get to consistent adequate antioxidant saturation with a three square diet alone. Period.
Not if that diet doesn't include liposomally encapsulated antioxidants. 
It's oral liposomal antioxidants down the hatch at least every
8 hours, or a continuous antioxidant IV, or disease.
Those are the only three choices that we have. 
Because folks couldn't sit around with an IV in their arm all day when they didn't know about liposomal encapsulation,
when they didn't understand about antioxidant saturation,
when there was not a simple oral drink you could comfortably take
as often as you wanted to,
when we didn’t know how easy it is to save ourselves,
disease has always overwhelmed our environment.
Today, if you'll use it, there can be continuous antioxidant saturation with a simple oral application of liposomal antioxidants at least every 8 hours.
Today we can keep from falling into antioxidant deficiency,
we can eliminate oxidative stress and
cure our disease instead of nurturing it. 
Anything less than perpetual antioxidant saturation and you are running a gauntlet of scourges that will wound you in ways that will make gunshots look subtle.
Knowing what you now know if you are only introducing toxins, additional oxidants to treat the already toxic environment of disease instead of first and continually providing
antioxidant saturation,
then you are literally pulling the trigger
on additional disease,
or worse. 
The human body fueled and armed properly, when it comes to maintaining itself in a hostile environment, is not just
 the most lethal weapon in the world, 
it is your only weapon
Properly attended only extreme age is a limitation.
When not properly attended,
when you find yourself without the fuel to arm your body with antioxidant saturation,
an effect 99% of you will never experience without using
when not antioxidant saturated the human body becomes a mere sponge for every toxin, pathogen, corrupted cellular replication, decrepit disease and biological terror on the planet.
When a body that is exposed to all and ends up infected by any of the most fiendish incursions that exist, attending to yourself with only surgery or merely applying further toxins, more knifings and shots, is not an answer that will work for you or
has ever worked long term for
anybody you know.  
There’s a reason for that.
When you know your body needs care you need to give it what it is lacking, not more of what is already killing it. You need something that eliminates oxidative stress, instead of further contributing to it.

Unless you adhere to an informed, disciplined, and timely proactive regimen to account for their perishability
essential antioxidants and electrolytes are either used up or exhausted every 12 hours leaving you devoid, defenseless, endangered, exposed.
You have to continually ingest enough of the right kind of antioxidants, of fuel, to keep yourself armed with 
antioxidant saturation. 
Without the fuel of liposomal antioxidants you are not going to be able to consistently maintain saturation, when not armed with saturation you are back to being being a sponge. 


So now you know what fuel you need to save yourself, now you just need to know how much


Unfortunately the actual amount of liposomal antioxidants it takes to fuel, to arm and nurture your body is an impossible prediction.
We can only know when we’ve had enough by finding out
how much is too much. 
Once we know what is regularly too much, only then can we simply dial it back to comfort, inoculation, reparation, and monitor conditions expecting that any cold, cough, sniffle, sneeze, any discomfort or any disease
is one too many.
Go to page 2, make up a batch, start slowly with 5 grams or so
at least every 8 hours
and work up till you find a number that is too much.  
Only a clinical diagnosis or the simple beginning of bowel intolerance is an indication of an adequate amount. Too little and you might nearly as well not have any at all. Miss an adequate dose and you are back to being a sponge, you are again exposing yourself to all the insidious elements you are trying
to repair from or repel. 

There is no living condition that is beyond experiencing a positive response to adequately administered antioxidants.  
If you are not dead yet,
if you are not sick yet, unless you’d like to be,
adequate antioxidants for antioxidant saturation are immediately available.
The best analogy I can come up with is,
"Imagine that your body is running out of blood.  You just don’t have enough blood to fight off disease or sustain life any longer.  If you can get enough blood your body will return to life and health.  
 Liposomally encapsulated antioxidants are blood."
Who would have thought that it would be so tough to get otherwise thoughtful and intelligent people to acknowledge and act upon verified scientific and medical facts.  It is especially alarming when the facts encompass something that will directly save your life, directly restore you from illness, directly deliver prevailing daily health, are your only direct personal hope to fulfill your life unencumbered by aberrant disease.
Unless you are taking significant amounts of
you have no idea whats oxidizing you.

If you are and you have been and continue 
taking substantial simple liposomal oral doses at least
every 8 hours
while attending to perishable electrolytes and 
a sufficient nutritional regimen
you don't have to know what's oxidizing you because
it won't last long. 
If, instead, you have been remiss in your antioxidant regimen
and you know have been,
 as you read here you’ll see that, through no fault of your own until after today if you fail to act,
you couldn’t possibly have been anything but remiss. 
Throughout our currently ill informed culture debilitating disease is inevitable because it's 
humanly impossible
to consistently get adequate antioxidants or adequate electrolytes from an unsupplemented diet alone.
Even if you’re one of the few within the world that would know what adequate levels are or you have been trying to make an honest attempt to deter antioxidant deficiency fomented disease, the bulk and frequency of biomass that you would have to attend to produce what we now know are effective
inoculation and reparation saturation levels
are just not possible.   
Think about it. 
If your unaided diet can't inoculate you,
and it can't,
it's certainly not going to provide sufficient repair from
any protracted disaster. 
You are only ever sick or ever doomed to be because you've been  ensnared in trying to fulfill what is an impossible objective. 
Fact: There is no adequate unsupplemented diet.
 With the marvel of liposomal encapsulation though
it's not too late to start, repair, not to late to catch up. 
For most of you repair and inoculation just means finding your effective 8 hour liposomal dose and being vigilant in attending to it, electrolytes, and some basic nutrition.
For some of you in dire situations repairing may mean starting with an IV antioxidant regimen and transitioning to the oral liposomal recipe as your acute concerns subside.  
If you'll just make an immediate start no aberrant disease has to be a death sentence or even a concern that instigates a clinical visit.  There is no pathogen that has shown resistance to
adequately applied antioxidants.
Given the above opening facts to contemplate, when you're ready, also consider there are naught, none, zip, zilch, zero,
no adverse side effects to eliminating oxidative stress, to antioxidant curing and prevention of disease
Knowing there is no down side to antioxidants arresting oxidation, neutralizing toxins, curing antioxidant deficiency, removing free radicals from your system,
curing disease,
knowing there are no adverse indications to simply, cheaply, and effectively removing the
most insidious variables from the equation of your physical viability, I don’t see the sanity in ignoring the possibility of not just better health but intentionally neglecting a liberation from what ever current disease you may or not know that you are in the clutches of, while intentionally failing inoculation from 
future maladies as well.
For whatever cancer or contagion, virus or infection you may or may not know is ailing you if you would like a cure
instead of mere treatment,
if you would like a regimen that actually has 
a living post trauma protocol, one that consists of the patient surviving comfortably, living regular, active, disease free, 
if you would like to know you’re headed for a system wide restoration, an elimination of oxidants and toxins, an elimination of oxidative stress, you are investing in relief from toxic effect instead of subjecting yourself to toxic treatment based solely on introducing focused specific toxins in to an 
obviously toxic environment,
if the thought of immediately empowering your inherently capable immune system, restoring all your body parts instead of further emaciating or removing them appeals to you,
if you like the prospect of restored health instead of an intentional continuation of despairing discomfort,
all this is probably going to sound way too simple a concept if you don’t do your own investigation of the scientific contributions cited in the reference section within this appeal to your
good sense and evaluative reason.
If there is something you can not grasp about your own situation, diagnosed or not, being encompassed within "all disease" or you don't have the will to both verify the regimen and apply it, or if you think you already know everything about antioxidants you will probably best serve the world by letting
Darwin continue to work his magic on you. 
 If however, you would like to restore, keep, and provide for your own good health instead of have others oxidate, radiate, chemo, drug, or surgically remove parts of you, every minute that passes, in conjunction with will, intelligence, and liposomal encapsulation, the innate resiliency of the human body can
restore itself,
starting today,
when provided saturation with an
 if taken appropriately
you are guaranteed 
irreversible and perpetual oxidation.  
Restoration, inoculation or continued unabated toxins and disease.  
Your choice.
Knowing how to eliminate disease from your body, your future, puts you in control of your health.
Effective use of liposomal encapsulation of antioxidants is knowledge that insures disease elimination 
Regardless of the bounds of all human knowledge and intellect
for good or ill
the control part of being in control,
 like the rest of feeding yourself,
requires intentional educated manual participation.  
I think you should use it for good. 
Get to Page 2 and make up a batch to get your blood and system antioxidant restored and then to Page 3
so you can keep your frame well maintained.
Increase your every 8 hour liposomal dose till just past
comfortably regular
then back off a bit to comfort.
The "catch" is that in order to eliminate your health concerns the
liposomal antioxidants have to be applied to provide significant saturation levels and appropriate electrolytes have to be ingested at least every
8 hours.
Stay vigilant stay restorative and inoculated. You continue to
eliminate your health problems.
Miss a liposomal dose and you’re back to oxidation until
you can restore saturation. 
That's quite a "catch". 
If you cheat on your diet you just stay fat.  
Cheat on your antioxidant regimen and oxidation returns immediately.
It's either ingest the appropriate antioxidants, electrolytes, nutrition at least every 8 hours
or you can expect back to back visits: pharmacy, physician, funeral parlor at an unnecessarily accelerated rate. 
Any reports you’ve heard about failure of antioxidants to restoratively cure oxidative peril and inoculate future distress come either from results with “naked” antioxidants, or an improperly applied regimen, not from effectively applied
liposomally encapsulated vitamin C.

If antioxidants are not liposomally encapsulated you
would be just as well off to take ExLax or some other common flush that rushes your efforts down the stool.  If not for liposomal encapsulation you can not get anything but diarrhea or worse from oral antioxidant amounts significant enough to cure anything.  Liposomal encapsulation at least every 8 hours is the key to
in vivo  eliminationof disease.  Without liposomal encapsulation
you are just shitting yourself.
Right.  Liposomal C and discipline lack culinary appeal.  You also may have some drama or temporal distress until you find your liposomal comfort zone too but, compared to perpetual and incurable disease,
I find it a refreshing alternative.

Consider this, if it tasted better and were easier to apply appropriately even people you hate would be healthy.  
If you come up with an appealing way to make it more palatable please let me know.  Until then the fact is that, to date, there is
no other means
to an infinite healthful existence
The one conundrum I run in to with friends diagnosed with illness but “regular” is that the only adverse side effect of Vitamin C is a loose stool.  That their body may already be "regular" but ill generally indicates they are doing a significant enough amount of “naked” antioxidants or something else dietarily to keep themselves “regular” but are getting no where near a significant enough percentage of absorption of an adequate amount of antioxidants to deter oxidative stress from impacting their system and their long term health.  If you are bombing yourself with simple "naked" oral antioxidants you are not giving the liposomal process a chance to work and provide comfort. 
If you are one of those folks who are currently doing what you believe to be much antioxidants yet currently suffering from illness you too might as well be doing just a simple laxative for all the actual antioxidant good you are getting from “naked” antioxidants.  You can not do enough or get a high enough absorption rate to effectively consistently relieve oxidative stress from anything but liposomally encapsulated antioxidants.  Once again, any reports you’ve heard about failure of antioxidants to restoratively cure oxidative peril and inoculate future distress come either from results with “naked” antioxidants, or an improperly applied regimen, not from effectively applied
liposomally encapsulated vitamin C 
If you need more convincing:
This on 10/16/17 from the website:
"Liposomal vitamin C is a technological breakthrough in nutrient assimilation and offers incredible health benefits.
...our physiology is based on the movement of electrons from one compound to another. Unstable molecules that are missing an electron are called free radicals and they are catabolic to the body. These free radicals are formed in a cycle called oxidative stress that creates damage and instability in cells, tissues and organs in the body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that acts to donate an electron to neutralize free radicals..."  
Our greatest antioxidant, ascorbic acid, also known as
Vitamin C, molecule C6H8O6
donates 2 electrons per molecule.
Left "naked", unencapsulated, without
liposomal encapsulation,
you can not ingest enough antioxidants
 to provide significant blood and cellular saturation.
Liposomally encapsulated antioxidants effective
elimination of disease, because it can quickly, simply, and affordably provide significant blood and cellular antioxidant saturation, and providing you with an effective and affordable liposomal antioxidant recipe, is the focus of this site.
That said, intravenous antioxidant injection may be
indicated in some situations.
If you have disease and someone is prescribing you anything that won’t attend first to alleviating your oxidative stress, well, you do your own math.  I would not call treating oxidant inundation
solely with further oxidants a good thing,
given todays knowledge and resources,
I’d call it attempted murder. 
Not investigating for, acknowledging, and attending to 
oxidative peril with antioxidant relief needs to, at some point, 
hold practitioners to account, especially when it is
clinically established that
"All disease is the result of oxidative stress.
If you’re not healthy and happy, if you are afflicted by anything from fighting off a cold all the way to someone diagnosing you as needing organ removal, or terminal,
there is a 99% chance that

you are simply antioxidant deficient.

You know you are.

You also know that you don’t know nearly enough about antioxidants.
The fact that you are not healthy is proof positive you don’t.  
For about 90% of the population about 10 minutes worth of reading here and you’ll have a road map to take care of
99% of whatever medically ails you.  (Page 2)
I say 90% of the population because, as Larry The Cable Guy so eloquently put it, ”You can’t fix stupid” 
As regards discomfort, disease, and premature death your
blood stream, your organs, your tissue, your general system 
can only be under one influence at a time, 
oxidizing or not.
If you'd like to have good health and the antioxidants necessary
to achieve it play a larger role in your life than disease
you need to intentionally
make the antioxidizing shift
It’s not going to happen serendipitously.
 Aggressively attend to antioxidant saturation  (page 2)
to stop the oxidizing,
regain your health,
or accept and entertain unnecessary
deterioration, accelerated decay, myriad forms of disease.
Regardless of the substance, regardless of the packaging,
despite anybody's convoluted rhetoric,
inevitably there are only two things you are putting in your body,
oxidants and antioxidants.
One oxidizes viable tissue, one eliminates oxidation.
One is disease, one is the cure
Oxidants feast on the electrons of healthy flesh.
Antioxidants contribute electrons, energy, and
are the only reason you have healthy flesh.
One is toxin, one is antitoxin.
One is deprivation, one is nutrition.
One won't help you recover, one will.
One, perpetual if not obstructed, is both
the default influence of disregard and our destiny when
we are beyond antioxidant absorption.
One, like oxygen to the lungs, proactively applied allows us to allay an inestimable spectrum
of unnecessary and untimely discomfort.
One will kill you, one won't.
You might want to ask what you're getting before
you submit to anything.
Obviously we don't want a big dose of any more killer.  
Whether or not you know you are currently impaired by disease, getting killed, are in an oxidative state,
most of you
can make the antioxidizing shift
within 24 hours with
a simply constructed 80% absorptive oral liposomal recipe. (page 2)
To be effective though, it has to be an
intentional consistent measured serving applied at least every
8 hours.
There are also those suffering known immediate crises
 whose prognosis has no Big Pharma "pharmaceutical" cure,
or worse,
they've put you solely on some of their oxidizing nightmares,  
that will get the greatest benefit from 
IVC application that quickly gets your blood antioxidant saturation levels to overcome the toxic demolition
Once the IVC has you saturated to the point that you are out of the Big Pharma and disease riddled oxidative woods the oral product makes it a pretty easy task to keep from 
descending in to oxidative impairment again.
​Keep your saturation level high and you can pretty much
eat and do whatever you please for nearly as long as you like.
Antioxidants' greatest advocate, living, practicing, researching, discovering and receiving two Nobel Prizes prior to our recent understanding of liposomal encapsulation, prior to todays ability to monitor antioxidant saturation,
Dr. Linus Pauling, made it to 93.
If antioxidants were a free pill,
given the "either oxidize or not" facts of physiology, you’d wisely 
do as much as you needed to stifle killer oxidative onslaught.  Surprise.  Liposomally encapsulated antioxidants are
 better than a pill
and better than free.  (page 2)
It’s an oral liquid that employs lecithin, 
arguably the best brain support substance known to man,
can provide more nutritional value than
the daily average of many societal cultures around the globe,
has the highest antioxidant absorption rate known to science.
An effective liposomal, electrolyte, nutritional
can be as easy as
breakfast, lunch, and dinner at just pennies a day. 
Figure the cost of the clinical medical care you'll need
if you don't arrest oxidative stress voluntarily with
adequate antioxidants in your daily "three squares".
Think about it. Something has to be good for you while
it is impossible for an oxidant to do
anything but oxidize. 
Oxidants only get sated/reduced/eliminated by either 
the electron donation, the energy from an antioxidant solution     ​​(page 2)
or, the oxidants get their electrons from feasting on something
that you really can't afford to loose.
Even after neutralized/reduced the oxidant organic toxins, inorganic toxins, chemicals, solvents, viruses, etc., require you to
expend valuable energy to take out that trash.
What is good for you is ingesting sufficient antioxidants that you’ve got the energy to eliminate the toxins and the trash.
What is good for you is ingesting sufficient antioxidants so the
energy, the electrons, are available to keep oxidants
from ravaging something crucial.
What is good for you is shifting from a diseased oxidative state
to a healthy electrolyte balanced antioxidant saturated state.
What you put in to your body is reflected by what gets to your  blood, cells, and your molecular level. There too you only have one consequence or the other, 
killer or cure,
it's an inescapable binary choice.
Your system can only be under one influence at a time,
oxidizing or not.  
Those are the only two conditions that characterize your blood saturation and the
antioxidant level that is available to 
the rest of your entire system.
I think that's a little too valuable to leave to a killer.

 If you are currently getting killed, are in an oxidative state,
there is no better time to evaluate your regimen.  
If you would like to recover, to start curing you'll have to
stop allowing the killer to have the upper hand.  
That means ingesting enough of the cure that the killer gets continually overwhelmed in an antioxidant concentration that allows your body to
arrest further oxidation,
repair the specific damage that's been done,
provide recovery for your overall system,
 ready your immunity for
the toxins, pathogens, disease the future
will undoubtedly foist upon you.
You are not going to get that kind of good activity from merely
dumping more killer in to your therapy.
If you are already in trouble and all your getting offered 
is more killer you are in more trouble than you know.
If you can’t find your answers on this site and need
a better conversation about your options
 give me a call. 253 878-7117

​Even when there are only two options, kill or cure, making the right choice requires education (page 2), effort and, in this instance,
when you make the right choice,
the effort is endless.
​Every 8 hours.
There is no "one and done",
not during the day, not during the week, month, years,
or the life span you would like your good health to last. 
This is where confusion sets in and the killer starts to win.
You see, to benefit from the cure, you have to make an 
 educated practice of consuming the cure at least
every 8 hours.  
The effort is endless only in regard to the duration
you would like to remain free from the killer, 
free from the decomposition of disease. 
The human mind will obfuscate, mediate, extenuate,
confound and confuse to keep from having to educate and 
follow a routine.  You're probably balking right now. 
I'd hate that especially if you were one of my kids.
If getting you to do the right thing were easy
I wouldn't have to be writing this.
If you could keep the killer out of your life without my
writing this I wouldn't be writing this.

Ideally life would be a much better construct if we
were healthy by default and only suffered ill health
if we remembered to apply poison every eight hours.

It's backward from that.
Famine and disease
are the perpetual default situations in this life.
We have to go out of our way, we have to make an educated effort to significantly extend our lives.
To stop the starvationpoison, the oxidation we have to expend the energy to make the effort  
to apply significant appropriate nutrition. That means, if you are properly educated and smart enough about it,
you apply enough cure 
at least 
  every 8 hours. 
(page 2)
Every minute that passes we are unavoidably affected by 
either the killer or the cure. 
Your choice.
Page 2 and 3 has the best choices I know.
We are compromised by the perpetual killer by default if we
do nothing or when we do the wrong thing.
To stop that compromise we can use our vigilance, our educated effort, to saturate with the cure
and suppress the killer
If you are not now and historically have not been
intentionally saturating antioxidantsto
a significant measurable blood level,
the killer is winning, the killer is at large 
overwhelming your system to the point that
your body is effectively decomposing with
every breath the killer is empowered by our inaction.
Luckily it's a pretty simple fix.
At any time you can go to page 2.
There exists only one effective barrier between our good health and the ravages of disease.  The only way we’re going to establish or resurrect that barrier, resolve the issues
exposure to a barrier void afflicts us with,
repair the damage of the affliction, inoculate ourselves to future oxidative peril, is to employ the solution that,
for the educated,
is as easy as eating three squares: 
continual adequate antioxidant saturation.
See page 2.
Oxidants devour electrons.
Antioxidants contribute electrons.
Because antioxidants are fuel continually consumed in the biological process of life they need to 
be continually applied in a constant current 
just keep the lights on. 
Antioxidant saturation is like having your fuel gauge on 
"full" while your motor is running.
Since you never want to have your motor shut off
you have to continually top up your tank.
​Every 8 hours is a good number. I make
it every 6 because I'm old and
have much inattention to account for. 
Bottom line is if you want everything running
at peak efficiency
you never let your tank fall below half.
You probably haven't done that.
You can. You could. 
You just didn't know.
You probably think you've been doing OK
just the way you are too. 

Your body is a special vehicle however.
When you forget to put in fuel it can continue to
run for a while by diminishing systems and
shutting down parts of itself. It can even consume 
parts of itself and, in a debilitated fashion, keep ticking.
You basically become a rotting corpse
although one that can
remain upright and doesn't immediately feel too bad. You begin submitting to oxidants that have been waiting to feast
on unprotected flesh.
Sure, your brain stays on, a natural pain suppression system kicks in somewhat, and you can ambulate on
a compromised frame but in time you know
things could be much better.
That recipe on page 2 is
waiting for those who want things better.

You can keep your "tank", your blood stream, full
of antioxidants by timely ingestion. 
You can give everything it's best chance to keep
running fine by paying attention and
making your antioxidant intake
a continuous oxidant overwhelming application.
Page two offers the best recipe and regimen I know.
 You either actively, intentionally, continually keep a preponderance of antioxidants,
or you will, by default, by the reality of an empty tank,
surrender to oxidants. 
A preponderance of oxidants is disease.
 Oxidants, like most trashtoxins, pathogensdepravationdevastation, disease, and decomposition are easy to come by. They come from a myriad of internal and external sources. 
Given the chance to overwhelm the streaming of your antioxidant current oxidants will stress you, disease you,
debilitate you, decompose you at least from the inside out,
rot your corpse living or dead, and 
kill you.  

Antioxidants electron contribution current 
is the underpinning of every viable process in your active physiology.  If antioxidants are scarce your body has to prioritize, compromise.  I’m appealing to folks to avail themselves to a regimen that provides antioxidant saturation sufficient to eliminate the environment of electron compromise,  eliminate the environment of disease.
If you’d like to employ antioxidants effectively enough to eliminate disease these days it’s about as easy as it is to brush your teeth.  Of course, as your mother told you,”you don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep."  Same thing with antioxidants,”you don’t have to continually saturate
your entire body with antioxidants, just the parts you don’t want infested with disease."

If you go without food you get hungry.
If you go without continual antioxidant saturation you get
If you had been educated to view antioxidants as food
 your foremost pursuit would remain saturation
with the most fortifying nutrition available.
You wouldn't want to eat and gain no life sustaining value.
You certainly wouldn't want to eat only poorly at
very great intervals
and then only in insignificant amounts.
A crisis lack of food is broadly understood as 
 Not a great way to go in the context of food or antioxidants.
Starvation, in respect to antioxidants 
has a host of more specific names:
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD
​plantar fasciitis,
multiple sclerosis, MS
renal failure
West Nile,
enlarged prostate,
and many more you may or may not know the names of in
an all too exhaustive list. 
The one name we know best to lump in all our various
myriad pathologies, the name that we most attach to the results of a barrier current voidinterrupted saturation,
antioxidant deficiency, diminished electron flow, 
oxidation, oxidative stress,
terminal illness, extinguished electron flow,​​ death, 
is the name 
If you are not using liposomally encapsulated antioxidants
at least every
8 hours 
  you run a higher risk that you are
antioxidant deficient,
have antioxidant starvation
that you are frequently
too deficient, too starved to resolve your current pathologies, 
 too deficient to inoculate yourself from future oxidative environments,
 deficient to the point that your antioxidant saturation is at or below
a number that entertains
a number whose descent from, whose deterioration,
defines disease,
a number your antioxidant saturation
all too often falls to or dwells
when the human body's 
"manual input only" antioxidant system is
abused, or ignored. 

If you are to eliminate oxidative stress and 
free yourself from disease 

you'll at least need to read this presentation and understand antioxidant saturation. 
Look, for simplicities sake,
unless you're under a doctor's care,
just go to page 2,
scroll down till you see the liposomal recipe,
make up a batch,
start with 5 grams every 8 hours,
increase the dose till you reach bowel intolerance,
should be a week or two, maybe more, then
back off a few grams to your comfort level.
Continue till you're around 120 years old or more.
While you're doing that go to page 3,
make up a batch of the electrolytes,
do 11 ounces along with your liposomal C every 8 hours,
do half a tab of a decent multi mineral/vitamin twice a day and
some sublingual B complex.
Do at least a packet, 7 grams, of Knox gelatin every day.
If you need scientific justifications, motivations, and testimonials
they abound throughout these pages but this is basically the
"Cliff Notes" on how most folks need to get healthy 
and stay that way.
As regards antioxidant saturation,
you'll find yourself knowing you just simply need the guts
to make yourself do something inconvenient,
if you can't, if
you find the means of saving your own life too unpleasant to your palate,
you will, no doubt, continue as you have at which point 
I don't know of anything or anyone 
that can be much help to your
avoiding a premature date with Darwin.
If you're currently involved with physicians prescriptions I'd refer you to
Dr. Thomas Levy's video:
as, if you're suffering from some acute pathology, you may get the greatest immediate benefit from a few rounds of IVC,
 intravenous ascorbic acid, 
to augment a liposomal saturation regimen.
If you're doubtful of your ability to self saturate
out of your current pathology the Riordan Clinic
addresses antioxidant relief in the gravest of circumstances:
Even if you simply follow the Cliff Notes I implore you that,
when you are able, 
you certainly need to avail yourself to Dr. Levy's works 
and employ his message.
Dr. Levy has been kind enough to respond to
contact from his website: 
I've also relied heavily on the work of Dr. Suzanne Humphries (LV),
Dr. John Whitcomb (L,  LII), The Riordan Clinic (XXIII,  XXLV), and many others as
footnoted, cataloged, and presented below.  
In any event feel free to email or call me as, in regards to this site
or health care, this is not a business and I'm not selling anything.
I've been donating my time and effort through this site
after having been involved with a liposomal regimen long 
enough that all my too numerous to mention medical complaints
became resolved
and haven't returned.  
No medical complaints.
It's been over two years now.
This is an informational site only. 
brling@comcast.net  253 878-7117)
Good health & long life is not for the timid,
not, in the case of humans because of our manual system, for the uneducated either. 

You can defeat disease, repair yourself, recover, resist future exposure, 
eliminate oxidative stress
when you acknowledge and adequately respond to the fact that our
best benefit comes from reaching and maintaining
at least the consistently high levels of 
antioxidant saturation 
 the human species once had an automatic system to provide.
Foresight, self awareness, the ability to intervene with 
calculated proactive and reactive choice,
mental advancements available to us as a species
that can lead to intelligent manual antioxidant saturation adjustments
 no doubt foreshadowed our evolvement to 
 the intelligence driven manualsystem that
separates humans
from the automated animal kingdom. 
​Our mental advancements 
will be harmful,
will lead to premature discomfort,
if we ignore appropriate application or their purpose in our
manual input dependent antioxidant necessities.
The fact that we do not have an automatic antioxidant system, that
all antioxidant sourcing for humans is solely a matter of 
voluntary manual nutritional choice, that 
your only option for adequate antioxidants is your use of 
 informed intelligence to select the correct antioxidant regimen,
these are facts you have to be cognizant of if you're to 
eliminate disease
​instead of just treat it.
Without adequate antioxidant saturation you can't cure
your cancer, your atherosclerosis, your cirrhosis,
your anything
in the way of disease
Our highly developed brain is now our only path to
antioxidant saturation
and the elimination of our oxidative stress.
A brain is only a viable replacement for 
automatic complex physiological systems if it finds
 a means to afford at least as
effective a result
as the automatic system it's being used to replace.
When a brain intervenes to override an automatic
system I think most of us would agree the desired result is that such an intervention will be an improvement.

It doesn't matter how highly developed the human brain is if we don't
use it.

Voluntary manual nutritional choice enlightened
by the fruits of our educated development can allow at least as effective an antioxidant saturation as an automatic system would while providing
us the option of intelligent intervention beyond
a mere programmed drone's abilities.
Intelligent choice gives us the means to proactively and reactively
relieve ourselves from oxidative environments
and the disease oxidative stress exposes us to when our
saturation baseline needs adjustment. 
If your baseline antioxidant saturation looks to be inadequate due to
recent or anticipated variable exposures,
if you're to avoid oxidative stress, 
 adjustments can be made with the right applications. 
Liposomal encapsulation of oral antioxidants allows
up to 80% absorption.​
With 80% absorption and timely application
you can achieve consistent oxidative stress eliminating saturation.
Oral antioxidants that are not liposomally encapsulated,
whatever amount of antioxidants you intend to access in your diet
or your attendance to a daily supplement regimen, 
80% or more are going in the toilet.
Get sick and attempt to megadose on unencapsulated antioxidants and
they're pretty much all going in the toilet, most probably with
a drama that may intimidate you from doing the right thing
with the right application of the right antioxidants.
If you are not attending to an effective antioxidant regimen,
one that provides high levels of saturation 
at least every 8 hours
you risk losing adequate saturation, 
exposing yourself to untold unnecessary varieties of oxidative stress, and
your failing to resolve
  your current pathologies . 
Imagine that you have been living life making the
kind of compromises you'd have to if you were missing
half your liver, half your pancreas,
or half of your immune system.
 Imagine that your internal systems had been
making severe compromises you didn’t know about
your whole life.  
It's not your fault, nobody told you, but
that's pretty much where you are. 
Imagine that technology found an answer to end those compromises. You get the rest of your body back.  
If all you had to do was take a few liposomal vitamins, balance your electrolytes, attend to a few essential nutrients,
you’d probably be skeptical but, hey, technology has arrived
and without any of those long lists of side effects
or going to see a doctor if you’re not currently under a physicians care.  
For the sake of a few common ingredients you can
put together at home
for pennies a day
you can experience life
without compromises
you didn't know you were making.
The first thing our newfound technology teaches us is
the age old adage about disease at the top of the page.  We've
always known it, we just didn't know what to do about it.  
Now we do.
Regardless of what you have going on now,
or will inevitably fall prey to in the future,
 ​​ attempting treatment of any pathology, administering to
or attempting to extend
at any level, 
without first eliminating oxidative stress
is like treating a burn victim without first putting out the fire.
Introducing anything but antioxidants, electrolytes,
and restorative nutrients into
an already oxidative situation is pouring gas on the fire.
In the case of disease, if the first concern is the health of the patient,
the first triage should be investigating for and attending to
​the elimination of
oxidative stress
If my doctor wasn't educating me about oxidative stress,
I'd find a different doctor.
If my doctor wasn't recommending the use of
liposomaly encapsulated antioxidants,
I'd find a different doctor. 
Excepting anything short of recent conscientious use of 
liposomally encapsulated antioxidants
to effectively saturate your system, 
whether you know your health is compromised or not,
if you are not currently on a bowel tolerance liposomal recipe,
there is antioxidant deficiency in your history,
in your present diet,
and excruciatingly so
in any future you contemplate without addressing 
your antioxidant regimen.

Only antioxidant saturation can cure antioxidant deficiency.
Consistent adequate antioxidant presence eliminates the environment of disease
the environment of antioxidant compromise

As disease loses its' environment so does 
 abnormal physiology.

As abnormal physiology dissipates so ​does 
negative psychology.

The challenge is to initially get past the 
negative psychology long enough that the 
the oxidative stress,
the abnormal physiology,
can be alleviated.
You have to take the cure to see the results.
You have to avail yourself to adequate antioxidants to benefit from the effects of eliminating oxidative stress.
From this moment forward you have the choice of being the casualty or beneficiary of your foresight and now informed choice.

The greatest oral antioxidant delivery system I know of,
the way to stop the compromises that are keeping a great portion 
of your system and faculties off line
is going to require the discipline to use it properly
and it is not going to taste great.

Good health is not for the timid
or the ill informed.

Most species without the intelligence to acquire antioxidants at will 
 involuntarily manufacture their own 24/7/365,
night and day continuously every day throughout their life.
Their systems are physiologically self saturated and self monitored to insure a consistent level of saturation. 
Antioxidants are so important to life production is automatic for them,
like breathing or one's heart beating. 
Along with their consistent continual automatic production geared
to keep their blood and system antioxidant saturated and immune
to the normal daily jeopardy of their existence and environment 
they also have physiological triggers and abilities
to increase antioxidant production in response to increased and varying 
demands of oxidative stress, of disease.  

Our physiological trigger is solely
a highly evolved brain.
We don't have an automatic system.
We either have to make quantitative judgements based 
on how we "feel", knowing that by the time we 
feel bad
it's way too late,
we can apply our intelligence that instructs us
that no less than an adequate saturation as a 
baseline is the only reasonably acceptable condition 
to maintain.
Keeping ourselves baseline saturated puts us at least
back to par with all the automatic species.
Our mental advancements, when used correctly, when used
to maintain a healthy antioxidant saturation level despite
oxidative incursions
considerably elevates our existence. 
Without our willful conscious attendance we have
no significant antioxidant presence
let alone the blood and system saturation
that keeps the automatic species vibrant, productive,
generally immune as long as
nutrition and environment is consistent,
 capable of independent repair,
capable of independent recovery
​when faced with an oxidative event.
Creatures with automatic antioxidant synthesis
have no willful access to any other
cure for their oxidative stress,
 no other cure for whatever disease might assail them.
They can't ponder their condition or their options.
Their automatic antioxidant triggers either 
defeat the threat when the threat is upon them, 
relieve the oxidative stress,
eliminate the disease,
or they're toast.
They can't call a doctor.
There is no 911 they can dial.
There is only their antioxidant production response.
They have no means for anticipation and
can't independently adjust to allow for eventualities yet
en masse, given a stable enviornment,
their antioxidant saturation system works pretty well.
Since we only have a brain
instead of their automatic antioxidant system
if we're to independently repair,
independently recover,
independently survive,
long term if we're to survive at all,
if we expect to have an old age and have it be healthy 
we have to take our own well being into our own vigilant supervision
we have to use our brain and intentionally, incessantly
apply our own perpetual oxidative protections,
administer our own essential antioxidant cure.
911 is not going to do it for you.
Physicians are only there as a failure response.
​They are mostly just the tools of Darwin.
You may have someone else resuscitate you but
without antioxidant saturation, you are not going to be repaired
or have your system revived.
Your brain will be a mere early casualty to the process 
​of natural selection.
Knowing that antioxidants eliminate oxidative stress,
if we are to remain disease free,
free from
cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimers, Acquired Immune Deficiency 
Syndrome-AIDS, cataracts, migraines, unexpected pain, inappropriate bleeding, ebola, Human Immunodeficiency Virus-HIV, hepatitis, herpes, enlarged prostate, gout, common colds, zika virus, flu, unexplained discomfort, unexpected toxic injections, the entire spectrum of
simple or complex scourges in our vocabulary,
if we stand any chance at all 
to recover from oxidative events,
we have the knowledge and ability to intentionally apply liposomal antioxidants
at least as continuously, 
as least as effectively, 
at least as competently,
at least maintain blood saturation levels as consistently high 
as a perpetual automatic system would
every day 
to afford ourselves any hope of long term good health,
to afford ourselves any hope of correcting
our lifetimes deficient delivery of otherwise
unobtainable antioxidants .

You wouldn't turn breathing or your heart beat over
to a manual system and then just ignore it.
​Failing antioxidant vigilance,
failing antioxidant saturation of our blood and system,
is just as perilous. 
You can not sustain healthy human life without
oxygen, blood flow, and adequate antioxidant saturation.
For humans, since antioxidant “autopilot" is not available, to make an analogy to flight, there needs to be vigilant informed conscientious attention to constantly maintaining course, bearing, altitude, attitude, maintenance interval, 
the appropriate quantity and quality of fuel delivery
in at least as effectual a manner as the
involuntary automatic system would have provided should
you want to remain in flight,
remain healthy and alive.
If you're not yet in some pathological peril you need to imitate at least the rudimentary baseline milligram per kilogram production of kindred automatic non sentient species
and additionally attend to improvements our
intelligent choice capacity leads us to. 
We can’t turn off autopilot and then turn off the fuel and expect good results. We can't turn off the autopilot and then take a nap and expect good results. We can't lose autopilot and expect some ill informed ill attended haphazard approach to indefinitely protect us from a lifetime of exposure to peril.  
If you don’t know what you’re doing it’s hard to know what to do.  
If antioxidants are a new concept to you, not to worry.  Here you’ll find a recipe that, if you follow the simple regimen, will in fact justify our evolutionary departure from an involuntary response,
justify the turning off the autopilot that was often
an onerous taxation on a system
prone to falling prey to lean times.  

Now that we are evolutionarily left solely to choice when it comes to antioxidants and our health if we fail in the proper application of 
our infinitely capable mental capacity
we will suffer.
If you don't apply the cure you won't see it's inoculation
or it's repair.
To date the product of our best and brightest in 
contemplation of an antioxidant delivery system
that will inoculate against future oxidative stress
and amend effects of existing disease has found
an extraordinarily efficient vehicle.
Nothing for sale here. This site is informational.
​The footnoting is to videos and sourcing as indicated and
provided throughout the site.
Questions can be directed to brling@comcast.net
The goal of this site is to provide you with the nutritional
information, the recipe, and the regimen to eliminate
the environment of disease and 
the effects of oxidative stress
so one can recover,
and move ​forward in disease free health.  
To do that there has to be a positive activation
of your psychological
response to pathology.
Your brain needs to understand:

The only cure for oxidative stress is to eliminate it.

Disease, oxidative stress, will persist until 
antioxidants prevail.

Antioxidant deficiency defines disease.
Disease defines antioxidant deficiency.
Antioxidant saturation is the only cure for antioxidant deficiency.  ​

If you're not at a blood level of around 400mm/L you are deficient.

(LV 51:10)

Antioxidants cure most everything because 
their absence causes most everything. 

Life's alternative to disease is antioxidant saturation.

Antioxidant saturation is only ever a remedy to 
disease and its effects. 
On an unmedicated body it has no contraindications.

Antioxidant saturation has no contraindications!

​There is no abnormal physiological state that antioxidants will not have a positive effect on. 

We all have to eventually come to terms with a lifetimes accumulation of our procrastination about antioxidants.  

There are only two ways to come to terms with the deficiency.  

I’m doing all I can to help folks make the choice that keeps them healthy, happy, and around until something instead of a self inflicted 
condition, contagion, or health crisis cuts things short.  
Omission of a responsible antioxidant regimen is a self
inflicted commission
of your own crisis
especially now that there is an 
antioxidant resource that can be far better than the physiological manufacture the human body used to be capable of. 
Evolution and science have given us better choices than the automatic production model but it doesn’t matter if we don’t use them.

The catch with the recipe and the regimen is that you have to educate yourself enough about it's importance that you’ll use it. 
When we ponder disease or an untimely death we are seldom amazed that the consequence was in spite of a conscientious
regimen of antioxidant saturation.  
Quite the contrary.  
Most medical difficulties are encountered and treated by those who have zero understanding of antioxidant efficacy in any regard.  
You are, no doubt, aware of how little anyone in your acquaintance can tell you anything about antioxidants as a prevention of disease
a remedy to the effects of disease
an inoculant making most pathology avoidable, 
a cure that, if subscribed to with at least the diligent levels that would be sustained when involuntary baseline antioxidant production
was still part of our genetic physiology and increased when needed,
will keep you from the myriad scourges that you and
medical science are so mystified and by. 
It doesn't matter what pathology you're suffering from
or at what level of severity,
if you weren't born with whatever is currently troubling you 
or whatever discomfort is on the horizon, 
oxidative stress is the culprit and antioxidants are the answer.  
If you were born medically challenged most probably
it was parental stress related.  
It's a pretty high probability that your parents had no concept of the role
antioxidants play in achieving and maintaining good health.  
It's a certainty that if you don't spend a good deal of time with
the recipe, prose, and videos here
history will catastrophically repeat itself. 
It took generations for "medical science" to accept a
concept as simple as germ theory.
At one time physicians couldn't even be bothered to consider that simply washing their hands would be hygenic.
That you're skeptical about curing your ills and maintaining good health being so simple is not out of character for primitive human psychology.
If you'll spend a couple minutes here you'll find an
antioxidant recipe that will deliver as advertised.
I will say that if you voted for any Republican in the last 
election please just move along.  You must be obscenely wealthy,
insatiably greedy, have no sense of noblesse oblige, or you're just too stupid to act in your own or anyone else's best interest.  Anyone
opposed to universal single payer health care needs to
lose, at least, their privilege of civil discourse with those whom
their obtuse views have afflicted .
For the rest of you it's important to know that oxidative stress
 propagates best at antioxidant levels of less than around
400mm/L  blood saturation. (LV, 51:10)
While any introduction of antioxidant ingestion will always provide a positive result in combating oxidative stress you've got to come to terms with the fact that, for assimilating the significant levels of antioxidants needed to inoculate and maintain a disease free environment, 
your body is a closed system that relies totally on ingestion.
Given the levels of insatiable threats that persist in today's world, 
your body needs to be at least as proactively overwhelming as
the threats that surround it now that we have a liposomal vehicle that's
 cheap and simple.
If you're not willing to ingest at saturation levels please move on and
resist talking about antioxidants to those willing to make the 
commitment necessary to restore and/or maintain good health.  By talking about something you've shown ignorance
and cowardice in the pursuit of
you only embarrass yourselves
and distract from a needful souls regimen. 

For those who would like to avoid or amend oxidative catastrophe 
there is a remedy. 

For those of you experiencing known disease to the extent
that you are willing to educate yourselves
and you are bright enough to overcome "bad taste",
you need immediate relief.
Nothing for sale here, read on. 
Human life has only two antioxidant choices:
​Saturate or disease. Period.
The operative word is choice.
Antioxidants are not a choice or an application
we only have to make once. 
Antioxidants have to be more than an idea, they have to be
internally applied with a continuous vehicle designed to
deliver in the most effective manner.
No remedy can be effective when left on the shelf or
not taken in accordance with it's prescribed regimen.  
Thinking of toxins, pathogens, abnormal pathology, all causes and contributors to disease as fire, the blaze is either out or it is internally consuming something you most assuredly
are loathe to do without.  
There is no compromise or cozy hearth with disease.  
There are only two ways it is going out.
On your terms or not. 
I can't imagine consciously choosing to accommodate disease when
there is an abundant remedy available.  
 As far as chemo, radiation, or any other oxidative toxin, paying millions to scientifically interject fire into an already raging disaster, to me, doesn't qualify as a remedy when you can choose to
simply and effectively smother the scourge
with the saturation whose absence allowed the initial spark. 

 Antioxidants cure most anything because 
their absence causes most everything.

​Physiologically, we humans, having no internal device to supplementally supply saturation to our bodies must, from birth, deal with external acquisition for internal application.  Failing to completely saturate our antioxidant needs leaves us to compromise, disease, and its' consequences. 
With adequate and sometimes crisis dose antioxidants (and proper nutrition) our bodies don't have to live with or make compromises that lead to or extend 
discomfort and disease
The longer you obfuscate about
this the longer you'll suffer system deficiencies 
and the consequences. Here's the best I know about
how to comfortably and affordably stop the compromises:
The best explanation I've found about why human physiology no longer produces it's own vitamin C is that the loss was an evolutionary response to surviving lean times and starvation. Species that manufacture their own vitamin C typically use up to 20% or more of their ingested energy in the process. Rain or shine lean or fat 20% of their energy to manufacture vitamin C, it's that important. When the nutrition intake stops their manufacturing does not. They will burn themselves down due to an involuntary response as
physiologically unstoppable as breathing.
It's that important.
They typically don't have the option of intelligently altering their diet or being able to adjust intake in order to supplement system deficiencies.
When we're imprisoned, impoverished, ignorant, or just plain stupid, a human body in lean times simply makes compromises that, if not deprived for too long, can be remedied when a significant supply returns. When we neglect ingesting a significant supply our bodies, having no reserve or other access, simply continue to make the system compromises
until at least one of them
kills us.
It is the equivalent of starving to death with a full belly.
 Without a significant antioxidant regimen, long before it is apparent, disease is present and escalating in scope and scale.  By the time disease exhibits pathologies 
have progressed from annoying to disabling to a death sentence because of our ignorance or indifference about antioxidants.  Today, with antioxidant saturation properly attended, discomfort no longer has to be routine, for most who are antioxidant attentive, no longer has to attract so much as an alarm.  Once, when a body's lack of antioxidants had allowed discomfort and disease to ravage our systems, there was only one method to deliver curatively significant antioxidants.  Unencapsulated oral antioxidants are, at best, only around 10% absorptive so the only real hope to immediately reverse and/or eliminate diseaseacute or chronic, used to be an IV, intravenous antioxidant injections, at up to 70% absorption. IV ascorbic acid injections, IVC, as a method of antioxidant delivery to alleviate disease and suffering,
regardless of it's unquestionable effectiveness, because of an
IV's inconvenience, it was not "mainstream".
There also was and is, due to ascorbic acid's "too broad of a spectrum of indication", meaning it's cheap and cures everything, little financial motivation for
the medical profession to prescribe it or educate about it's efficacy.  
Also, because antioxidants are absorbed/used/depleted as they
reduce oxidizing pathogens, neutralize toxins, rejuvenate the immune system, or if the entire saturation can't be focally employed due to
the mechanics of cellular respiration 
all vitamin C is either
engaged or
evacuated from the human body
every 12 hours
so IVC, miraculously effective while applied,
is seldom ever "one and done". Given the reality of the 12 hour clock IVC would have to be hooked up continuously
for days at a time to reverse both the symptomatic and
causal results of advanced and chronic oxidative stress.  
While IVC may be uncomfortable for those whose systems have been pronounced irretrievably compromised by the chemo and radiation peddlers, IVC is still, for many abandoned and consigned to hospus or those who never want to be, an immediately viable path to reversal of the oxidative damage that caused your symptoms, a path to reversal of the additional damage of the intentional administration of additional toxins, and the only path to reversal of damage a continuing regimen of inadequate antioxidants will continue to produce.  At any stage of your suffering antioxidant saturation is still the only cure for too little antioxidants, for antioxidant deficiency
There are scenarios of oxidative damage that only IVC and/or an IV push will alleviate given the perishable nature of a system that is about to terminally experience too little
 antioxidant relief or has been isolated and left only to oxidation. To avoid ever having such a severely compromised system, to supplement the IVC regimen for the return to health of such a system, or to be the comfortable support necessary to keep a rescued system from returning to its' compromised state, today, thanks to modern technology, there is an ORAL delivery system that, at up
to 80% absorption, it's 10% more effective
than an IV and, because its an ORAL application,
you simply drink it whenever you need or want to.
​Because you can take it and drink it anywhere anytime it 
can provide all the antioxidant benefits of a continuous IV so you never have to make antioxidant compromises ever again. 
You can stop oxidative stress before it gets started and/orreverse many levels of existing oxidative damage, reverse existing and future disease, while continually supporting the immune system in innumerable significant ways (footnote XXIII below minute 38:18) so that the body can regenerate properly, heal, and, with  dynamic flow oral ingestion, inoculate itself against future oxidative stress.  There is no good reason that oxidative stress and it’s myriad of presenting symptoms ever needs to get a start let alone be the cause of an uncomfortable or untimely end.  If you are currently racked by any symptoms of ill health or if you've simply got something irritating that won't go away, or if  you're just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired, there is more than just hope.  If you'd like to stop existing oxidative stress or don’t want to ever experience oxidative stress or any of it’s symptoms again, deliverance is just a few minutes and a few simple ingredients away.  The minutes will be determined by the time it takes you to either read, watch, listen, hear, understand, and respect established medical fact enough to believe the opening statement, that
"All DISEASE is the result of OXIDATIVE STRESS" 
or just make your start now with a few grams of Liposomal C
and follow an adeqate regimen.
Even if you're doubtful you'll ever be completely convinced
you're talking mere
pennies a day
to access what extraordinary minds, science, and results
have demonstrated to be
a medical remedy without peer.  
I’ve collected video’s of distinguished physicians and notated their works in
green type below.  I’ve tried to spare no effort in supporting medical fact and
welcome any discussion by including my email and phone number.  
I put this site up only for the public good. Nothing for sale here.
Everything that is not fact is opinion.

If you’re chronically ill the odds are that, once you’ve cut through the bluster of your Doctors spiel, you realize he’s telling you he can offer you no cure and very little hope.  Additionally, if he’s not prescribing antioxidants, it’s like failing to put fire retardant on a life consuming blaze.  It's obvious that the first step in 
treating a burn victim is to eliminate the fire.  It should be equally obvious that 
when treating any ailment it's best to eliminate oxidative stress.

Once truth has become self evident and you either realize that
there is but onedisease,
oxidative stress
and antioxidants
eliminateoxidative stress,
or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about,
or once you’re ready to address the compromises your body has had to make,
it’s simply a matter of either purchasing the world's best antioxidant, world changing

LivOn Lipo-Spheric liposomal vitamin C, that sells for around $1 a gram on Amazon, OR
you can make
 lipo-spheric liposomal vitamin C yourself for less than 
a penny a gram.
With the liposomal encapsulated product I get
80% absorption of 60 grams instead
of 10% absorption of 10 grams of unencapsulated products.
The number one clinical tenant is that​ dose effects treatment outcome.
​Dr. Klenner's recommendation was a gram of C per year of age daily.  
The key is that however much you do
you must do even the liposomal C at least every 8 hours as the human body does
independently manufacture or reliably store vitamin C
and it functionally vacates any excess or unused  
vitamin C
and potassium
every 12 hours.
Additionally, if you use a vitamin C supplement that is not
liposomally encapsulated vitamin C
you will become bowel intolerant and will scour (diarrhea) long before you
can ingest a significant enough amount.  With the Liposomal C you can
ingest incredible amounts and stay comfortable.  You can ingest enough C to
inoculate yourself from future stress and remedy pretty much
anything you weren't born with.
Along with ingesting the liposomal C right to bowel tolerance and then backing off
just enough to be comfortable 
you have to do potassium every 8 hours as well.  Your body does not
manufacture or store potassium. (yellow text at the page bottom)
Along with potassium there are further electrolytes and nutrients
that are a must to keep our
systems from having to make compromises too but you don't have to
liposomally encapsulate most to get them where they need to be in your system.
If you are at present severely afflicted you should consider accessing Dr. Levy's videos to evaluate an immediately start with IVC, intravenous ascorbic acid. 
For those of you less conflicted and would like to stay that way, read the rest of this site,   
find your bowel intolerance and then stay just below that level of ingestion
if you are to first heal yourself and subsequently inoculate yourself.
You can be completely comfortable once you've found your tolerant dose but
if you're not willing to employ the regimen
properly you will continue to ask your body to make compromises
You see
Health is a state of high electron flow.
Disease is low electron flow.
Death is zero electron flow.
Vitamin C, C6H8O6, provides 2 electrons per molecule.
I have to wonder why anyone would not avail themselves to as much good 
​health as they possibly could.
Ongoing cancer or something "terminal"? 
Personally I would not expose what is
obviously and oxidative condition to 
any treatment or individual who did not have a plan to relieve my
oxidative stress.
I'd start an IV regimen under an appropriately educated physician,
find that physician by checking with 
Dr. Levy or the Riordan Clinic
do your Liposomal C regimen, watch and attend to this video:
Do a lot of things you shouldn't have in your youth? 
Just plain have things happen that you didn't have control over?  
Dr. Levy tells us that there is no pathogen that is resistant to
Vitamin C when properly administered. 
If you knew fact certain that for every 100g of lipo C you took
it would add a healthy, happy, day to your life, how much would you do?
There is no abnormal physiological state that significant antioxidants, Vitamin C, will not have a positive effect on.
Conversely there is no abnormal physiological effect that antioxidants will ever produce.  
Your body will simply expel any excess. 
If you'd like to neutralize ALL toxins, kill ALL pathogens, stop ALL disease
see how I neutralize my own bacterial (anything you'd take antibiotics for)  and
viral infections (colds, flu, etc that antibiotics can't touch!!!), 
how I
stopped the pain,   
​stopped the bleeding
cured my gout,
stopped Type II diabetes,
got off of lisinopril,
got off all drugs 
cured my prostate problems,
and who knows what else, 
suffer no colds, no infections,
and, although sanitary, 
quit worrying about germs whether I'm out in public or at home,
you can research making your own liposomal vitamin C AND
doing AT LEAST the RDA of potassium, K
or read on and I can help you increase the efficiency and lower the cost of 
If you or loved ones are fighting something specific, something chronic or acute,
you'll want a preparation that comfortably delivers the highest amount
of C to the cellular level.
You simply can not absorb significant amounts of C by taking it "naked", unencapsulated.
10% is the average naked absorption!
Before you get a couple naked grams down you'll be "bowel intolerant" and on the toilet.
And there's no silly buffer gimmick
that dramatically increases absorption either,
just delay release.  
They do nothing to significantly raise the percentage of absorption.
encapsulate the C and get it through the stomach so you can do mega doses
AND get 80% absorption without bowel intolerance until you've done what you need.  
I've done as much as 80 grams of AA a day for weeks on end, that's 480 grams of
the DIY liposomal prep! and not had bowel distress.
That's 120 grams of the DIY liposomal prep 4 times a day.  Perfectly comfortable right
up until I ​got better and didn't have to do so much.
Nothing else in medical science is so effective, so obtainable, so deliverable.
As you get better you start doing less but you'll
never again
have to risk doing less antioxidants than you need
because of
inconvenience, discomfort or, hopefully, cost.
The taste is not appealing but neither was my first beer and I overcame that barrier with enthusiastic success.
Mary Poppins has some great advice for the culinarily challenged too.
Dismissing a "medical remedy without peer" because you can't find 
a means to make it palatable to your individual tastes will not
increase your quality of life.
You can make 951g of the DIY lipo-spheric liposomal C
product in around fifteen minutes.
If you started at around 10g 3 times a day, that's
10g every 8 hours and around 30 cents a day,
 951g would last over a month.
 I'm doing a lot more than that because I am fighting some unique pathogens and
 I want to be inoculated too, not just cured.  That and knowing
doing every gram I can provides great things to a body I've unintentionally oxidatively exerted to date makes me
loathe to cheat it any longer. 
I take my regular comfortable amount at least every 8 hours with
at least a third of the RDA of K and at least a couple grams of baking soda.
I also take 28 g of a Knox type gelatin every 8 hours with the Lipo and 
I take a good multi vitamin/mineral daily. (see page 3)
I take the Knox because I'm old and my arthritis is unbearable if I don't.  Also
I take the gelatin because the amino acids lysine and proline are the foundation of
Dr. Levy's cure for congestive heart disease. If I do 50g of gelatin I get the correct
amount of all the aminos. ​
 Liposomal C is the cornerstone of the foundation of good health today. 
Without it I wouldn't have had a prayer of experiencing the old age I look forward to.
If you'd like to stick around on your own terms too
take as much Lipo C as you can.  Once
you're at "bowel tolerance" and
you're getting enough K and the other essentials you can 
eat what you want, do what you want,
and know you're taking care of everything that ails you.
I haven't tried C intravenously because I haven't had to! 
Just the DIY lipo-spheric liposomal C has solved ALL of my medical complaints.
IF the Lipo didn't have me 100% in good health and I couldn't do
as much as I thought I needed because of "scouring", I'd be in to the clinic
doing C IV's till 
whatever was distressing me was cleared up.
Just waking up every day is a blessing.
Being able to breathe out of both nostrils all day long and having
ZERO medical complaints
is another wonderful thing.
Knowing a health issue is unlikely ever to arise and
if one did,  that you're just an extra chug or bag
of Vitamin C away from curing it is too
a wonderful thing.
If you're not feeling terrific
you're not doing enough of this wonderful stuff.
Dr. Levy tells us vitamin C will never never never let you down
you're doing enough of it... 

ScienceDaily.com has quite a few articles citing the positive effects of even the most
paltry 10% absorptive oral amounts of vitamin C:

Imagine if the liposomally enlightened had conducted these studies!
Here's a quick starter video to see why to and how to make your own liposomal C:
For some a video explains things more poignantly than I can with mere text.
Instead of the liquid lecithin I use non GMO sunflower lecithin powder 
Mixes up great. Now that you know the how and the why forget the ultrasonic
cleaner portion of that first video and
get ready for simpler and better!!!
Here's the most concentrated preparation of liposomal C I know of and
currently the only source that I use:
Nearly 17% of C instead of 3%
and a penny per delivered gram cheaper than the 3% prep.
I'm currently doing nearly 60 grams of C per day, 320g of the concentrated 17% prep.
I'd have to do nearly 2000g of the sonic prep to get as much C. 
The way I make up the best recipe I know is below in
Page 2 & Large Blue Font below

​If you're wondering how I discovered Liposomal C some of
Dr. Thomas Levy's 
vitamin C videos are itemized below in GREEN text by the minute 
they're addressed in the video corresponding to the
disease or
you're interested in .
They're below my remarks and 
Potassium is in yellow at the bottom of this site.

Do recall your body does not manufacture potassium or vitamin C.
Your body also does not "store" potassium or C.
Aside from some desperate cellular retention you are empty every 12 hours from your last ingestion.
Do you really think the first signs of scurvy starts 
with external hemorrhaging?
Scurvy, scorbutic disease, starts when you go 12 hours
without adequate antioxidants.  
Vitamin C is the most abundant, accessible, and, thanks to the
liposomal process, the most assimilable antioxidant available.
80% absorption.
The only consequence of too much is temporary discomfort.
Too little is not just too little, at the voracious rate your
body uses the electrons for life,
too little is very quickly none.
Since antioxidants are absolutely essential the damage
starts immediately, ameliorated somewhat by the dismally inadequate amounts you get in your diet. 
Your diet or any oral ingestion is not nearly enough.
Now that you know this and know what to do about it
your good health is in your own hands with
no acceptable excuses.  
While potassium deficiency often presents with some acute symptoms like cramping and cravings,
with antioxidant deficiency all the effects are not well chronicled.   Many, like cellular wall deterioration, 
corrupted DNA replication,  mitochondrial stress, various physiological stress and the resulting psychological stress 
won't be immediately evident. 
"Scorbutic" diseases, and there are a host of them, Scurvy being the unglamorous well known mascot for the pack, are diseases ascribed to lack of Vitamin C or any sufficent antioxidant.  Just because you're
not bleeding externally, just because you are not identifiably hemorrhaging in a dramatic fashion, does not mean you're getting enough C or not suffering from 
localized or focal cellular scorbutic induced distress.  
I don't know where it's all going but I'm currently finding a home for 60 grams of Vitamin C daily.  If my body
needed less bowel intolerance would adjust for an overdose and I'd be doing less as that is 
the simple cure for bowel intolerance, just do less.
I still can't orally ingest anything over 5 grams of Ascorbic Acid without having problems but I can do
60 grams of the liposomal prep without any ill effects.
Remember too that the RDA or DRI  of potassium, K, is nearly 5 grams.
(The 2004 guidelines of the Institute of Medicine specify a Dietary Reference Intake (DRI]) of 4,700 mg of potassium (100 mEq); most Americans consume only half that amount per day) 
Like Vitamin C, what you eat only lasts till it's used up or your body eliminates the excess every 12 hours.  If you haven't had C or K in the last 12 hours you are basically empty.  I do both C and K every 6 hours both so my levels are consistently significant and if I miss a dose I haven't gone over 12 hours without it so, hopefully, I'm never empty. 
For the sake of an analogy put C, K, and Oxygen all at the same level of necessity for your body.  With oxygen depravation the stress is just a little more immediate.
​It's occurred to me that the best way to communicate about the  vaccine, inoculant, antidote, and cure that is Vitamin C, is to tell folks to think of it first as an antidote.  If you got bit by a rattlesnake you'd want an antidote for the toxin.  If you shook hands with someone who had been coughing and sneezing with a cold, you'd hope for an antidote before you ended up with the same symptoms. If you get dosed with gasoline while filling the lawn mower your skin absorbs it, your blood transports it right to your liver where you experience acute and chronic oxidative stress.  You would much rather the antidote was proactively already there in your liver, or better yet, in your blood too, neutralizing chemical, viral, or bacteriological toxins upon exposure and all along the body's pathway to eventual harmless elimination from the body.  If we had a choice we would rather the antidote would neutralize the toxin before it did any damage.  We would rather be vaccinated, inoculated to prevent damage, than just have an antidote.

Problem solved.  Properly maintained in adequate 3 or 4 equal doses a day Vitamin C is a preventative, a vaccine, for all the toxins you'll normally encounter, along with being an antidote, a cure, for all the toxins you have already encountered.  When you keep a significant level by applying lipo C every 6 or 8 hours it's also a fuel to keep the bodies engine hitting on all cylinders regardless of the daily external oxidative exposures.  Dr. Levy reminds us of Dr. Klenner's view that
good health is the state of high electron flow, poor health is diminished electron flow, when electron flow ceases, so has life. Vitamin C gives us two electrons per molecule. There is no toxic dose of Vitamin C, so no toxic dose of electrons through diet, no limitation of good health. If you've got a significant level of antioxidant, of C, in your body you've gone about as far as you can to insulate, inoculate, yourself from whatever you encounter while you're also neutralizing all the toxins already there .  If you know you've encountered something that requires extra antioxidant there is a way to handle that too.  We'll get to that down the page. 
In what appears to be a contradiction to the "high electron flow is health" model, replication then death is the inevitable life cycle of our cells. For instance a healthy pancreas fully renews every 24 hours.  That's a lot of
 replication and death.
  In keeping with the "high electron flow is health" model we need to do everything we can to insure that the life of the cell enables accurate replication to take place unencumbered by a toxin stressed or inadequately nourished cellular structure. The healthier the cellular structure the better health we'll enjoy overall.  After you've seen and read Dr. Levy's work, here's another site I recently found:
Of course I haven't gotten it all figured out but I've found a huge enough piece of the puzzle that all of my known former health problems are no longer a problem.  What I've experienced already leads me to believe that Vitamin C in doses that negotiate the edge of bowel tolerance, is the foundation of my being able to be here at all.  I know fact certain that without it, I'm toast. With it, I'm doing stuff most 20 year olds have no comprehension of.  I know I didn't back then.

There are only two drawbacks to Vitamin C.  To put it indecorously, 1. bowel intolerance till you've found the right amount that keeps you "regular" and 2. folks unwillingness to abandon their comfort zone long enough to find their clinically effective dose.  Those two simple problems will keep Big Pharma, names like Pfizer, Ely Lilly, Glaxco/Smith/Kline, and their ilk continually raking in
exorbitant profits from
the publics ill health.  
Good health is a psychological problem long before it becomes a physiological problem.  No one tells us what we need to know so we do the wrong thing either because we don't know or we just plain defy the established knowledge, end up with problems, and don't know how to fix ourselves.  We get news of a simple, inexpensive antidote we can make ourselves and our first thought is it's too good to be true.  Our second thought is that it had better require no time, effort, or discomfort what so ever. It sure as hell better not require any scientific investigation like taking notes and weighing anything. Big Pharma's preposterous profits are safe if any cure involves any more effort than making automatic coffee.  Take in to account that if, for most, getting all the various & sundry toxins eliminated from your body by some means other than just normal breathing will be necessary, any cure is totally and completely doomed unless, perhaps,
it's that or life on a ventilator.  
Even then most folks are willing to try the ventilator first.  

When you decide you've had enough of the ventilator or would rather not experience it, unfortunately I don't have a cut and dried test group recommendation for a starting dose that is guaranteed to get you the C you need and not have some risk of a "cleanse". You need the C regardless so I try not to intimidate you by advising a dose that will send you immediately to the john.  
Since all people are different in many respects
  I can't know precisely what dose you should start at when taking lipo C for the first time.  I think 60 grams of the 840 gram batch, about 2g of C at a time, 6 or 8g total a day, and work up till you find bowel intolerance and then dial it back to your comfort level.  I know what my results have been.  I know I haven't had a cold or an oxidative stress moment since I got up to 30g lipo C a day and remembered to take very dose. I know my hypochondria about germs, toxins, and exposures is now not a concern, much less a phobia, any more.  I worked in a refinery and just took along an extra dose of lipo C in my lunch box so I could work unintimidated by things that used to drive me to distraction.  It's a great life!
 Having figured out what our "normal" daily dose is brings us to the problem of how to react to an extraordinary toxin if we know we are dosed.  Once again, bowel tolerance if you think you can afford to wait and see.  You'll know what your normal is.  If you find yourself out of your "normal" routine you know you have need for an increase.  That is another good reason to be on a 6 hour schedule.  The faster you identify a need for an extra dose or at least an increase in dosage, the safer you'll be.  The increase in C can be gradual or dramatic.  If you encounter folks sneezing and coughing with colds I'd do a little extra just in case.  If you suspect you've ingested some warm potato salad, been around "Legionnaires", been dosed with a chemical, or start to feel sniffles or congested, do at least a full extra dose immediately and as needed
until the alert has passed! 
I've been exposed to much since I began my 30g per day regimen and have not had any ill effect from anything so far.  If you experience constipation you know the C went to fighting the exposure instead of doing what it normally does. Do some more.  If you exceed bowel tolerance for a session or two it's a small price to pay to know you've neutralized the exposure and insured your continued good health. 
In the case of eating the wrong mushroom or snake bite or something IDLH, Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health,
 I'd follow Dr. Levy's recommendation found below in Video A.
If you don't have time to watch it all I have broken down the relevant portions by topic and minute below in the GREEN text. 
If you haven't watched Dr. Levy's videos and bought his books by now, what are you waiting for?
That's not a completely rhetorical question.  Email me and let me know your concerns.
For those of you whom I have not spoken to or for those I have and you need a refresher I'm
continuing to post the (now denounced) recipe for the Bradley Brooks 3% preparation that I used as my
FIRST liposomal C from 10/2014 to 1/22/16 and  what I'm using now because

Ongoing cancer or something "terminal"? 
Start an IVC regimen
under an appropriately educated physician,
do your Liposomal C regimen, watch and attend to this video:
With the advent of liposomal encapsulation the era of introducing toxins to the body for curative effect will be looked upon tomorrow as we look upon the age of leeches today.  ​
 If you've found your body's antioxidants, your immune system, your health and vitality diminished to the point you're contemplating the Doctors visit you'll find it enlightening news  you no longer have to accept the continued  
discomfort and/or disease resultant from an antiquated commercial regimen based on increasing toxins to an already oxidated physiology.
Liposomally encapsulated ascorbic acid, Lipo Vitamin C, now our greatest antioxidant/antitoxin can be formulated to provide oral ingestion with up to 80% absorption.  The greatest amount of antioxidant saturation achievable and you simply drink it at least every 8 hours because you can and it's 10% more effective than being continuously hooked up to an
antioxidant IV.
All the benefits of constantly
eliminating oxidative stress
without the hospital, clinic, needles, 
and no waiting .
There is no abnormal physiological state, no disease, that significant antioxidants 
will not have a positive effect upon.
The more you get to the blood stream and the cellular level the greater the positive effect, the
less your body has to compromise, the less
​deficiency and disease you'll have to suffer.
Conversely, there is no abnormal physiological effect that antioxidants will ever produce.  
There are no contraindications to the administration of
ascorbic acid.
With Lipo C your body can finally get
all the antioxidants it craves
and simply expel any excess along with the toxins it's neutralized should you be
intrepid enough to find your bodies
saturation threshold. 
Here I'm posting how and what Liposomal Vitamin C recipe
I make up now.
Just pennies a day for the average person. Not much more for the afflicted.
For such a pittance why would you risk or
entertain ill health?
Here's the lypo-shperic recipe link that inspired
my current antioxidant regimen:
​​I continually ask my readers to let me know if they're aware of
anything more effective.
In some cases an IVC regimen or an IV push should be applied
This recipe is not a replacement for IVC in all cases. 
When you "do it yourself",DIY, I recommend using Non GMO sunflower lecithin.  I don't know how or why
to make the Liposomal C with any other product.
​ I also used to make this recipe with 190 proof Everclear, an unreasonable expense to use "name brands".  
I'd recommend
the 80 proof vodka recipe below.  
If you use the 190 proof Everclear the "Cliff Notes"
on the above link as I interpret them  is:
In a quart mason jar pour 115g of the 190 proof Everclear in 478g of distilled water. 
Put it in the microwave for 1  1/2 minutes or till it’s around 115 degrees. 
Pour it in the blender while it’s still to temp and add 161g of pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid. 
Start blending on low.  I usually give it 2 minutes. 
While that’s going on I measure out 197g of the sunflower lecithin you'll find a link to below
  While the blender is still running I pour in the lecithin and blend on LOW for 12 minutes.
Pour it in a glass quart jar and refrigerate it till you're ready for it. 
the cheapest
80 proof vodka, 338 grams,
​distilled  water, 255 grams
Mix the two in a glass quart jar 
Put it in the microwave for 1  1/2 minutes or till it’s around 115 degrees. 
Pour it in the blender while it’s still to temp and add 161g of AA:  
Start blending on low.  I
usually give it 2 minutes. 
While that’s going on I measure out 197g of the sunflower lecithin:
(I wait for the 20% off sales that offer free shipping on orders over $50)
While the blender is still running I pour in the lecithin and blend on LOW for
12 minutes.
To test the encapsulation efficiency of the prep stop the blender, sprinkle a little baking soda on the prep, if it bubbles add around 10 more grams of lecithin and blend for another two minutes, repeat the test.  I've never not been able to pass the baking soda test but I had a friend remark that he had problems so I had him add 
some more lecithin and that took care of things.  Once it passes 
Pour it in a glass quart jar and refrigerate it taking a healthy dose
at least every 8 hours.
I dose every 6 hours.
To figure out what a healthy dose is
 you have to find your "tolerance", back off a few grams and LIVE LIFE knowing you've taken a great start at being unencumbered by oxidative stress.
Hypothetically, if you were convinced that there was a supplement that exponentially
increased oxygen to the brain with no adverse effect and you were convinced that
oxygen to the brain was not overrated,
how much would you do?
Actually, this stuff is every bit as important as
​oxygen to the brain.
When I talk about how much Lipo C I do in a day often the remark is, "400 grams a day!? Why do you do 400 grams a day?" Simple answer.  Because I can't do 500 grams a day. 
For your start, Dr. Levy says 5 grams of the LivOn
lipo-spheric liposomal C has the effect of a 50 gram IV.
minute 53:14

5 grams of actual C would be 30 grams of the 
DIY Lipo C prep you just made.  
You probably ought to start with no more than 10 grams of the DIY prep every 8 hours and
add a couple grams every day till you find your tolerance. If you find doing that much you're afflicted with some "grumblies" you can always back off to even a gram every 8 hours until your system adjusts. Do bear in mind that the more Lipo C you do the more you aid all your internal systems to prevent and/or reverse any disease and damage. Ideally you need to get to 400mm/L blood saturation. 
Even at 400 grams a day I found all internal drama subsided when I began a keto diet.
You may find a little drama is part of your acclimation and finding your comfortable dose.
As your tolerance and your diet improve you'll find
all discomfort goes away.
Good health is not for the timid. 
If you know you're fighting cancer you need to be doing bowel tolerance of lipo C and 
 on a keto diet for reasons Dr. Whitcomb outlines below in magenta
See also the Riordan Clinic tapes in green
While the liposomal C is working on disease there are
physiological necessities that must be met with
adequate electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
to support an overall healthy system. 
​For the electrolytes:
I fill a clean gallon milk jug half full of my favorite drinking water, add 120 grams of Potassium Gluconate:
per Dr. Whitcomb's advice to fight osteoporosis and several
other things, I add 32 grams of sodium bicarbonate, good ole Baking Soda:
I get most of my sodium, Na from the baking soda but, since I have no other sources for Chloride, Cl, I get the rest of my sodium from
table salt which is generally 60% Cl and 40% Na, so I put in
7 grams of "table salt" that is unlikely to have any of the
contaminants of the modern day surface waters:
so, to recap, it is my intention to get the Recommended Daily
Allowance, RDA, of potassium, sodium, & chloride in my liquid
prep of  120 of potassium gluconate,
32g of baking soda, and
7g of table salt
in a half filled gallon jug of filtered drinking water,
then FILL UP the rest of the jug with drinking water,
put a lid on so it can be vigorously shaken, and 
when it's all dissolved I portion it out in 8 oz doses with my Liposomal C regimen so I get the RDA of potassium, sodium, and chloride
within every 24 hours.  
I need to add that, along with a good multi mineral/multi vitamin supplement, 
I take 2x400mg of a triple magnesium complex to round out the
Big Four of electrolytes. 
If you're not hydrated and balanced with electrolytes your antioxidant regimen will have challenges that make your good health a lot harder to achieve.
Three reasons to thoroughly immerse ourselves in the efficacy of an oral ingestion that replicates the contribution a continuous 24 hour IV of C would deliver are: 
3. along with innumerable targets that are readily assailable there exists biological and viral toxic inhabitants that subsist inside the cells out of the contact of enriched blood flow. Entrenched as they are these secluded pathogens can only be accessed when the cell reaches the end of it’s life cycle and the toxic tenant has to expose itself to blood flow to find a new host.  Often the toxin has prematurely oxidized the expiring host and now has to find it’s next victim.   Without antioxidant enriched blood saturating the scene when the oxidizing toxin exposes itself the jump is simply made unscathed and neutralizing that toxin and its kin has to wait for the cellular morphology to run its course again. Now too, after making an unimpeded jump, the critter has the enviornment and the opportunity to reproduce. In such a game of hide and seek one hates to contemplate the consequences of a missed opportunity.  If the blood is enriched you have a chance to rid yourself of even the most pervasive toxins. If you are not saturated enough to wreak havoc with the intruders though, you simply continue to suffer their oxidative depletion.  Conceptually, if you keep yourself at the edge of bowel tolerance ingestion of liposomal C, because there’s nothing with a higher absorption rate and bowel intolerance signals you’re at saturation, you’re doing all you can to rid yourself of all known and unknown oxidative vagrants.

2. Inorgainic toxins, mercury and lead for instance, and even massive orgainic toxins such as pertussis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Clostridium botulinum, meningitis, encephalitis, and other more plebeian infections require an enormous amount of antioxidant electron delivery to effectively neutralize their entire deposition.  There are toxins that consume such a considerable amount of antioxidants that there isn’t much left for the routine maintenance of the rest of the system.  If we knew what with, where and when we were compromised we would, no doubt, focus on correcting the situation. If someone would just tell us where the “fire” was we like to think we'd put it out.  Sadly there is no doubt that we do know that we are continually under threat and/or actually are "on fire” in one way or another and yet, unless it’s acutely felt and dramatically presenting, we do very little to extinguish the spark.  In our defense we haven’t always known what, if anything, we could do about it.  Often too, knowing our malady does not spur us to into action because adequate intervention, prior to liposomal encapsulation, was darned inconvenient.  We've often waited till we’re about half consumed and some Doctor tells us the obvious, that we have a problem. Crazy that we would accept a Doctors limited diagnosis that generally recommends only further toxins to be heaped upon an already oxidatively stressed system. Make no mistake about it, Penicillin, all it’s derivatives, Chemo, and all medications that are not specifically antioxidants are toxins. To dissemble ourselves with further toxins when we could through continual oral antioxidant ingestion establish a proactive system to keep the oxidative stress at bay makes one wonder about our past and future choices.  With liposomal encapsulation we can keep the “fire" from starting and, if started, be ingesting adequate levels of antioxidant to extinguish often the most insatiable electron appetite.  Additionally, just because your doctor makes a diagnosis that doesn’t mean that you are not further conflicted in ways he can’t or hasn’t identified.  No responsible physician would make an unqualified representation of any diagnosis as being all inclusive.  I don’t know why we’d run the risk of making an assumption that anyone knew what they were talking about if we had access to an all inclusive cure right at hand and conveniently available to us.  In that we cannot always know when we’re under a specific toxic siege and can never precisely identify all the offending toxins, it’s irresponsible not to use the most entirely effective broadest brush we can avail ourselves to.  In short, kill em all.  Since we can now do so unimpaired by any negative physiological reaction we need to embrace Lipo C as the miraculous achievement it is.  Because there is not and never will be any physiological jeopardy brought about by antioxidants, the number one reason to do as much Liposomal C as possible is:

1.  Because we can.
I also take an ounce of a Knox type gelatin to get an amino acid balance.  I've
been taking Knox forever to relieve arthritis and joint pain.  Amino's are
also part of Dr. Levy's recommendation for reversing atherosclerosis.
Get Dr. Levy's book, "Death by Calcium".
Get all his books!
For those of you with an aversion to alcohol in the prep send me an email
Dr. Levy has DENOUNCED the Bradley Brooks ultrasonic prep in this interview:
Denounced the ultrasonic preps as a mere "emulsion" and not a liposomal prep.  
I also found irradiating the DIY alcohol based lipo-spheric liposomal prep in the parts cleaner
 for ten minutes or an hour made no difference in it's efficacy.  Just the blender makes the
lipo-sheric prep great enough for my good results
I can do the same amount of it daily with or without the ultrasonic step.
For me doing that R&D was risky and time consuming but, for
my peace of mind, it had to be done. 
So, for me, the prep is 12 minutes in a blender now and no more stirring!
I put the finished product in a Mason jar and in to the frig. 
Comes out of the frig in a consistency that, to keep from being indecorous, I’m saying is like warm peanut butter. 
Terrific stuff.  When possible I do the lipo 4 times a day, on the 10’s and 4’s, that’s every 6 hours.  
You’re darn right. I stay awake till 10 and get up at 4 every day without fail wether I'm not working or not.
If I'm working and have job site considerations I use an 8 hour schedule. 
When I take the the lipo I also take the water based electrolyte mixture described above.  In the mornings I take a  half a multivitamin/mineral tab, 28 grams of Knox gelatin, a CoQ10, a K2, 20,000 IU of D, and a magnesium supplement.  At 10pm I take a K2,  20,000 IU of D, the other half of the multi, and two fish oil caps.   I’m making sure I get the RDA of electrolytes, as broad a good spectrum of vitamins/minerals, as healthy a nutritional balance as I can, along with as much
lipo C as I can comfortably access. 
 All together it’s probably $5 a day. Considering what my Co Pays are
when I have to use my Health Care, any cost of maintaining good health is really cost effective.
If any of you know of a vitamin/mineral supplement that does not contain
calcium, iron, or copper I'd sure love to hear about it! 
The "lipo-spheric liposomal"  preparation does use 12.1% ethyl alcohol so there are those of you
who will need a doctors script to use it.  
Taking this site, it's accompanying videos and the lipo-spheric recipe in to show your Doctor will
no doubt convince them to write the script.  It worked for me.
I find that moving the Vitamin C percentage from 3% as the 840g Bradley Brooks prep contains 
to nearly 17% is a worthwhile investment.
The 17% preparation has allowed me to go from 22 grams of ascorbic acid a day to  60 grams.
If you have questions about the 17% preparation go to 
as there are many FAQ's addressed there and it should all be read.  
Failing to find your answers there don't hesitate to email me. brling@comcast.net 
There are discussions that the 17% preparation is a patented process. 
If something as simple as pouring liquid and lecithin in a blender is patentable only using
a "patented process" for commercial gain would be a violation of patent rights.  
Using it for your own personal ingestion would not, to my understanding, be a violation but, as I stated earlier,  none
of this site is to be construed as a recommendation, only an opinion.  I know I'm
making the 17% recipe and using it and have never felt better.
​It's worth it to note that, finding a home for as much C as my body does, I don't see my returning to the
Bradley Brooks 3% preparation any time soon.  In that the entire  840g 3% preparation only has
30g of C I would have to make and ingest what, for me, would be a prohibitive amount.  
If your bowel tolerance is low using the Bradley Brooks prep  that can mean two things,
either you're basically pretty healthy and don't need a huge amount of antioxidant,
or the Bradley Brooks prep is inefficient and your getting a lot of raw AA directly in to the stomach.  
If you're splitting your dose in to 3 or 4 servings, and that has you
 at bowel tolerance and you still catch a cold or anything, your prep has problems.
​Lets hope a cold is all you caught.
If you are currently doing the Bradley Brooks prep please do me a favor and
change your prep to where you're heating the water to 115-120 degrees Fehrenheit
before you mix in the AA, and then blend for ten minutes instead of four.  Then please
skip the ultrasonic irradiation.  I'd like to know if the absence of the ultrasonic stage affects your absorption.
I'm hoping you can skip the parts cleaner AND up your dose.  
Let me know if the heating, extended mixing, and no irradiation allows you to increase your overall
daily consumption.  If, like me, you are able to increase your AA consumption around 300%, or at all, please
let me know.  I would love to be able to stop buying the alcohol!!! 
There are some basics you'll need for either preparation. 
you'll need

Vitamin C, L ascorbic acid, AA,

you can look around and find it cheaper later. I did.

I've bought it from ebay and Amazon and it came from the same outfit, dudadiesel, dudaenergy.com, I think the shipping
was less with amazon prime.  
If any of you have a better source for pharmaceutical L ascorbic acid please let me know. 

sunflower lecithin:
but it was only $11 when I started buying it there
I'm now getting it directly from Swanson 6 pounds at a time when it's on sale:
FORGET the ultrasonic parts cleaner:


same one I bought from Amazon but the Amazon came with a stainless steel basket which I haven't found a use for yet:

You only need the parts cleaner for a Brooks Bradley prep if you haven't done the alteration I ask you
to experiment with above.  I don't use the parts cleaner with the 17% prep any longer

a gram scale:


Most of you already have a blender.  If not pick one up

if Amazon is still being jerks and won't Prime it get it somewhere else. I got my last one at Sears. 
You want one with a low speed and glass vessel.
as you'll need it to mix the AA and the lecithin on it's lowest setting. You don't want a lot of air.

It's not necessary but I like this for mixing anything in a glass or cup:


it's what I use on a lot of stuff.  I've bought several of them and often given them as gifts as they last forever and, with the little plastic wand, work better than anything else I've found.

and so lets get started making our own liposomal vitamin C.  If somehow you missed the LARGE BLUE FONTSabove do seek them out or
Below this small text that describes the 3% prep is  again the 17% prep in larger font.
This is redundant but I want to make sure you folks get the recipe.
IF you believe you know what your doing in mixing up the prep go on down to 
the videos in colored fonts below if you need reinforcement as to how to 
enjoy good health.
Turns out the 17% prep is a penny per delivered gram cheaper than the 3% prep!
The 3% prep has been denounced by Dr. Levy as being only an "emulsion" and
not a true lipsomal prep.  That was my experience too but I leave it up for 
historical reference!

The recently denounced 3% prep:
I put three cups of water, 720g (distilled water or filtered) water in my blender vessel while it's sitting on the gram scale. 
with the 17% preparation I've been heating the water to around 115 -120 degrees F, 40C and it's been working great.
Here's what I use to filter water:


I got mine at Fred Meyer for $20

I pour the 720g of filtered water in to the blender vessel while it is sitting on my gram scale so I can get the weights correct.  In to the 720g of water I put 30g of the pharmaceutical AA. 

Now I put the blender vessel on the blender base so I'll know/remember that I put the AA in.
You can start the blender turning at it's slowest speed.  Getting the AA infused in the water is a key step.

I then weigh out 90g of the lecithin separately in it's own cup or some container on the gram scale.  I do this so I can add it gradually to the blender vessel once it's turned on and mixing the AA with the water.

With the blender on and mixing I add the 90g of lecithin into the liquid and let it stir for at least 4 minutes on low.  
So altogether that's 30g of AA and 90g of lecithin mixing together in 720g of water on low for at least 4 minutes.  You can access the 17% preparation instructions
for a primer on removing bubbles and getting the AA infused in to liposomes
but I think 4 minutes in the blender and then irradiating
in the sonic bath does the trick.
After blending
I then pour the mixture, now 840g total, in to the ultrasonic parts cleaner.  I slowly and quietly stir the mixture for 8 minutes with the cleaner on high/no heat.  You want to continuously move the mixture over the vibrating element of the cleaner so the molecules of AA will get enveloped in the lecithin.  
After removing from the ultrasonic cleaner I let it stand and normalize
to room temperature before covering it putting it in the refrigerator where
it will keep for quite a while.  I generally do 4 days worth at a time. 
For more information on this first 840g preparation I offer you the text of it's
supposed "Founding Father" if stock in internet information is suitable for quoting:
I see I have made a few alterations to the original recipe but I have just today,
1/29/16, found what was there represented to be the original paper. 
BEST PREP, 17% and, according to the referenced site a true
liposomal encapsulation.

The 17% preparation ends up being 951 grams total.
See the 80 proof vodka recipe in LARGE BLUE FONTS above.
Use this if you don't mind paying extra for a "Brand Name"
I put the 478g of water and 115g of 190 proof Everclear ( see the recipe for 95% ethyl alcohol at:)


 together in a wide mouth quart Mason jar and bring it up to 115-120 F
in the microwave.  Once it's up to temperature I pour it in the blender vessel and add
161g of L ascorbic acid to it.  I put the vessel on the blender and turn it on the lowest speed
to get the AA and the water/alcohol mixing. I blend it for a couple minutes while I'm measuring out the 197g of lecithin in a separate cup.  With the blender still running on low  
I then slowly add the sunflower lecithin. Once the lecithin is all in I blend on lowest
speed for 12 minutes minimum.  I then pour the blender contents,
 the finished product,
in to a quart mason jar and have both let it stand at room temperature
for a while and and put it straight in the fridge.  I don't see any difference.
  Not seeing any product separation and not having
bowel tolerance issues I have not attended to all the blending in the 
blender that Chris details at length on the "process" site. 

I've been up to 80 grams a day of Liposomal C with great effect on
everything that has ever ailed me.

I have seen some discussion of a test to validate encapsulation.  To me
the only test I need is bowel tolerance.  15g of AA four times a day and
no intolerance
is an incredible testament to its efficiency.  In the past if I ingested 5g
of straight AA I would have "distress".  I'm doing 60g so it has to be 
at least 90% effectively encapsulated.

​That's proof enough for me.

I'd like someone to revisit the "Bradley Brooks" method as I asked
above as I'm in favor of a
non alcoholic prep but I wouldn't give up liposomal encapsulation efficiency for anything.

As far as cost goes:

$4.35 for 115g of Everclear when paying $28.40 for a 750L bottle
(Washington State has the highest tax on whiskey in the NATION)
$2.12 for 161g AA when paying $30 for 5 pounds.
$4.36 for 198g of sunflower lecithin when paying $10 a pound
That's $10.83 for a 161g batch of C.
That ends up being about 7 cents a gram of delivered vitamin C
(using the 338g of 80 proof vodka and 255 g of water has, since
this break down, significantly lowered cost)
at 60g a day that's $4 a day.
You may not need 60 grams a day however.

The Brooks Bradley 3% prep is 
$1.98 for sunflower lecithin at $10 for a pound
40 cents for AA at $30 for 5 pounds.
That's $2.38 for a 30g batch of C.
That ends up being 8 cents a gram!!!
for delivered vitamin C
Shiver me timbers.  The alcohol prep is a penny a gram cheaper!!!
Who woulda thunk it.
I've been using an 80 proof, (40%) vodka, SKOL, instead of the Everclear.
You'll use 338g of the 80 proof and 255g of water. Everything else 
​is the same as with the 190 proof recipe.

As I understand it the lecithin, the fat coating, is the vehicle that gets the AA through the stomach and in to the intestinal tract where it can get absorbed in to the blood stream and on to a cellular level where it donates two electrons per molecule.  Donating electrons is how the AA, the Vitamin C, both neutralizes the toxins and supports all your systems.  Toxins by definition are anything "pro-oxidant", looking for electrons, and depleting electrons from healthy tissue or whatever viable source is most readily available.  Once the toxin has the electrons it requires it no longer has traction, no longer a bond to healthy tissue.  Once the toxin is sated, independent, it is inert and neutralized, its' free and ready for elimination from the system.  The C, having contributed it's available electrons, is now also neutral, has no other positive contribution,
and needs to be expelled from the system.  A continuous flow of  C delivers
the electrons, the energy, to help taking out the trash and other proper bodily functions.
High electron flow, high energy, means good health with no adverse side effects.  
What could possibly be your objection?
ScienceDaily.com has quite a few articles citing the positive effects of even the most
paltry 10% absorptive oral amounts of vitamin C:
Imagine if the liposomally enlightened had conducted these studies!

As discussed above our whole bodily system requires high electron flow for health and energy to function properly.  With a high enough electron flow you can keep the toxins inert and the system functioning at a healthy rate.  Once you've found the dose of C and other antioxidants that provides an adequate antidotal dose and adequate health, you can address removing the source of the toxin.  If the source of the toxin, or result of a toxin, say a tumor, is susceptible to blood flow it's just a matter of time and electrons to successfully eliminate it.  In my case I have toxic sources that are inaccessible to blood flow. They are in, or the result of, necrotic tissue and can only be addressed by neutralizing the toxic output until I can address the source of the toxin. Such are root canals.  I have to steadily increase my dose.  The good news, once again, is that there is no toxic dose of C.  I can do as much as I need.  Right now it's about 5 bucks a day to alleviate my pain and other symptoms.  To me that's expensive but it's no where near what drugs cost and there was and is 
no available drug. 

The good news is that all disease is the result of oxidative stress and antioxidants eliminate oxidative stress.  The bad news is that it took some time and trials to arrive at a comfortable and effective dose.  While it's not toxic, as mentioned previously, the Vitamin C does have an unfortunate side effect.  Dosing C in an oral or liposomal form will eventually insist that you are willing to experience the "C cleanse" effect to both detoxify and adjust your system to the benefits of "high electron flow".  Once the C has delivered it's electrons it needs to go and so will you till eventually you find the right balance.  Then it's all good and normal but getting there takes dedication.  It probably won't take more than a weekend so if you start Friday after work the drama will most likely be over and everything back to normal by Sunday. 

Again, the good news is that there is only that one side effect and it is far from toxic, exactly the opposite actually.  Expulsion is the desired path for toxins so neutralizing them then expelling them is the best and only path to health. 

I started ingesting the lipo C three times a day.  I did 6:30 am, 2:30pm, and 10:30pm.    That worked but I now do 4 times a day, the 10's and 4's. Doing less more often keeps the system level more consistent although I really haven't noticed any system differences so, as nearly as I can tell, either 3 or 4 applications works equally as well as long as they're even doses.
I like the every 6 hour schedule as I have on occasion missed a dose so it keeps me
from going over 12 hours and being empty.  
You may have heard of a 50/30/20 diet. 50%carbs/30%protein/20%fat measured by label ingredients.  I was on it for quite a while with good effect.  I do not adhere to it any longer as I have abandoned the carb portion, the 50% portion, of the diet.  Turns out there is no "carb requirement" to good health.  You need protein and fat but not carbs.  I used to mix up a 50/30/20 accompaniment for the lipo C just because 50/30/20 was the first thing that got most of my numbers at optimum levels.  It turned out that there were some numbers and issues that diet alone, without attention to Vitamin C and potassium, two necessities the human body does not produce or store, left near fatal issues.  To a 280g dose of my First lipo C product, the Brooks Bradley prep from the above directions, I would add 43g of organic honey and 33g of protein powder to offset the 16g of liposomal fat.  I stopped the honey and I've been off of the carbs now for about a
month with no significant ill effects that I know of.  Turns out cancer needs high carb intake so
although I don't know that I have any cancer no carbs is a preventative measure. 

Figuring that universally each gram of carb is 4 calories, each gram of protein is 4 calories, and each gram of fat is 9 calories hopefully find diminished appetite as the potassium contained in the Swansons sunflower lecithin will provide sugar storage ability to your liver so you don't have the cravings your liver sends when it can't store sugar. Type II diabetes is a liver problem that, from my experience and understanding, is cured with adequate ingestion of potassium.  See Dr. Bergs "What to Eat to Cure Diabetes" video:  http://drberg.ontraport.net/c/s/vBz/GhAn/6/sv/kDh/675DUw/bg551Lfsu
I don't know why no one knows that the Recommended Daily Allowance, the Federal RDA of potassium is nearly 5000mg.  I don't know how they expect us to get that much either.  Personally I supplement 32g of potassium gluconate to get my 5g.  I'm just not up for eating 20 bananas or multiple pounds of of kale a day.  When I do get a craving for something I know I don't need I simply throw down 3 or 4 hundred milligram of supplemental potassium and wait to see if the craving passes.  In most instances I get busy and don't think about it again. 

John Otte, Davey, NE, was right about the dairy. I have since heeded his advice, read Dr. Levy's "Death by Calcium" and quit all dairy products.  Living in the Seattle area I do miss the lattes. Other than that did I mention that, once you're getting your antioxidants from lipo C you don't really have to worry about what you eat.  Eat what you want, eat what tastes good!  From the liposomal C you're now getting all the antioxidants every one else is trying to get from eating 12 pounds of kale, broccoli, or something else they hate. 

I put Sodium Ascorbate, SA, in my salt shaker to replace the Sodium Chloride, NaCl, as the SA is ph neutral and does not upset my stomach.  The body needs sodium but not excess chloride.  It's the chloride that kills.
minute 26:10 Sodium Ascorbate, do away with the CHLORIDE,  minute 30 oxidative stress eliminated by antioxidants
I've been able to replace the Miralax/Metamucil/Citracel gang with the lipo C.  Not having to do that crap, no pun intended, is on it's own worth $3 a day!  I am completely drug free as we speak.  Liposomal Vitamin C has literally been a new lease on life for me.  I'm certain I'm not special.  That,"Health is the state of high electron flow" is just plain physiological fact for the human body, male or female, regardless of the toxin or diet.  
Dr. Levy's website is:
(XI) The latest Dr. Levy interview I know of:
skip the first 4 minutes if you can.
In this interview Dr. Levy says vitamin C could easily lead to at least a 50% reduction of
prescribed medicines.  
How much evidence do you need?!!!
Here’s a couple more notes from my first listen:

16:50  vitamin C will never fail you if you take enough of it in enough forms!
  vitamin C protocol with ascorbyl palmitate and more?

18:18    all disease is caused by the oxidative stress of low grade infections in the body, especially in the mouth

19:58    oxidative stress causes all disease at the molecular level

just prior to 25:        smoking gun research

27:08    all coronary artery disease starts with inflammation

28:17    with thermography you can see the warmth of the toxins going down the shared lymphatics between the tooth and the breast

29:15  root canal teeth as pathogenic cess pools

36:00    MERSA  there is no pathogen that is resistant to vitamin C.  no antibiotic does what vitamin c does, vitamin C stimulates and supports the immune system by at least 20 different mechanisms, (partial list) then

vitamin C doesn’t even have to be directly responsible for killing the pathogen because it is such an enormous support to the immune system

Dr. Levy talking about using 4 grams a day of the liposomal and 10-15 grams of SA  

41:00 Fenton reaction  ferrous to ferric 2+ to 3+  Hydroxal radical.  How vitamin C kills the cancer cell.
 if you don’t have an iron deficient anemia you should not supplement iron  Cancer needs and attracts iron.

Feritin numbers should be under 15 to avoid iron toxicity.  Get it as low as you can drive it without becoming anemic.    Fitic acid  IP6 first thing in the morning.  Get from Amazon  take zinc and magnesium as you’ll sweat them out with the iron you’re trying to get rid of.

Dr. Levy’s new book "Hidden Epidemic…"

Have a regular sweat in a Farr infrared sauna.  Biomat?  $2000

liposomes deliver directly to the cell so be careful what you encapsulate

Dr. Levy will answer questions   televymd@yahoo.com  peakenergy.com

My biggest source of inspiration was seeing Dr. Thomas Levy's videos.  Here I've "bookmarked" cures he speaks about by the time point in the video that he makes the reference.  I do this both so that if you don't have time to read it all you can go to a specific malady you're interested in or, if you have read it all and want to access a specific portion, you don't have to wade through the entire thing as I have several dozen times.
Dr. Levy,"find me a toxin and I have a cure" #14:
(XII)Video A.  
I would take the liberty in recommending you
skip the portion from 3:20 to 4:05 unless you really enjoy "inside baseball".  
1.  cure for gout  6:30-7:730
2.  north pole magnets as antioxidants  7:30-8:30
3. ebola virus  10:55 and the lead up to that time.

4.  RNA virus access  17:50  cure to AIDS & Hepatitus

5.  pro oxidant treatments/medications rendered neutral with vitamin C   19:55

6. vitamin C as a chemotheraputic agent  21:00

7. cure for polio  21:05  
cured in 3 days 22:05  
cured flaccid paralysis 22:10

 8.  acute hepatitis 23:00

9.  measles, mumps 23:35

10. encephalitis 22:56

11.  mononucleosis 24:55
12.  Call a cure a cure, curing the incurable  25:40

13.  viral pneumonia, diphtheria  26:10

14.  non specific anti toxin  26:30  
find me a toxin and I have a cure

15.  tetanus  27:10  
neutralize both the toxin and the anti toxin “cure”

16.  vitamin C as a mono therapy 28:40

17.  carbon monoxide poisoning  29:15

18.  toxic insect bites, i.e, brown recluse spider29:30

19.  till sweat pops out on your forehead 31:33

20.  West Nile virus  minute 32 to 32:30
21.  mushroom poisoning    32:25  amanita phalloides,  alpha lipoic acid

22.  lead, mercury, heavy metal poisoning 33:55

23.  pesticides  36:05

24.  radiation 36:08

25.  neutralize toxicity and it’s source  37:00

26.  Root canal treated teeth most toxic entities on the planet,  more toxic than botchulisim 37:15  

 27.  periodontal disease, the equivalent of 32 root canals   cure is 3% peroxide thru a water pik 38:40

28.  dental implants  39:40

29.  cavitations,  pockets resulting from a pulled tooth  40:24

30.  teeth cleaning procedure  40:44

31.  attacks on vitamin C 41:08  Harvard study showing C as cure of kidney stones

32.  Vitamin C deprivation REBOUND!  42:20

33. Recommended dose rate  43:08  
Remember the percentage rate of liposomal to intravenous.  liposomal is 80% absorption, intravenous is 70%  ​
(XIII)New information:
54:28   “ about a year later I said (to myself) idiot, it’s time you start learning about liposomes…  how can 50 grams pushed directly in to your blood even come close to not being vastly superior than 5 grams in any form taken in your mouth? That’s ten to 1…but, Vitamin C, when you take it intravenously, what gets in to the cell, is either oxidized already, in which case it goes in to the cell and you need to consume energy to make it back in to the reduced form or, you use active transports to transport vitamin C inside of the cell which consumes energy.  The liposome delivers it’s payload directly inside the cell without consumption of energy, that why it is so profoundly better… in that circumstance.  By no means am I anti IV vitamin C…  because we have multiple weapons in our arsenal and we need to use all of them (delivery methods) because they all do something a little different."
17:00  100% relief of pain and symptoms in 300 shingles patients

53:14   "5g, 5 packets of LivOn lipo had a greater clinical impact on me than a 50g IV…"

54:16   “ a couple of friends I had it happen to…"
56:44 curing a “(Dr.) Klenner to a cyanotic (cyanide) acutely poisoned patient that he thought was dying...

57:56  paraphrasation: your body thinks you just got a big dose of glucose, you get a big release of insulin, your blood sugar drops, and vitamin C is pushed in to your cells much more rapidly… as well as any other nutrient, vitamins, minerals, you might have on board any time this happens. =

Endogenously-induced form of Insulin Potentiation Therapy, IPT.
(XIV) Death by Calcium video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwi9iZvudXA​
20:02  there does not exist a diet that can give you enough vitamin C…  that can have the same salutary effect on the bones as supplemental vitamin C

22:05  all diseases are focal scurvy… when you get to the molecular level there is no other pathology taking place (except oxidation)

24:00  ALL Cancer cells are associated not only with increased intracellular Oxidative Stress but that this increased intracellular Os is always associated with or aka caused by increased intracellular calcium

32:40 long acting calcium channel blockers decrease the risk of ALL CAUSE mortality

there is no such thing as a normal calcium deposit outside of your bones.

Osteoporosis reversal agents

magnesium  natural calcium channel blocker.  dissolves calcium deposits  increase bone density 

42:30   as a mono therapy Magnesium decreases your chance of death from all causes AND, it’s non toxic

magnesium sulfate up to 22g in 36 hours decreases all cause mortality for 5 years

vitamin K and K2  45mg a day not micrograms  no definable toxicity

vitamin D  needs to be in the 50 to 80 nanogram range

1:00:48 root canal treated tooth #1 cause of heart attack and cancers

1:02:25  Dental Implants

1:12:01  Have all the heavy whipping cream you want
I've also broken down a couple more of Dr. Levy's and other videos that I've found as either new information or supportive to what I've already read or experienced myself.​

(XV) Video B.
1.  reversing the irreversible 3:50
2.  high electron flow=health, diminished electron flow=illness, cessation of electron flow=death 5:30 
3.  everything is either a nutrient, gives electrons, or a toxin, takes electrons  6:10
4.  Lou Gerhig's, als, ms, parkinsons,  alzheimer's 27:10

5.  to cure cancer first remove root canals 28:50

(XVI) Video C.  
1. doctors letting their patients die  14:40 
2. Coronary artery disease, dental toxicity  28:00  
3.  Diabetes, then NO KNOWN TOXIC DOSAGE  29:05 

(XVII) Video D.  
  1.  Let no one who has...  42:28

(XVIII) Video E.  
1.  why we need Vit C 10:00
  2.  hypoescorbenia genetic disease from lack of Vit C  10:55
3.  detoxifications of toxins 13:45  
4.  optimum dose of Vit C  17:15  
5.  C&B3  orthomollecular 24:oo to 27:48
ortho means right
6.  adult human male manufactures 4g a day of cholesterol!

(XVIV) Video F.  
1.  prostate cancer  37:00  47:00

(XXI) Video G.  
1.  oxidative stress 30:00

(XXII) Video H.  
1.  last minute: neutralize the toxins with electrons so they don't do tissue damage that needs repair

how to treat tumors:  
Video I.
Riordan Clinic 
There are no contraindications to the administration of ascorbic acid.
Increases interferon

Increases antibody production

Increases B cell proliferation and function

Increases T cell proliferation and function

Increases the amount of natural killer cells

Boosts cellular immunity

prevents secondary infections

Stimulates collagen formation (to wall off tumor)

Inhibits hyaluronidase (to retard metastasis)

Corrects scurvy in cancer patients

Combats fatigue

Supports detoxification systems in the body

Relieves pain

Promotes well being

Parenteral administration is desirable for patients with an acute deficiency or for those whose
absorption of orally ingested ascorbic acid is uncertain.



Febrile states, chronic illness, and infection (pneumonia, whooping cough, tuberculosis, diphtheria, sinusitis, rheumatic fever, etc.) increases the need for ascorbic acid. Hemovascular disorders, burns, delayed fracture and wound healing are indications for an increase in the daily intake.

 Increases interferon

Increases antibody production

Increases B cell proliferation and function

Increases T cell proliferation and function

Increases the amount of natural killer cells

Relieves cellular hypoxia

Restores aerobic metabolism

Restores mitochondrial functioning

Improves apoptosis

Inhibits angiogenesis

Reduces tumor nutrient supply

Potentiates chemotherapy and radiation

Reduces side effects & toxicity of conventional therapy

Plausible oncologic adjunct in cancer patient care
0:33  start with 25g, then 50g then work up to 400mg/deciliter checked with finger stick blood glucose monitor.  1:00
C shows like glucose so pre infusion blood glucose subtracted from post glucose, disregard glucose as glucose as it is really C.  
(​in my estimation if you are doing Lipo C the transition from IVC should be inconsequential)
 2.  Dr Levy on dose: 12:45, & 16:59  
HPLC machine?  100 to 125 grams IV 3 times a week for pancratic cancer.  
IV 3 times a week for a year to make sure the tumor doesn't come back.  
magnesium chloride 400mg per bag to help hydration.   g6pd?   emolysis    
5g per day of liposomal C orally will have a greater impact than 50g IV

(XXV) Video A1. 
(one of ten short ones.  In depth elaborations of the subjects in Video A.  just let em roll)

(XXVI) Video A2:

(XXVII) Video A3:

(XXVIII) Video A4:

(XXVIV) Video A5:
(XL) Video A6
14:45  Vitamin C less toxic than water
31:01  Critical care guidelines state ​that critically ill patients should receive parenteral antioxidants...
citing clinical studies where ascorbic acid was given... 
​33:50  ...when the tube (IV) came out he got started on 6 grams a day of liposomal encapsulated vitamin C...
Dr. John Whitcomb.  Great stuff
Cardiovascular Health - Cholesterol - The Great American Health Scam:
everybody should be off statins.
pritikin diet 1:16
Beating Cancer With Food:
find your own breast cancer,  7:00
cancer can not survive without massive amounts of carbohydrates 8:20
cancer cells can't burn glucose efficently, 9:35
so don't feed em
Women getting vitamin D got 76% less cancer, 17:00
animal protein causes cancer, 22:00
vitamin D gets cells to grow properly and die: 25:00
we evolved eating 75 to 100  grams of FIBER a day 49:00 
the first 62 million years humans ate plants, meat was just the last 3 million 59:20
 Orthomolecular Society
Please comment on video and specific numbered items when contacting me so we can both be on the same page.
None of the above is meant to be a recommendation.  
A word about Potassium Gluconate.
Potassium gluconate contains 16.69% potassium by mass. Thus 5.99 g of potassium gluconate contains 1 g of potassium. 
So you have to do 30 grams of it to get the 5 gram RDA or DRI
If you know of a better source please enlighten me but on the product I use:
the label says the recommended dose is 1.74 grams.  That gives you 270 milligrams of K.  Label says that's 3% of a Recommended Daily Allowance, RDA. Divide 270 by .03 and you find that that the RDA of K is 3700 mg!!!  Dr. Berg and many other health care professionals say RDA is 
4700 mg:
Any chance you're getting even 3700 mg of potassium on a daily basis?
Probably not unless you're doing 2 tablespoons of a potassium supplement.  Personally I put 30 GRAMS of the potassium gluconate in a jug with 4 cups of water and I drink a cup of that mix with every dose of lipo C.  If I'm undergoing extra physical stress and need extra hydration I also increase the K intake.  If you're having any cramping or nerve pain and you're not doing at least the RDA of potassium you have one immediate place to look to
stop the cramping and pain. 
Potassium is also available in tablets or capsules, which are formulated to allow potassium to leach slowly out of a matrix, since very high concentrations of potassium ion which occur adjacent to a solid tablet cause injury to the gastric or intestinal mucosa.
For this reason, non-prescription potassium pills are limited by law in the US to a maximum of 99 mg of potassium.
If you're using a potassium gluconate supplement that is a 595mg tablet with a subsequent actual 99mg amount of potassium, you have to do 47 of those tablets to obtain the 4700mg RDA!!!  
Very confusing.
If you just did 9 of those 595mg tablets thinking you had just covered your 4700 RDA you'd only be 4200mg short of your goal. 
That might leave you thinking you had some other problem than
low potassium.
That's right where BIG PHARMA wants you.
​Defend yourself.  Read labels.  Write me if you have questions. 
From Wikipedia:
Potassium levels influence multiple physiological processes, including
[53][54][55] resting cellular-membrane potential and the
propagation of action potentials in neuronal, muscular, and cardiac tissue.
hormone secretion and action
vascular tone
systemic blood pressure control
gastrointestinal motility
acid–base homeostasis
glucose and insulin metabolism
mineralocorticoid action
renal concentrating ability
fluid and electrolyte balance
Due to their electrostatic and chemical properties, K+ ions are larger than Na+
 ions, and ion channels and pumps in cell membranes can distinguish between the two types of ions, actively pumping or passively allowing one of the two ions to pass, while blocking the other.[56]
Potassium gluconate is the potassium salt of the conjugate base of gluconic acid. It is also referred to as 2,3,4,5,6-pentahydroxycaproic acid potassium salt, D-gluconic acid potassium salt, or potassium D-gluconate.[1] 
For the best  Lipsomal C recipe I know look to the large blue fonts above. 

7:12  Redox reaction
When a molecule looses an electron it has been "oxidized".  When a molecule gains an electron it has been "reduced".  Since one molecules loss is another molecules gain the reaction must always happen simultaneously.  The electron exchange transaction is called a redox reaction.
Ascorbic Acid  C6H8O6​
​Dehydroascorbic acid  C6H6O6
Dr. Susan Humpries
6:20 A run of the mill 1200 pound cow's liver manufactures 18mg/kg per day of vitamin C around 9818 mg per day and
when healthy the cow ingests around 12,000 mg a day as well.  (consider that the production is a constant ongoing process and not divided up into finite doses on an hourly schedule. Consider also that the production process is variable with the ability to adjust production as needs require.  During the day when consumption is ongoing the production process can relax as blood saturation is detected.  At night when intake is low and saturation tapers production can compensate to keep saturation adequate.  Recall that overall a creature with manufacture capability will every day address up to 20% of it’s available energy to vitamin C production regardless of whether it is intaking nutrients or not.  It will simply burn itself down to maintain an adequate vitamin C presence in it’s blood.
 It’s that important. 
a Cats liver will produce 20 to 40 mg/kg
a Guinea Pig needs 33mg/kg so around 30 mg daily if it weighs under a kilo. (For some reason Dr. Humphries tells us here that a guinea pig is a good model for human intake.  That is implying that around 30mg/kg would be a good thing for the average human.  That’s only 2 grams a day for a 150 pound human.  That’s a pittance compared to what we need for anything coming close to saturation.  By her own chart at 
a Goat 185mg/kg per day and up to 100,000 mg per day when stressed
3:20  Primates in the wild ingest about 30mg/kg, around 4500mg per day.
I can't imagine why would anyone think we need less than our primate cousins. 
Thankfully there are no contraindications to C and 
your body simply expels any it doesn't need so
find your needs carefully and fulfill them.

Humans   RDA is only 1.2mg/kg   laughable   one cigarette consumes 25mg of C
28:48    Pregnant women and babies
51:10  blood levels over 400mm/L with liposomal C  micromoles

52:00   15,380mm/L with IVC however within 6 hours its down to around 1500 and at 8 hours its at lipo levels, 400mm/L, and at 12 both are virtually flat 

1;30;30  4 reasons Ester C is not the way to get your C
58:50  Vitamin C is not a risk factor for kidney stones
 Case study proves the healing power of liposomal vitamin C

New Zealand dairy farmer Alan Smith had a miraculous recovery from a coma induced by leukemia and severe double lung pneumonia. Doctors were ready to pull the plug on him when the family begged them to try high dose IV vitamin C. Alan began showing positive results after the doctors administered 50-100 grams of IV vitamin C.

Unfortunately, the doctors at the hospital who were relatively uneducated on vitamin C were concerned about any possible complications with the high dose IV vitamin C. They dropped the dosage to 2g of vitamin C and Alan began to struggle for survival again. His family began giving him 6 grams of oral liposomal vitamin C and within weeks he was significantly better and was discharged from the hospital.
(LVII): (NaturalHealth365) Vitamin C is one of the most widely recognized and used antioxidants in the world. This essential nutrient plays a critical role in helping the immune system, joints and arteries heal and function properly. Liposomal vitamin C is a technological breakthrough in nutrient assimilation and offers incredible health benefits.

Much of our physiology is based on the movement of electrons from one compound to another. Unstable molecules that are missing an electron are called free radicals and they are catabolic to the body. These free radicals are formed in a cycle called oxidative stress that creates damage and instability in cells, tissues and organs in the body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that acts to donate an electron to neutralize free radicals and restore peace and harmony to the body.

How does vitamin C reduce inflammation and boost immunity?

Vitamin C plays an important role in the health and function of the immune cells. White blood cells depend upon vitamin C in order to survive and withstand the attack of pathogens and free radicals. Vitamin C also plays an important role as an antihistamine and reduces inflammatory conditions associated with colds, fevers, allergies and the flu.

Vitamin C also plays an important role in the production of collagen which is the major constituent in ligaments, bones, discs, tendons and skin. High dose vitamin C has been shown to improve the healing process of burns, cuts, wounds, sprains/strains and broken bones. It is also extremely important for the health of the eyes and many experts believe that as little as 1,000 mg of liposomal vitamin C daily can stop cataracts.

Vitamin C is safe and effective for cancer patients

Environmental toxins damage cells and intracellular organelles leading to altered cellular metabolism and genetic mutations. Vitamin C has powerful antioxidant properties that protect against the oxidative stress against the cell. High doses of vitamin C are even more important when large cancerous growths already exist within the body. Oral vitamin C does not directly attack cancer but it helps to keep the immune system strong and empowers it to destroy the cancer.

An IV dosage of vitamin C acts as a pro-oxidant that forms hydrogen peroxide and acts as a chemotherapy type of agent that destroys cancer cell formation. Liposomal vitamin C acts to prevent the oxidative stress that alters intracellular organelles and genetic mutations. It also acts to prevent the chronic inflammation that allows mutant cells to develop into fast growing cancerous tumors.

This should never be used alone as a cancer therapy but as an adjunct in conjunction with a full-fledged natural or traditional medical protocol.

Reduce heart disease with vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to protect the arterial walls throughout the body. The blood vessels that are most important and under the most stress are the coronary arteries that feed the heart muscle. Vitamin C helps reduce infections and other forms of oxidative stress that affect these blood vessels. It also prevents the oxidation of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Vitamin C also improves lung function and overall oxygenation within the body. Asthmatics tend to have a higher need for vitamin C and doses of 2,000 mg per day lessen the body’s production of histamine and lung associated inflammation.

Vitamin C also improves blood sugar stability which is particularly important for individuals with heart disease and diabetes. When blood sugar is elevated and not properly monitored in the body the sugar molecules bind to proteins in the body and form advanced glycolytic end products (AGE’s). These AGE’s create rampant amounts of tissue damaging oxidative stress in the body.

So, a dosage of 1,000-3,000 mg per day drives down AGE formation and improves circulation and tissue oxygenation.

What is the best ‘delivery system’ for vitamin C?

Much of our biological chemistry is based around water and fat solubility. Just as water and oil do not mix there are challenges involved with bringing a water soluble nutrient into a fat soluble matrix such as the cell membranes. This incompatibility leads to lower rates of nutrient uptake and utilization within the cell.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and it doesn’t interact particularly efficiently with the cell membrane wall this is made up of fatty acids. Estimates are that oral vitamin C intake has a 20% absorption rate into the bloodstream with the other 80% accumulating in the colon. Oral vitamin C intake is also associated with unpleasant digestive complaints such as cramping and diarrhea because it draws water into the colon.

Liposomal vitamin C improves absorption rate

Liposomes are tiny “nano-size” fat soluble vehicles for carrying nutrients to the body’s cells. Dr Alec Banham, a hematologist at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK discovered the liposomal technology. “Lipo” is Greek for fat while “soma” means body. These are a double layer of fatty materials which is similar to the phospholipid bilayer of the cell membranes in the body.

Liposomal vitamin C is packaged like a bodily cell so it passes through the digestive barrier and delivers the nutrient directly to the bloodstream. This has a much higher absorption rate with over 90% of the cells being bathed in vitamin C. Some experts suggest that liposomal vitamin C is vastly superior to IV vitamin C – an expensive but effective procedure that is done quite often in hospitals and alternative health clinics.

Editor’s note: In some cases, IV vitamin C is the best option to dramatically increase the blood levels of vitamin C – especially with regard to serious health conditions like, cancer.

A word of caution about the ‘right’ liposomes

Liposomal size plays an important role in its ability to hold the greatest volume of vitamin C. The correct size should be between 100 to 400 nanometers in size. They should be quality tested at a FDA regulated facility to ensure safety and quality.

The best carrier for liposomal vitamin C is phosphatidylcholines (PC) – which helps to hold the liposomes together. Ideal ranges should be between 250-500 mg of PC per dose in a liposomal vitamin C formula. This PC should be derived from a non-GMO sunflower or soybean lecithin.

Case study proves the healing power of liposomal vitamin C

New Zealand dairy farmer Alan Smith had a miraculous recovery from a coma induced by leukemia and severe double lung pneumonia. Doctors were ready to pull the plug on him when the family begged them to try high dose IV vitamin C. Alan began showing positive results after the doctors administered 50-100 grams of IV vitamin C.

Unfortunately, the doctors at the hospital who were relatively uneducated on vitamin C were concerned about any possible complications with the high dose IV vitamin C. They dropped the dosage to 2g of vitamin C and Alan began to struggle for survival again. His family began giving him 6 grams of oral liposomal vitamin C and within weeks he was significantly better and was discharged from the hospital.

IV vitamin C versus liposomal vitamin C

Some experts in the field of vitamin C such as, Thomas Levy, MD, JD, are saying that 6 grams of liposomal vitamin C is equivalent to 50 grams of intravenous vitamin C. Intravenous vitamin C elevates blood levels of vitamin C significantly higher, however, without the liposomal membrane this water soluble vitamin C is unable to efficiently penetrate the cell membrane.

Oral vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress in the body. Intravenous vitamin C is a pro-oxidant that helps produce hydrogen peroxide – which targets cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. So it does have great benefits in advanced cancer patients.

The cell membrane blocks much of the vitamin C that is in the bloodstream from getting into the cell. The liposomal membrane is able to fuse with the same material and configuration that resides on cell walls. This results in a lower minimal necessary dosage and saves a tremendous amount of money and stress to the consumer.

Intravenous vitamin C treatments cost between $125 – $160 a session. Typical sessions last around two hours. A daily dosage of 6g of Liposomal vitamin C costs less than $5 per day and takes no time at all. It does not require a doctor or needles and is very easy and user friendly to administer.

Case study proves the healing power of liposomal vitamin C

New Zealand dairy farmer Alan Smith had a miraculous recovery from a coma induced by leukemia and severe double lung pneumonia. Doctors were ready to pull the plug on him when the family begged them to try high dose IV vitamin C. Alan began showing positive results after the doctors administered 50-100 grams of IV vitamin C.

Unfortunately, the doctors at the hospital who were relatively uneducated on vitamin C were concerned about any possible complications with the high dose IV vitamin C. They dropped the dosage to 2g of vitamin C and Alan began to struggle for survival again. His family began giving him 6 grams of oral liposomal vitamin C and within weeks he was significantly better and was discharged from the hospital.

David McCarthy, MD presents life altering revelations about the function of D3 and ascorbic acid in white blood cells:


Here's a cataloged list pertaining to subject and minute discussed:

1:00   D3 known to regulate 2776 genes, 

2:40 when deficiencies coexist with diseases:  

those diseases present sooner rather than later,   
are more severe rather than less severe,  
and the treatments for the diseases are less effective until you have identified the coexisting deficiencies and corrected them!

3:35  most people are D deficient and 
"you have to be C deficient" because we can't make it!!!  you only get what you intentionally put in and you are not putting it in!!!

5:00  because we can't make it (C) we have to have a significant reserve...not having a reserve, (not continuously having it saturating our system) is why we have trouble in the first place...

6:35 Can humans make vitamin C as a hormone?  YES...

10:00  5,000 IU is now a common dose of D3 but you need 10,000

13:35  Iodine unloads almost all the heavy metals...  

everybody is iodine deficient!!!...

14:10 self monitoring is the way most things will go, you can get a test kit from...  I looked on Amazon and they're pretty expensive.  I'd say just do the 10,000 iu!!!

15:50  What happens when our demand for vitamin C goes way up?

16:05  How can you survive with a ZERO plasma level of vitamin C?

17:40  If you want to have a good C level it's imperative that you have a good D3 level.  Shoot for 80 ng/ml.  

D3 amplifies glutathione production

18:15  The only place vitamin C is safe is in the white cells because we don't pee out white cells.  White cells are what carry vitamin C to target.

19:13  All mammals have a glutathione mechanism to recycle vitamin C.

19:30  Linus Pauling

20:05  When D3 amplifies a gene that's good for us...  D3, the Guardian

21:08  Intravenous C should be our model (liposomally encapsulated C has a higher absorption rate than intravenous!!!)

21:55  Ten subjects.  

I literally wept when I heard Dr. McCarthy's story about the Atlanta 1000 bed trauma center and the results of enlightened use of vitamin C.  If you aren't moved to action upon hearing such a revelation I don't know what else to say or do.

Given the infinite number of afflictions antioxidants annihilate never are you better off without antioxidant saturation.  You are either unnecessarily diseased with oxidation or you are saturated with antioxidants.  There is no middle ground.


I'm not a Medical Doctor so none of the above is meant to be a medical recommendation.